Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Old memories, teaching and Monday

I can't believe it.
It's Stacy.
I met her a few minutes ago here at PPTH.
She's my ex-girlfriend...

I haven't seen her for five years now and she just came in to ask me to treat her husband. Strange. She didn't do me any good, so I don't know what to do...

Well...and Cuddy asked me to teach a class 'cause Dr. Riley, who usually does is throwing up. The world hates me, she's right about that. But maybe I can force Chase to clean up the mess caused by Riley's vomiting... This would brighten my day to some extent.

But before I'm off to teach the 'kids' I'll tell you about yesterday.
I arrived early at PPTH, of course. Wilson always shows up early and his car was still at the restaurant. The first person greeting me was Cuddy.
"Good morning, House! How was your weekend? Saw you with Wilson..."
"Morning, Cuddy. It was fine, thanks. Good wine, good food..."
"And a bunch of roses? I couldn't help noticing it when the waitress 'aaaawed'", she grinned.
"Yes", I smirked, "I got them for Wilson..."
"Whoops. And I had the impression Wilson got them for you."
"That's what the waitress thought, too."
For a moment she seemed to consider whether to talk or not.
"Um...I spotted you at the bar later...placing a kiss on Wilson's temple having your arm around his hip."
I grinned. "Lovely, eh? He just wasn't able to get rid of that monster-boob-girl...So I helped him out."
Foreman approached and listened to our conversation. "Morning, House!"
"Hi, Foreman!"
"Good morning, Dr. Foreman", Cuddy answered.
"Helped him out? Sounds interesting", Foreman said with a smile. "So, how were the remains of that evening?"
I shrugged and smiled at Cuddy and Foreman. "Dull...Just getting drunk and spooning with Wilson."
"Spooning?!", Cuddy asked unbelievingly.
"Yepp....sorry, no snogging, no sex..."
I limped into my office, leaving a sneering Foreman and a staring Cuddy.

The moment I sat down my phone rang. It was Mrs. Wilson, James' mother.
"Hello, Dr. House! How are you?"
"How are you?"
"I just wanted to invite you to Sean's Bar Mitzvah next weekend. You know, James' nephew."
"Um...thanks a lot... I'll see if I can take some holidays. Back in Montreal then?"
"Yes, I'm back and look forward to your visit. James will tell you about how long to stay, I suppose."
"Fine...bye then...."

I had just hung up when Wilson entered my office.
"Ah...was that my mom?"
"Did she...invite you?"
I nodded. "Awfully nice. I'd really like to spend a few days at Montreal."
James smiled. "I just talked to Cuddy and we're both able to take holidays from Friday to Monday. We'll stay at my parents."
I was relieved Wilson had asked. I was sure Cuddy would have declined if I had asked her.
Suddenly we heard someone bawling a song:
The day, you move, I'm probably gonna explode
It's true, I'm probably gonna explo-oh-oh-oh-oooh
You'll pray, for proof, I'm probably makin' this up
It's true, I'm probably makin' this u-uh-uh-uh-ooh

My body is your body
I won't tell anybody
If you wanna use my body
Go for it, yeah
My body is your body
I won't tell anybody
If you wanna use my body
Go for it, yeah
Go for it, yeah

For a minute we stared at each other, then both grinned.
"I suppose this is 'BritPop'", Wilson said.
I chuckled. "Yepp. Guess who's singing?"
We peeped out of my door and watched Allenby on his way to oncology.
I shook my head. "He's obviously mad!"
"What do you think? Is he referring to someone we know?", Wilson leered.
I hit him with my cane. "Out of here!"
He left with a chuckle and I started every-day-work.

Well...and I hurt poor Chase...I'm ever so sorry about that. We figured out the symptoms of a patient, I stood at the whiteboard swinging my cane. Suddenly it swung right beneath Chase's chin and hurt him badly. The wound even had to be needled...

Ah, before I stop - I was asked if it was possible to show some of the songs I mention. So here's Allenby's tune:

I really like it.


Anonymous Jana said...

Armer House!

September 26, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...


September 26, 2006  
Anonymous Jana said...

Stacy! Die Katastrophe naht!

September 26, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...


September 27, 2006  
Anonymous Jana said...

Da bin ich mir sicher! Sie werden schon sehen!

September 27, 2006  
Blogger Phoenix Patouche said...

You rock, House! \m/

September 27, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Thank you sooo much! :)
What a pity I wasn't able to have a look at your profile.

September 27, 2006  

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