Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pranks...silly pranks

Mood: Hee Hee!
Weather: oh so cold
Drinking: coffee again
Listening to: An emotional time - Hothouse Flowers

I think we'll need a new sofa.
I know - we just had to buy a new bed, but I have the strange feeling our couch is ruined.
Hm, and maybe Ed's couch at his office is ruined, too by now.
I really don't know but it could be. mind needs distraction and things to think of when there are no interesting cases. The last patient was a boring Zollinger-Ellison guy, so no puzzles for me today so far.
Hoyt is still searching for the case that seems to have disappeared from his file due to some strange and mysterious reasons. He's hopping mad by now 'cause he fears his job is at risk now.
Should I tell him I spotted this special part of his file in Dr. Marks' office? Underneath a flower pot?
Hm...I have not the slightest clue how it got there.
But Woodrow (he hates being called Woodrow, hehe) threatened to commit suicide if he looses his job and haunt my office afterwards if this should be my fault. I don't know if I want such a nag to haunt my office but hey, I could have my very own Nearly Headless Nick then.
But no...I should really tell him that it was Marks who snatched the case.
Honesty is the best policy, eh?

Well....and Dr. Marks started to work at our OBGYN yesterday - I already told you, right?
He has his own office there and I prepared a nice welcome sign reading Welcome to my dictatorship! and awaited him in his chair.
I was so thoughtful to even offer him a welcome drink - some damn good red wine from Australia. Of course I didn't tell him his glass was refined with sleeping pills.
Shortly after I left his office he passed out on his sofa - I saw it through the windows.
Oh...and I hope he woke up again before his body discovered there was castor oil, too, in his wine...
Welcome to the PPTH, Dr. Marks!

James left early this morning and didn't bother to raise me from sleep, so I got here by bike and didn't speak to him yet as he seems to avoid me. Could it be he's pissed off?
I really wonder why...It wasn't me who ruined our couch. Well...he was reading some oncologists's magazines until late and fell asleep on the sofa. I went to bed somewhen around midnight and woke up again around 3 am just to notice he still wasn't in bed.
I tiptoed into the living room and found him sleeping there wearing his McGill t-shirt and a wornout jeans. He looked so cute and sweet that I felt my heart stinging again. I pondered to awake him with a kiss and ask him to come to bed but then the little devil inside of me decided to do something else.
I filled a bowl with lukewarm water, put it on the floor alongside the sofa and carefully placed his hand into it.
Then I sneaked into the bedroom again and soon fell asleep.

In the early morning hours I awoke by a cry and loud cussing.
"FUCK! You idiot!!!"
Slamming of the bathroom door.
Rubbing sounds on the couch.
"Fuck it fuck it FUCK IT!!!"
The sound of a fist slamming onto the couch table.

I pretended to be sound asleep although I heard Jim coming into the bedroom.
"Be prepared, sleeping beauty!", I heard him gnarl and then there was some rummaging again and he left the room.
I tried hard not to giggle and managed to fall asleep again.
When I woke up he wasn't in bed. I stretched, arose and found he was already gone.
I'll climb on his balcony now and see if I can catch him there.
Maybe I should invite him to a really nice lunch now.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...


January 26, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

It's you who's the sweet little tease, my luv.

January 28, 2007  

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