Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dinner with Wilson

I could not resist to really buy red roses and grinned like a Cheshire cat thinking of his face when he received them.
At about 6 PM I began to prepare - I showered, put on my new shirt, my black suit and even a tie. Right on time at 7 PM Wilson honked the horn and I fetched my key and my things, took the box of roses out of the fridge and stepped outside. Mrs. Huntington, an elderly neighbor, was walking her dog and looked at me and James suspiciously. "Good evening", I said. "Just off to a congress!", I lied.
"With roses behind your back?", she inquired.
I grinned. "Rats! You got me. But shhhhhh...."
I managed to get into Wilson's car still hiding the roses and put them under my seat. "Hi!" I said and smiled at him.
"Hi, Greg!", he replied. "Geez, you even shaved! You look very...good."
"Yes, and just for you", I told him as he started the engine.

I was surprised when we arrived, 'cause he took me to some kind of luxury restaurant. "Good Lord, now I know why I was supposed to put on my suit", I said, examining the environment. "Are you sure you can afford this invitation?"
"Hey, I'm the head of oncology! I can afford this," James replied with a grin.
"Have you been here before? Maybe with any of your wives?" I asked.
He shook his head. "No, I'm here for the first time, too."
We sat at the bar waiting to be seated. Three girls were gazing at Wilson, whispered and chuckled. He rolled his eyes. "Heck, no. I'm so fed up by these things..."
I grinned. "Such is life to handsome men as you are!"
"Just look at yourself...maybe they're talking about you!"
"I'm sure they're not."
Maybe they just spotted the roses I was still hiding...
After a while a waitress guided us to our table. Wilson ordered some awfully fine red wine and we got the menu. "James!", I exclaimed. "My menu shows no prices!"
James shifted uncomfortably. "I told them to bring you the 'lady's menu'...I didn't want you to know the prices."
I chuckled. "Didn't they wonder why?"
He shrugged. "I have not the faintest idea."
"I have a keen sense for the right moment", I smirked and reached the box of roses over the table.
James blushed, swallowed, looked around if anyone had noticed and hid the roses under his chair. "You're screwing me!", he hissed.
"Ah....You hurt my feelings...", I replied, sticking out my lower lip. "I didn't intend to screw you. I just wanted to be polite..."
"Yeah, for sure!", he said and couldn't conceal his grin.

We ordered some luxury food, emptied the first bottle of wine and talked about last weekend, the rotten week and all the world and his brother. As we nearly finished our main dish I leaned forward and began: "So, tell me as matters stand. You invited me to tell me something."
James was suddenly absorbed in the pattern of his napkin. "Did I say that?"
I shook my head. "James, you're taking me to a luxury restaurant, ask me to be properly dressed for nothing? You did say you wanted to tell me something. I thought you maybe wanted to tell me about your 'someone'."
"'s just...We met today ten years ago. I...just wanted to celebrate this with you."
I stared at him. "How moving. Is that true? Was it today?"
He nodded and still fumbled at his table napkin.
I leaned back and smiled unbelievingly. "This is so...unexpected. Thank you!"
He looked up and smiled back. "You're welcome."
Just then the waitress arrived to ask us if we'd like a dessert. James declined but of course I wanted some dessert. I chose a chocolate cake with layers of hot fudge and Laura, the waitress, scribbled it down. She dropped her pencil and as she stooped to lift it, she spotted the roses underneath Jim's chair.
"Aaaaaaw, how sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!", she exclaimed. Then she bent down to James and whispered to him conspiratorially: "You should hand him the roses before you leave...I whish you all the luck in the world!"
Wilson went pink (or even crimson) and was voiceless, so he just nodded helplessly. She looked from one to another and sighed "It's such a shame! It's always the most handsome men..." and went away.
Her "aaaaaaaw" aroused the interest of some other guests who glanced with unconcealed curiosity at us - one of them was Dr. Cuddy. I smiled and waved to her.
"Guess who's here, Jimmy. Lisa Cuddy!"
"Oh, fuck, no!", he moaned and refused to have a look around. A sudden pain in my leg caused me to grope for my cain and grimace with pain. All over sudden Wilson forgot about his embarrassment. He leaned forward to me and looked worried. "Everything okay, Greg?"
I nodded and dry-swallowed two Vicodin. "Just the usual pain..."
My cake arrived and looked and smelled gorgeous. "Aaaaah, look at this! You won't get anything, I swear."
I began to eat and closed my eyes, little pleasured noises escaped my mouth.
"Greg! I'm sure this is public nuisance! Take that orgasmic look off your face and stop those noises!"
My eyes popped open and I grinned. "But it's great! Don't be silly."
Wilson swallowed and studied his napkin while I finished the cake.
The waitress - Laura - came and handed him the bill, which, of course, was not seperated. He took out his credit card and as she came back to the table he gave a tip which seemed to be merely hush money. She smiled and thanked him, then came back once again with two cocktails. "This one's on the house", she said. "The whole staff is whishing you all the luck in the world."
I leaned back and smiled. "This is awfully nice. Thank you ever so much!"
Then, to Wilson: "You see? It was good to bring the roses."

When we had finished our cocktails, I went to the restrooms and Wilson agreed to wait for me at the bar. I stood at the sink as my pager beeped. James seemed to be in trouble, unaible to get rid of some girl and crying for help. I grinned, toweled my hands and headed for the bar. There she was, a monster-boob-girl trying to flirt with James who seemed to whish to be somewhere else. I stepped at his side and put my arm around his hip. "I'm sorry", I smiled. "He's taken." Monster-boob-diva looked puzzled and stammered an excuse. Wilson stiffened and shifted uncomfortably for a second. "Are you sure?", she asked. Wilson swallowed and nodded, I smiled and kissed his temple. "Very sure", I said. James shivered and raised hackles, which seemed to confirm what I said. People around us suddenly fell silent and glanced at us. "Hey, what are you glancing at?" I asked with my well-known glare. "Don't you have cable?!"
Suddenly everyone was interested in something else and Wilson dragged me out of the restaurant.
"Greg! We won't be able to eat there again!!!"
I shrugged. "But it helped you out..."
He bursted into laughter, then proposed to go to our thurday-night-bar. "Fine!" I said and we had several drinks there. I was well through my third pint while Wilson was sipping at his first as I said: "Well...may I ask some questions about your 'someone'?"
Wilson sighed. "I don't think it would be of any use if I refused. You'd ask nevertheless."
I grinned. "Sooo true... Okay, do I know that person, too?"
He nodded. "Yes, you do."
"And do I see that someone often?"
Wilson giggled somewhat hysterically. "Every single day!"
I pondered. "Ah, I see. Hmmmm...."
"That's enough, okay?"
I shook my head. "Nope! Which department?"
"I won't tell you!"
"Hmmm...any 'wet dreams' about that person?" I smirked.
Wilson's eyes widened. "You're impossible!"
"Aaaw, please, tell me!"
He swallowed. "Okay then...several.."
"Whoops! So, for how long will you be able to endure this?"
He shrugged. "For some years, I think. Though my mom is almost sure that this someone loves me back and just isn't aware of this fact..."
"Interesting," I replied but Wilson insisted to drop the subject.
We had a few more drinks and got fairly drunk and I tried to phone Foreman to pick us up. But he wasn't available. "The number you've dialed is temporarily unavailable."
I shrugged. "I think we have to take a cab."

On our way home, Wilson tried to rearrange my tie, much to the annoyance of the cab-driver.
"Hey, can't you just wait to get him home???"
I chuckled and Wilson went pink again. "I was just rearranging his tie..."
"Rearrange anything you like when you're at your place..."


Blogger Tine-Bine's Abenteuer said...

Hmmm... Das hört sich beinahe so an, als hätte Wilson Ihnen sein Geheimnis offenbaren wollen und es sich im letzten Moment anders überlegt...
Mit den Recherchen schon weiter gekommen?

September 24, 2006  
Anonymous dr. foreman said...

Sorry, House, wenn ich DAS gewusst hätte, hätte ich Sie selbstverständlich abgeholt! Den Anblick von Wilson mit einem Strauß roter Rosen, hätte ich zu gerne gesehen! HAHAHA!

September 24, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Zu spät, Eric. Es war auch bloß eine kleine Box... Sah aber nett aus.
Tine, den Eindruck hatte ich auch.

September 24, 2006  

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