Monday, September 18, 2006

Fishing for bluefish and compliments

I was not only fishing for bluefish ( least I accompanied thosw who were fishing) but I'm fishing for compliments, too.
I just uploaded some new photographs to my deviantART site and received some flattering comments already. Isn't this nice?
Here's one of my "deviations":

This helps me to carry on through this awful, stinking and pestilent monday. It's even worse than the first monday in September.
But first, I should tell you about the weekend, shouldn't I?

Well, Wilson and I got picked up at 6:30 PM at my place and Wilson got his revenge on me. It was the brand new Jeepers Creepers car belonging to Allenby which turned around the corner and I cried out.
"This can't be true! You didn't tell me he was coming, too, you lousy bastard!"
James just flashed a malignant grin.
"Why should I?" he asked.
I frowned and felt quite uncomfortable thinking of a whole weekend in some distant cottage together with Louis Allenby.
James relished his payback and urged me to sit in the middle. This time I accepted the hand Louis offered me and climbed up to take a seat. Wilson flung himself into the other seat and happily greeted Louis.
"It's awfully nice to pick us up, Dr. Allenby!"
"Indeed", I gnarled and glared out of the front shield. "Always a pleasure."
Louis seemed ever so happy to meet us (especially me) and at first I feared he would foist a salutatory kiss on us. "I was so looking forward to this weekend", he beamed.
"Bite me", I muttered under my breath and then prefered to hold my tongue.
Allenby brightened up the ride by having the new album of the Scissor Sisters with him, which I really, really like. So I just stared out of the window, avoiding Wilson's glance and trying not to notice that Louis touched my leg every time he head to shift the gear. He really seemed to savor this and I know that Jim noticed it.
After some time I fell asleep (although we only had about 50 miles to go) and my head slipped to Allenbys shoulder. Don't think James helped me out of this mess. Not at all - he just watched and smiled while Allenby's heart cut capers, I suppose.
When I awoke I was really pissed.
"Oops...I'm sorry", I stammered and tried to gather my dignity. Louis was all smiles and blushed with gladness when he replied :"Oh, I don't mind. Just leave your head there if you like."
"!" I said and continued to glare out of the window. You can imagine I was relieved when we arrived.

The cottage was fairly nice and situated on the waterfront. It had three bedrooms, a large living room and every bedroom had its' own bathroom. Truly comfortable and cosy with the fireside. As I spotted the piano a plan began to form in my mind. I would play some really nice pieces of music just to watch Allenby melt. I grinned to myself and felt that this was my chance to "thank" him for touching my leg.
"Now don't tell me I am going to share a bedroom with him", I hissed to James.
"Of course not!", he replied. "You'll be sharing one with me."

Soon after we arrived and arranged us, three other colleagues of Wilson made their home at the cottage. It was Smithers (Poor guy! He always has to bear jokes because of The Simpsons.), Morrison and Caplan. They were passionate anglers and planned to get up at the crack of dawn.
Wilson and I just planned to have some nice days at the sea and maybe having some strolls on the beach.

Later that evening I poured myself a pint of Guinness and settled at the piano.
"Would you mind me playing some pieces of music?", I asked sanctimoniously, avoiding to look at Allenby.
"No, go ahead", countered Wilson.
I stretched my hands and began with the song from The Piano and I know I am damn good at this. Without pausing, I continued with Comptine d'un autre été: L'apres midi from Amélie just to finish with my own version of James Blunt's Goodbye my lover.
I finished my Guinness and turned to my audience. They all seemed dumbfounded (including James) and stared at me. The love flowing from Allenby was almost palpable and thus I reached my goal. (Yes, I know I'm dreadful...)
"Was it that bad?" I asked hesitantly.
James closed his mouth and managed to speak. "No....not in the least...."
Louis swallowed and tried to say something, but he couldn't. Then everyone managed to get out of his numbness and they really applauded me. I flashed a smile, stood up and took a seat next to Wilson on the sofa, hugging a cushion. "May I have another Guinnees please?", I asked and watched Allenby hasten to get me one. He beamed at me when he reached it to me. "Here you are. was...just wonderful."
"Thanks", I replied with a smile.


Anonymous Adeline said...

I am just laughing tears ...

September 20, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Why? Need a tissue?

September 20, 2006  

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