Friday, September 22, 2006

Wretched thursday

What a rotten week!
PPTH, the happiest place on earth!
I hate clinic duty, but Cuddy was on my ass and insisted I had to spend this week in clinic. There was no way of sneaking out early, she always got me.
I'm sure she has some kind of radar which spots me anywhere I go.
I was unable to have a break yesterday, had no lunch and was not for a single minute in my office. Just consulting room the whole fucking day.
This has not much changed for today, but this time I'll make it out early, I swear.
I didn't see anyone but patients that thursday and only met Wilson when I was about to get on my bike in the parking lot.
"Well, finally I found you!" he exclaimed.
"Found me? If you were looking for me, what about the consulting room?" I snapped.
"You've been there the whole day?" His eyes widened. "Am I talking to Gregory House or are you his kind and solicitous twin?"
I grinned exhausted. "It's just me, Jim."
He smirked. "Well, then Cuddy finally got you. And I was thinking you avoided me. You didn't show up, we didn't have lunch together and you didn't answer the phone."
"Avoiding you? What the hell is eating you? You think I run from you, you think I avoid you...Why not just think of the self-evident first?"
He shifted uncomfortably. "Sorry, I don't know what's up with me..."
He lifted his head and looked me in the eyes. "So, how was your day?"
I sighed. "It was atrocious! Clinic duty all of the time. Loads of children with runny noses and parents who thought their kids were going to die. It was boring and annoying. The other half of patients was nearly anabiotic and one fell asleep on the couch" I snorted and continued. "Worst was this 5-year-old who gave me a thank-you-kiss. Imagine! My first kiss, stolen by a 5-year-old!"
James laughed and I glared at him. "Or was the worst that 88-year-old lady who told me I was hot? I can't decide..."
James was laughing even harder and I was huffy. "What about 'Greg, tell me about your problems'? I won't do that again, it only makes you laugh."
James put his arm around my shoulder. "Ah, come on, Greg. Don't be pissed. What about coming with me? I could tell you you're hot."
I lifted my eyes on him and grinned. "Well, at least you're not 88. Okay, I just have to fetch my things."

I drove home, fetched my things and then pitched my tent at Wilson's appartment. I sprawled on his sofa and we chose some chinese delivery food. James phoned the delivery service and I secretly limped into his bedroom and looked for his journal. I found it in his nightstand, it was a small, black jotter and I snatched it to read on the sofa. But I was disappointed. Everything about his cases at PPTH and this mysterious someone was just called "that someone". Heavily anticlimactic.
When James came back and saw me reading his journal he eeked. "What the hell are you doing, Greg????"
"I'm reading your journal", I answered.
"I see that....How did you get it??"
"Well, I was looking for something in your nightstand."
"What have you been looking for?!"
"Your journal, of course..."
James plumped beside me on the sofa. He shook his head. "I can't believe this."
"Neither do I", I said. "You keep calling that someone 'that someone' which is truly disappointing!"
He stared at me. "Was it that you were looking for?"
"Of course. If you won't tell me I am bound to search for your journal. But this flopped."
"Pleeease...Gregory...don't urge me. I won't tell you anything."
I shrugged. "I just thought it might help if you talked about it. You seem madly in love and no one knows."
Wilson turned pink. "No one will ever know."
I sighed. "You're bullheaded..."
Then I flipped through the pages again. "Here it says your mother has a suspicion and that she's right about it...Oooh, interesting...she even told you all your marriages were bound to be crap 'cause you hurried into them just to avoid SOMEONE..."
James closed his eyes. "Did I really write she's right about that someone? She isn't."
"You're just afraid I could phone her and ask..."
"Please", he said languidly, "don't do that..."
I nodded. "Okay."
James seemed surprised. "You won't phone my mother but snatch my journal?"
"You didn't ask me not to snatch your journal..."
He nodded. "Greg's applied logic."
I pointed at an undated entry. "Here it says you spent a wonderful weekend with that someone...When was that?"
He shrugged helplessly. "I forgot..."
This led to nothing. "I see, you really don't want to talk about it...But tell me just one little thing. Is that someone working at PPTH?"
James hesitated and looked into my eyes. After a while he nodded.
I went pale. "Please, tell me, it's not Cuddy..."
"No, it's not Cuddy!"
"But you told me you know that person for such a long time..."
"Yes...he..." He paused and looked panicked. "Heeeehaaaaah!" he exclaimed and burst into hysterical laughter.
"Heheeeehaaaaah?" I asked dryly. "We should go and get you some meds..."
After he calmed down our meals arrived and we just dropped the subject, talked, watched TV, listened to music or just dozed.
When he announced to go to bed I arose and said "Fine, I'll come along with you."
He hesitated again. "You don't sleep on the sofa?"
I shook my head. "Not if I'm not forced to. Last time I tried I went to your bed in the middle of the night 'cause my leg was hurting and I didn't know how to make myself comfortable."
He blinked, sighed and then said : "Okay then..."
He's really odd of time...
And I still have no clue.


Anonymous Adeline said...

You read his journal ... O.O - that wasn't very polite and you still don't know the "secret".

September 22, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

I just am not polite.
And that I still don't know his secret (without quotation marks) really makes me sick.

September 22, 2006  
Blogger Tine-Bine's Abenteuer said...

Dieser Blog ist besser und aufregender als jedes Buch und jede Fernsehserie!Jeden Tag warte ich gespannt auf die Fortsetzung!
Dr. House, gibt's im PPTH denn keine Wahrheitsdroge, die Sie Wilson unauffällig in den morgendlichen Kaffee kippen könnten? Denn freiwillig will er sein Geheimnis ganz offensichtlich nicht lüften.

September 22, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Ich habe bereits über sowas nachgedacht...
Ich bin froh, dass ich mit diesen Gedanken nicht alleine bin.

September 23, 2006  
Blogger Tine-Bine's Abenteuer said...

Nun, der Zweck heiligt die Mittel.
Aber Sie sollten sich SICHER SEIN, dass Sie Wilson's Geheimnis erfahren möchten.

September 23, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Ich brenne darauf! Ich werde noch ganz wahnsinnig, wenn ich es nicht erfahre!

September 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

quite interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

February 08, 2010  

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