Monday, September 18, 2006


We six guys had some pleasant conversation (well...just 5 of us...Allenby fell silent) and eventually Caplan switched on the TV 'cause he wanted to watch Charmed. Sometimes I really wonder what doctors watch on TV.
Some minutes later I noticed Allenby had disappeared and Wilson urged me to look for him.
"It's your fault if he's feeling miserable now", he whispered to me.
"I thought he's in seventh heaven", I smirked. "And besides that, I refuse to be rushed."
Half an hour later I stepped outside to grant James' request and to salve consciences. I somehow felt guilty all over sudden.
There was no trace of him, but then I found him sitting on a tree trunk watching the sea.
"Hey! Is everything okay with you?", I asked quietly.
Louis winced and looked up. "Oh...I didn't hear you approach", he replied. "Um...yes....I think so. There's nothing wrong with me."
"Ah, I see", I said, already turning around.
"Maybe...I just needed some minutes on my own", he continued.
"Okay, I won't disturb you."
Thank Goodness, I may leave.
"No...please...stay", he begged.
I shrugged and sat down next to him. We remained silent and with my cane I drew spirals into the sand.
"I...felt somewhat...odd", Allenby continued and I looked him in the face. He has incredibly green eyes which I never noticed before because I was ever so busy avoiding them. A few seconds I wondered what things I might also never have noticed 'cause I was avoiding them, but brushed this thoughts away.
He sighed. "Or maybe I'm just in need of a hug."
I grinned. "Bad place to look for a hug. No one's around."
Louis gave me a shy smile. "Well, you are around..."
Why does the world hate me?
"Um..." I hesitated. "Okay then..." I gave him a quick hug, then stood up to head to the cottage. But he took my hand and held me back.
" me?"
I felt pissed and pondered a few seconds. "I never thought about that."
"Will you?"
I nodded. "I will."
Maybe he'll just forget about it.
He smiled. "Thank you."
"De nada", I retorted and hurried back to the cottage.

Wilson was awaiting me, his arms crossed.
"Tell me, Greg, when will you let Dr. Jekyll let out again?"
"You don't imply I'm such an ass as Mr.Hide, do you?"
"Yes, I do!"
"Hey!", I exclaimed insulted. "I'm just being polite!"
"You're torturing him! You hugged him!"
"He asked me to."
"You held his hand..."
"He just held me back to ask something."
"Ah...I see...Would you hug me if I asked you to?", he grinned.
I nodded. "Of course I would."
"Okay then. Hug me!"
I hugged him and held him close to my heart. "Is it okay this way?"
"It is!"

We stepped inside and I soon went to bed 'cause I had dire pain in my leg and took in three Vicodin.
I was awakend by James when he shook my shoulder. "Rats! I put my bottle of water on your nightstand. Could you please hand it over?"
"No!", I grunted.
He cursed and reached over me for his bottle. I poked him in the side, he eeked and fell on my chest. I chuckled and he looked into my face.
"You're", I began.
"I am what?", he asked with an mean grin, put his elbow on my chest and rested on it with all his weight.
"Ouch!", I proclaimed. "You're a nasty moron! Get off, this hurts!" I was trying to get rid of him.
"Ah...I like it when you resist!", he teased.
I changed my tactics. "Mmmmmmmm", I purred. "I like it when you're in charge...."
He flashed a smile on me. "You better get used to it."
For a moment I was surprised to be beaten by my own means.
" really hurts, Jim. Get off."
"Oops, I'm sorry."
It still hurt and I hardly could sleep.

Saturday morning I woke up early and was just slipping on my shirt, as James asked "What was it you wanted to say to me? I am what?"
"Handsome", I replied.
James grinned unbelievingly. Then he exclaimed: "Good Lord, Greg! I didn't know I did this to you!!!"
He rushed to me and I noticed the big black and blue mark on my chest.
"Well",I shrugged, "I told you it hurt."
He put his hand on the bruise. "I'm sorry...", and unconsciously caressed my chest with his thumb. I felt an unfamiliar prickle in my stomach.
Abruptly I turned away and headed out of th door. "It's okay", I said and went to the breakfast table. Wilson looked puzzled and followed me.
I had forgotten to button up my shirt. Poor Allenby was just reaching for a mug, when I came in. His eyes widened, he stared and dropped the mug. He squinted and cleaned up his mess immediately.
I sat down and took some scrambled eggs. As soon as it was in my mouth I let it fall out. "Whaaaaa!", I cried. "This is awful! Who committed this crime? It's much too salty! Is the cook in love?"
Louis blushed. "This was my fault..."
"Ah, I said dryly,"You're excused...", and grabbed a bagel instead.

To be continued.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could James be jealous?
He was taking in everything you did with Allenby.

September 19, 2006  

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