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Today's blogging belongs to L. Diane Wolfe, a talented author and good friend I know from deviantART.
Soon her new book, Mike, will be released.

~*April12th is Promo Day!!!*~

Those participating in Promo Day will receive an autographed bookmark, a picture, first chapter of Book V: Heather and a chance to help the author select her next book!

She has outlines for two new novels - and wants her fans to determine the one they want to read next!!

Go to the link below and order Book IV from Barnes& on April 12.

Email the author proof of your purchase (omit credit card info!) and a mailing address for the bookmark & picture. Chapter One of Book V and synopsis of potential upcoming novel will be sent electronically.


"MIKE is an engaging story of friendship, love and overcoming guilt caused by past mistakes. I would recommend this to older teens who may someday have to face such choices themselves."
- Susan Eileen Walker, author of ‘The Secret of the Dance’

"(The) series deals with the real issues facing today's society, including, but not limited to teens and young adults. It's refreshing how the author kept it real, and with no gratuitous sex and unnecessary foul language!"
- Darlene Wofford, author of ‘Edgewise’

"L. Diane Wolfe has reached the top of my list of well-loved authors out there. These books give readers so much more than just a new inner strength as they read how friends struggle through and work towards their dreams."
- Linda Butler, avid fan

"This amazing author has a talent of ‘hooking’ the reader. MIKE was totally awesome and made me weep a few times due to the drama!"
- Emily Weppler, young avid fan

Past mistakes can never be forgiven …

Mike Taylor is the epitome of stability. His family is proud of his academic and athletic achievements at Georgia Tech, and despite the temptations of college life, he has maintained his moral standards. Yet beneath the peaceful surface, Mike is consumed with guilt, fearing condemnation and rejection. A former girlfriend’s abortion and the intense love he feels for his roommate’s wife constantly remind Mike of his failures. Unable to forget and full of shame, he refuses to forgive himself. When Danielle enters his life, he realizes he can no longer hide the past. Will she be able to reach him or is Mike past the point of redemption?

Visit The Circle of Friends website -


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Right, I wanted to announce her book on my blog as well.

Thanks for reminding me ...

and btw, thanks for the wonderful Easter weekend!

April 10, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Thanks to you!
It was YOU who made it special, my honeybunny.

April 10, 2007  

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