Thursday, November 30, 2006

Melting the snow away - in a very special way

Mood: Hug meeeeeeee!
Weather: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Drinking: coffee
Eating: bagels

Whoosh, I'm in a huggable mood!
We had an awfully nice start in the morning - erm...maybe I'll mention that later.
And by the way: We're snowed in. The SUV is nowhere to be seen, it's covered with heaps of snow.

Yesterday afternoon and evening we talked a lot, held us a lot, cuddled a lot and kissed a lot. Somewhere down the road James fell asleep as he didn't get any sleep the night before and lay there slightly snoring for almost four hours. (Maybe he catched a cold. And it sounded so cute!)

Meanwhile I sat in the armchair, had a Scotch or two and watched the flames. I had much to think about and I swear, if that uncle wasn't already dead he'd better make his will by now.
In order not to let my thoughts stray away I looked around the kitchen and explored the fridge. There was steak in it, I found beans and potatoes and after meditating a few minutes I decided to prepare dinner with that. Steak, potatoe wedges and bean salad.
To my own surprise it turned out well and I heard James moving in bed when I set the table. I sneaked into the bedroom and fondled his hair.
"Hey, you're awake..."
He blinked and moved a bit. "Mhm...I am...", he yawned and I had to hold myself back not to cuddle him through the slatted frame.
He stretched. "How long have I slept?"
I shrugged. "About four hours I think. You needed rest." I smiled at him. "Hungry?"
His eyes popped open. "Now that you mention it...YES! I am hungry! I could eat like a horse."
Kissing his forehead I told him "Up, up, my love, dinner's ready!"
He grinned. "Aaaw, my little wife, that's so sweet of you!"
I slapped his head and proceeded to the table.
He followed me and sat down. "God, you made potatoe wedges? How did you manage this?"
"Al forno", I grinned, "..I'm not daft", I winked at him.
He smiled and began to eat at once. "Fhat's good", he mumbled between two chews and I poured the wine.
After a while I couldn't help teasing him and flipped a potatoe wedge to his nose. With a quiet plong it landed on the table and I innocently sipped my wine.
James looked up, "Don't throw potatoes at me...", and continued eating.
I shrugged and flipped a bean into his hair, but in that very same moment he flipped a bean at my eye. We both giggled and if you're familiar with the parts of a drama you'll know why I call that comic relief. If our drama was Macbeth throwing food served as the drunken porter.
And because I was thinking of Macbeth I grinned devilishly at James. "By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes...." I took a deep sip of wine and stood up to apporoach him.
"Uh-oh", he just said and I bent over, kissed him and let the wine flow into his mouth.
"Guck", he said and I returned to my chair. "Nice...Really nice, Greg..."
I waggled my eyebrows and continued eating. " there's only the steak missing on you", I pondered.
Jim pointed at me with his fork. "Don't you dare..."
I smiled with my uttermost innocent expression and turned my attention to my meal. Just when he thought himself safe I threw a tiny piece of steak to his eyebrow. First he didn't notice but I started to giggle again.
He looked up. "Huh?"
I pointed at his face with my knife. "There's something dangling from your eyebrow..."
"Ukk! You...You're unbelievable!"
"Wasn't me", I lied and he stood up. I tried to escape him but he grabbed my collar and drew me close. "You...", he said.
"Me?" I said with big round eyes and he concealed a smile.

I freed myself and hobbled to the door. He follwed me and when I tried to open it it was blocked by heaps of snow.
"Ooops....we're snowed in I suppose..."
"Erk", James launched out and I took my coat, opened one of the windows and climbed out.
"Whooohoooo", I yelled inside. "Come out and look at this!"
James put on his clothes (as he didn't want to come out in his yammies) and his coat and climbed out of the window as well.
For a while it had ceased to snow, the moon was high and everything around us glistened. The warm shine from the windows turned pieces of snow to gold while other parts glistened silverish and blue.
"Wow...", Jim whispered and looked around. That was a truely beautiful winter wonderland and it looked just like X-mas.
I snickered and pointed into the direction the SUV was supposed to be. "We'll have to dig it out tomorrow..."
James looked up into the sky. "I don't think we'll return home tomorrow."
I grinned. "Cuddy will kill us..."

I tried to limp a few steps through the snow, took a handful, formed a snowball and threw it at Jim's head. First he stood there like a stuffed dummy.
"Hey!", he finally exclaimed and it didn't take long and we started a silly snowball fight. This took almost ten minutes until James ran into me and we both fell into a heap of snow. He lay on my chest and I giggled my ass off 'til I noticed his eyes growing dark.
He looked straight into my eyes. "Stop looking like this", he said hoarsely.
"But...", I only managed to say and was silenced with a passionate kiss which made my head fly away.
James grabbed my scarf, threw it aside and opened my coat. "God, Greg!", he panted. "I want you! I need you and I swear I'm gonna take you right now and here." He kissed my neck and fumbled his coat open. The only thing I could do was sigh and he muttered between his teeth "This only turns me on...You'd better stop it!"
"Fool", I thought, "Why should I?", and leaned my head back into the snow.
James tore my shirt to tatters and his kisses on my bare chest left traces of liquid fire. His hands were everywhere, he forced away our trousers, threw his shirt aside, sucked and licked my skin and made me mad.
He kissed me hard - I felt my skin break and tasted my own blood in my mouth but didn't mind.
When he looked into my eyes they were dark as the night sky and I saw the anger in them. He flew into a rage but wasn't furious with me (of course).
Biting and sucking my neck he scratched my sides and panted into my ear. "This feels like insatiable hunger", he moaned and I put my arms around him.
By then my coat was soaked with snow but I wasn't cold at all.
When he forced his body into mine with one hard stroke I could only gasp and he hissed into my ear "Now I'll do what Chase told you....I'll f*** your mind out..."
And he did his best to keep his promise. He moved hard and deep and turned me into a squirming bundle of passion. My initial sighs turned to moans and the moans became cries finally. There was no sign of the well-behaved Dr. Wilson everyone at PPTH knows and he drove us both mad.
I felt miles away and after all he broke down on my chest and panted clouds into the cold air. I tried to catch breath and felt tears rolling down his cheek.
For a while I just stared into the sky, it began to snow again and I fondled his hair. "It's no wonder if the snow around us melted away", I thought but it still was there. I still wasn't cold and after some minutes James straightened up.
"God", he whispered. I looked at him and it was in evidence that the ugly lump of all his buried anger, fear and ill memories had dissolved into nothing. Tears were still rolling down his face and I reached out to brush them away.
"Thank you", he said voiceless. "Please don't feel used..."
I sighed. "If it's always like that, use me more often..."
A grin lightened up his face. "Goodness, I destroyed your shirt", he exclaimed, bent down to kiss me and then helped me up. "We'd better go inside until we freeze to the ground..."

Walking felt like walking on wobbly clouds and I immediatley made my way to the bathroom and had a long, hot shower.
A few minutes later James joined me. We hugged each other shortly and suddenly he pinned me to the wall, whispering into my ear "Hell, it's really insatiable..."


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

OMG! You ... How ... WHY?

Oh my GOD!

You know that this is only for mature people? Goodness, I can only hope the few readers are old enough - but nevertheless they will stare on this posting - gawking and trying to catch breath again!

GREG! You made my hands shaking - now I know why you smiled at me while writing...

November 30, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

I'm sorry...
When I finished it I knew it was too...revealing...

November 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DUDE!!!!!! TMI (to much info) glad you all had fun, but mo oh man, spare some know it is always best to leave things to the imgagination. Just something to think about for next time.

June 06, 2008  

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