Thursday, November 23, 2006

My revenge...

Revenge is sweet!
Hun, this is the retribution for your misdeed.
If I have to show all the world how I look having a nap...I'll show this as well.
Do you remember that small black book, your jorunal?
I found it once again.
And this was written by you somewhen in October:

I was standing on the balcony of my office and enjoyed the warm October sun while having my salad for lunch. My thoughts wandered to what happened during the last few days, all the kissing, the relief I felt when those words finally slipped out – I love you.

Sometimes I still can’t believe it all, but if I am dreaming it is a very very pleasant and long-lasting dream …two weeks now. It might not sound that long but as we both know each other by heart, it really is. It feels more than only two weeks, it feels like years, a decade or even longer.

My thinking was suddenly interrupted when Gregory stepped out on the adjacent balcony. “Aw, here you are!” he said and smiled at me. “I was looking for you, but couldn’t find you”, I replied and returned a warm smile.

“Clinic hours” he grunted and got over the little wall. He leaned for a second on his cane, then drew out his Vicodin bottle, popped one pill and dry-swallowed it. I raised an eyebrow “You could have also taken the longer way. Would have been better for your leg, you know?!” and I pointed on his leg.

“I could, but I don’t have time …”, “Why?” I asked him. Gregory made two steps towards me and I could feel his breath on my skin. A warm shiver ran down my spine and my stomach made several loops. “Because of that…” he whispered, put his arm around my neck, drew me closer and slightly brushed his tongue over my lips. I couldn’t avoid a deep sigh and opened my lips a bit.

His tongue parted my lips and I could feel the heat rising and returned his passionate kiss feverishly. My hands wandered to his hair, he pressed his body to mine and our bodies spoke the language everyone knows.

“Gaawd, James I want you” he murmured and pinned me against the wall. My body was aching of lust and desire and my mouth wandered to his ear, my tongue slipped over his earlobe and I whispered hoarsely “Not here, let us go inside”.

Without a word he went inside, limped to the door shut it and approached again. I’ve already closed the curtains and was about turning around when he embraced me from behind. A gasp slipped out of my mouth when he bit my neck with relish. He got rid off my coat and pulled my shirt out of my trousers, one hand slipped under my shirt and touched my skin. When he touched me it felt like fire and ice at the same time, I could hear my own panting when he opened my belt and softly pushed me forward.

My hands got hold at my desk and a silent scream of lust slipped out of me when our two bodies became one. Passion, love and lust ruled for the next minutes, hours, decades, eons – I really don’t know. Desire washed away thoughts, lust erased reality and our world exploded.

When I came back to earth again, I noticed Greg leaning on my shoulder and panting in my ear. My knees were like jelly and my breath was unsteady, I managed to turn my head and placed a tender kiss on his cheek “I love you, Greg”, I whispered. His embrace became closer “I love you, Jimmy”, he answered with a low voice.

He turned me around and kissed me gently, my hands caressed his hair and we both calmed down after a while.
“Do you know by now why I couldn’t take the long way?” he asked smilingly. I gave him a nudge and grinned “Yes I do”. Gregory replied that grin and we both rearranged our clothes.

“That’s what I call a satisfying lunch break”, Greg said and we both started to laugh.

HOT, hm?
I still have that photograph someone secretly took and mailed to me:

I know we are somehow both...embarrassed by this and I desperately hope you're not cross with me, darling.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...


You... you ... you are DAMN Greg! How can you dare reading my journal AND posting the entry here?!

This is embarassing - and wait until were are along again! Your luck the party went for a short stroll and will be coming back home in a few minutes!

Unbelievable ... unbelievable!

November 23, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Do you want me to delete it?
I feel so bad all over sudden.
I'm sorry...
I had to tell you...
GOD...I'm an asshole...

November 23, 2006  
Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

I think I made it perfectly clear what I want ...

November 24, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said... did..
But - maybe I didn't get it right.
Would you please explain it to me once more?

November 24, 2006  
Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...


November 24, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

I only want to make sure.

November 24, 2006  

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