Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snowed in

Mood: still "Hug meeeeee!"
Weather: still snowing
Drinking: Hot Chocolate with whipped cream...yummy
Listening to: Twist in my sobriety - Tanita Tikaram

God...I can't describe how cosy this is.
There's a fire in the fireplace, we lit candles, outside it's snowing and snowing and snowing and it's smelling like hot chocolate, James and the fire.

After James was desperate to tell you about the morning, you'll know by now why I stated it started perfect, eh?
And fat and dislikeable Mr. Ed's Vogler's blog couldn't change my mood a single inch. Hah!
He still tries to annoy me and posted this picture:

It has the caption: Where's the monster?
Well...I spotted the monster right away. It's that huge guy standing beside me, hm?

I gave Jim ear candy with that Tanita Tikaram song and he's still humming it from time to time. (Well, and I'm listening to it has somewhat odd lyrics...but I really like it. Sweet and handsome, Soft and porky,You pig out 'til you've seen the light Erm...if she thinks so...Reminds me of Dadaism.) I love oboes and it has plenty of oboe-parts.
But this one is even better: Valentine Heart. Could listen to it for hours and just watch and cuddle my husband.
Husband! How does that sound?
I'm still not used to that word and was silly today. I was humming for about five minutes while holding him close Hubby, hubby, hubby....your my husband.... God, I really made a fool of myself and sometimes I really ask myself who wears the breeches. (Foreman asked me so...well, I think we take turns in this...or is it James? No...Is he? Erm...I think we're just equal.)

For the last hours we lay in bed cuddling, snuggling and snogging and watching Twin Peaks on the internet. It's so cosy I can't describe it.

Wait a mobile's ringing...

Nice...It was Cuddy. She told me to get our asses to PPTH.
We'll do what we can, Lisa!


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Man, removing the snow from the door was hard work.

Cuddy can come if she wants - her anger would melt the snow away.

November 30, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

There might be nicer ways to melt the snow away....

December 01, 2006  
Blogger Shannon said...

Aw come on you guys, Lisa isn't that bad... she keeps one of you from getting sued, so she can't be all bad. BUT I do agree, anger can melt anything cold.. generally speaking.

June 06, 2008  

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