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Family ties

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Pleeeeze help us!
They're still here!
They'll stay for another night!

Why are we always disturbed when we want to enjoy some days all on our own? Just we two. Just us. Honey-bunny and me. No one else.
Just remember Canada. It seemed to be a real vision. And? What happened?
Allenby was on his way, Cameron joined us and afterwards Chase and Foreman blew in. So much to that.
Of course I know they all came there to help me/us. But that doesn't make it better, hm?

And now this. It's a small honeymoon, but no one seems to care.
Oh, wait a minute. There might be a reason for it...
We didn't tell them so far.
Neither I nor Jim had the guts.
God, we really should do that soon. We could pretend we just waited for the right moment. And due to all that babbling yesterday evening we...simply forgot.

Yesterday evening poor Jimmy worked his ass off preparing the dinner. And I simply fell asleep on the armchair. I'm so sorry, hun. Next time please wake me up.
When I awoke everything was prepared and the turkey started to smell sweet.
"Uh?", I said and looked around. My neck was slightly uptight and I rubbed it.
James smiled at me. "Had a good night's rest?"
I blinked and it came to my mind that he prepared everything all alone.
"Aaw, hun...why didn't you wake me up?"
He stooped over me and kissed me tenderly. "You just looked too cute. At first I thought you'd pretend to get around cooking. But you breathed so steadily and didn't notice I took pictures of you. You were fast asleep."
I sat up. "You took pictures of me?"
A broad grin appeared on his face. "I did. And they're sooooo cute! You'll have to show them in your journal."
"I won't show them."
"Oh, you will", he grinned. "Because I want it. Just a small, small punishment..."
"Mnm", I just launched out and James kneaded my neck.
"Hmmmm.....this is good...", I sighed.
"There are two hours left before they'll arrive here", James whispered into my ear and then pulled me out of the armchair.

So...we had some snuggling in bed and I was totally contented and almost forgot about the fact our parents would soon arrive here.
After one and a half hour of snuggling and cuddling we both decided it was time to shower and dress up. James even tied...this is inescapable when he thinks of dressing up. I just chose a dark brown suit and my pink shirt. I hate ties when it's me who has to wear them. But with James they're incredibly sexy and it's fun and adorable to pull him closer with them.
"Hun?", he addressed me.
"Hm?" I looked up from buttoning up my shirt.
"It's Thanksgiving..."
I looked at him puzzled. "I know?"
He pointed at my shoes. "You know? Then quickly forget about these sneakers!"
I grinned. "Please?"
He smiled. "Please."
With a sigh I shrugged and rummaged my suitcase for dark brown leather shoes. Unfortunately I finally found them. Jim must have put them into the baggage.

"You look fabulous", James said and brushed a few nonexistent crumbs from my collar. I embraced him and held him close. "It's you who looks fabulous", I whispered into his ear and wanted to kiss him. But he put his finger on my mouth and shook his head.
"I know where this leads to...They'll be here in a few minutes."
"But...I just wanted to kiss you...", I griped.
His smile made my legs turn to jelly. "But I'd want more", he whispered and went into the living room.
I took a deep breath, shook my head, grinned and finally followed him.
"What about a sherry?", I asked him.
He nodded. "I hope I can bear this sober..."
I poured the sherry and looked out of the window. A Chevrolet Van came down the street and I froze.
"Jim? Is that your sister?"
He furrowed his brow and joined me at the window. His jaw dropped for a few seconds.
"Uhuuu....and Simon....and Sean...."
I stared outside. "This can't be true. I hope they didn't take Captain Ahab with them..."
James sighed. "I bet it was Mom's idea..."
The Van was followed by another car - our parents.
They all approached the door - Rachel was carrying something which looked like a giant cake and everyone else seemed to have some food, too - and I sighed deeply.
"Lasciate ogni speranza voi che entrate...", I turned to Jim and we opened the door before they could use the door bell.

I could not seperate the was one big "Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg, Jimmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Hunnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Dearyyyyyyyyyy"...
At once we were hugged by our mothers and mothers-in-law, patted on the shoulder by our (step)fathers and fathers-in-law, hugged by Rachel and Sean and nodded at by Simon. Rachel almost dropped the cake when she hugged Jim and me at the same time in one big embrace.
My Mom fumbled at my collar and smiled at me. "Greg, you look good. Engagement suits you. Doesn't it, John? Just look at him!"
My father just nodded and walked into the living room. "Nice cottage..."
It would be if we were alone...
It took quite a long time until all the hugging and patting ended and finally everyone sat down at the table.

Dinner was marvellous, Jim's an extraordinary cook. Most of the time I sat there quietly just following the conversation, only speaking if I was asked something.
Ruth found the idea of celebrating Thanksgiving at Point Pleasant simply "enchanting" and there was so much babbling we really forgot to tell them.
Following some odd traditions, after dinner our moms and Rachel did the dishes while Jim, Nathan, Dad, Butthead (i.e. Simon) and me smoked a cigar and downed several sherry.
Butthead talked about how happy Rachel was when she got the news about us after 'soooooo many years' and grinned into his glass. Suddenly my father took my arm and we both went outside the door. I was surprised but just looked into the sky and watched the stars. Dad looked at his cigar and began to speak.
"You always seemed so know?"
I shrugged.
"I'm glad this has changed. And I'm glad to see how happy he makes you."
He patted my shoulder and I looked at him in surprise.
"I'm not good at this, Greg. But I want to tell you that I love you and I'm proud of you."
I stared at him. "You..."
He nodded and kicked away a small stone. "I know it took me 47 years to tell you that. Better late than never! Huh?"
I couldn't help grinning and nodded. After a while we both laughed and shook our heads. Two pigheaded idiots...
He grinned and pointed behind him. "And your sweetie is great! I couldn't think of anyone better for you. I always liked him really much and now that I see you belong together, I love him, too."
I was speechless and just nodded.
"Let's not get too sentimental, hm?" Dad said. "Could do with a beer now."

We went inside again and I nestled on the sofa at Jim's side.
It felt so good being at his side, having his arm around my shoulder, holding his hand amidst our families. Amidst our family.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Did it surprise you that I held your hand amidst our families?

November 25, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

No. It just feels incredibly good.

November 25, 2006  

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