Monday, November 20, 2006

Friday evening

Mood: pleased
Weather: overcast, 39°F (brrrr)
Listening to: Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz
Drinking: coffee (once again, hm?)

As I told you the restaurant was really fine.
Here we are at Kingfish Hall, dressed a bit more casual than we were attending the registrar:

Well, casual...James nearly always insists upon ties...
We look quite relieved, don't you think.
We looked a lot more troubled and concerned before we met the registrar.
This picture was recorded at city hall, before we had our appointment:

Erics good-luck-wishes and the encouraging text Rubenstein sent us didn't help much.
But yes, our mood changed rapidly.

After dinner we went back to Eric's penthouse which is quite luxurious I have to admit. We had a drink or two and all I wanted was to celebrate our progress with James in my very own and special way.
I was lucky - Eric announced he now was off for a date with some girl he's really interested in.
"Beverages are in the fridge and help yourself at the bar", he smiled.
Before he left he beckoned me.
"Hmmm?", I asked as I approached.
"Greg...take care of him..." he told me and I stared at him.
"He loves you madly", he continued, "...and I know it's the same with you. After all these broken and disastrous marriages he deserves being happy finally...for the rest of his life." He sighed. "And...he told me a bit about you...and...well, I think you deserve it, too, so...just take care of each other...." He swallowed and I blinked.
"Uh...yes...I...I will...I mean...we will. This is precious to me, you know?"
He patted my shoulder. "I know. So - have a nice evening!" He winked at me and left.

James overheard our conversation and looked at me blinking back a few tears.
" nice..."
I shrugged uncomfortably 'cause I'm not used to being this emotional all of the time. I cleared my throat. "Yes. Where is his bar? I could do with Single Malt now."
James nodded to a davenport. "Over there. I'd like one, too...."
I poured two glasses of Ardbeg and regretted he only had tumblers. But beggars can't be choosers, eh?
We sat on the sofa side by side for a while sipping our malt when James suddenly looked up.
"Did I show you our room yet?"
I shook my head. "Nope..."
"Okay...up up, here we go!"
I follwed him through the hall to a door at the end of it and he opened it. I looked into a nice, comfortable and spacious room dominated by a big, fluffy bed.
James sat down on the bed and smiled. "Yipp, this is nice!" Then he patted the bed next to him. "Sit's truely comfortable."
I sat down next to him. "Mhm. Nice. We'll sleep like a log here."
Suddenly he softly pushed me into the cushions and leaned over me. "And not only that", he smiled and slightly touched my lips with his, only hinting a kiss. I closed my eyes and felt my heart beat.
"What do you think of celebrating what we did today?" He kissed my forehead and slowly unbuttoned my shirt - when I opened my eyes again we both only wore boxers. (How the heck does he do this?) Well, these were soon gone, too, and Jim kissed me all over causing me to purr and pant.

We "celebrated" our progress several times...Only disturbed once by the door bell.
James hastened to put on his clothes and opened the door.
I heard a female voice asking something and was desperately longing for James, so I just yelled "Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun?"
"What?", I heard him shout in my direction.
"Is it important?"
"I'll be with you again in a few minutes", was his answer.
The visitor was a certain Shirley who wanted to meet Eric and she soon left the door again.
When James came back and put off his clothes he had a hard-on again and leered at me.
"Where was I when we were interrupted?"
I embraced him and kissed him passionately when he crawled into bed again. "Somewhere aboute here", I mumbled and we continued celebrating.

A few hours later we had a shower and searched for something to eat when I heard someone at the door.
"Hm? Did you hear that, too, Jim?"
He shook his head. "What?"
"There was someone at the door, I think."
"Hmmm...maybe someone left a message for Eric..."
I put on a bathrobe and peeped out of the door.
I bent down and reached for the bottle of champagn which was left there. There was a memo attached to it and I snickered when I came back with it.
James was already in our bedroom again. "What is it?" he shouted and I joined him swaying the bottle.
"Someone donated us this bottle of champagn..."
He looked surprised. "How do you know it's for us?"
I giggled. "There's a memo, see?"
"Read, please..."
"What???!!!" He grabbed the memo and blushed deeply, "Good Lord...this is so...embarassing!", and hid his face in the cushion.
I couldn't help the giggle escaping me. "It's NICE."
And with a popp! I opened the bottle and James discovered a new way of celebrating.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Champagn and malt.
Sounds really good.

November 20, 2006  
Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

It was really good!

November 20, 2006  

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