Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sequel II

First of all I'd like to apologize for still having some passages in German here for my German readers. But soon these will be translated into English, so don't bother.

The others looked up. "He's excused?", Smithers asked. "So he's in love?" He grinned mockingly to Allenby. I shrugged. "I suppose so. Look, he's the heart-throb of the oncology, isn't he?" Caplan nodded. "He definitely is!"
Louis seemed relieved that the conversation had turned and he would not have to confess who his sweetheart was. Well, so was I. I had no intention to reveal his "secret".

After breakfast, I stepped out and sat down in a chair on the porch. I wanted to be on my own a few minutes, looked up to the thin crescent and the stars and listened to the murmur of the sea. My peace did not last for long.
Allenby joined me and stood by my side. "Thank you...", he said quietly.
"Ah, don't thank me for nothing", I replied.
He smiled at me and seemed undecided. Then he said: "I confessed my fault with the scrambled eggs. But you know it could've been Dr.Wilson, too."
I gave him a questioning glance. "Wilson?"
"Um...yes...But...I thought you knew..."
"Knew what?!"
It got to Louis' mind that he better not had talked about that. "Um...shit...I really thought you knew...He told me, he could understand how puzzled I am at this time...He told me, that he himself met someone..."
"Did he?"
He couldn't be earnest! Wife number three just gone and already there was someone new? And he didn't even tell me? But told Allenby???
I was pissed.
Louis decided to go back inside and I took a stroll on the beach. Just when I stood up, James came out and wanted to go along with me.
I frowned at him. "Eat my dust!" I said and hobbled away.
"What's up, Greg? Still annoyed because of the bruise? I'm terribly sorry...I know the leg is pain enough." He looked abashed.
I didn't reply and went on, James following me.
After some silence I turned to him.
"Isn't there anything you'd want to tell me?"
James looked puzzled and bewildered, then blushed. "Um...tell you what?"
"About the person you met?"
The blush deepened. "Allenby told you..."
"Yeeeees, he told me...."
I couldn't hide I was hurt. "I thought I was your friend and you didn't bother telling me."
He looked down at his shoes. "Yes, there is someone who makes me feel...funny."
"Yes. And...really good."
"So...why didn't you just tell me?" I asked.
Wilson blushed again and shrugged helplessly.
"You thought I'd mock you, didn't you?"
"So..is it the pretty redhead at the reception?"
He shook his head.
"The new nurse at maternity lounge?"
"No...listen...I won't tell you. It is someone I know for a long time."
"Ah, I see...and you managed three marriages knowing this mysterious someone."
"Yes, but don't ask me why."
"I don't...I just ask who."
He shook his head stubbornly. I narrowed my eyes and began to tease him.
"You know that I can almost read your mind. I'll notice, if this someone is around."
Wilson looked awkward. "I...I don't think so."
"Think so or hope so?"
"What makes you think so?"
He sighed. "You didn't notice so far."
"Okaaaaaaaaay", I gave in. "I'm not in the fifth grade and I have the impression we both sound like teenage girls. I won't ask again if you don't want to tell me. But...does Allenby know who it is?"
"No, he doesn't."
"What a pity", I grinned. "I was sure to get it out of him."
"Look, I said that no one knows."
"Not even that someone?"
"Not even that someone."
This led to nothing. The others were heading for their first fishing trip and James and I planned to go down to the village today and have a look around.


Anonymous Laura said...

That's so sweet!
Just think about it, House, I'm sure soon you'll know!

September 19, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

You're all clairvoyants, huh?
You all know?
I don't think so.
This isn't funny, not in the HAHA-way, it really makes me think.

September 19, 2006  
Anonymous Adeline said...

Then just think about it even harder :)

September 20, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

I'm just about to do that.
But I'm still clueless.

September 20, 2006  

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