Thursday, November 30, 2006

A visit from the sheriff

James was really a sight for the gods in his long underwear and the woollen socks he found in the cupboard.
"Poor hun", I grinned at him after he phoned Mr. Brunswick (as he told you in his blog this guy's running the grocery store, is chief of the local fire department and mayor here). "Fancy a massage?"
"Hrrrmmmmmm....sounds alluring", he purred and I nodded to the bedroom with a broad grin on my face.
James smiled and hurried over so that he already was stretched on his belly when I entered the room.
I warmed some cream in my hands and began to knead his back.
"Aaaaaaaaaw", he moaned and I felt a slight twitch in my stomach.
"What a pity Brunswick jr. will be here in about an hour", I whispered into his ear and grinned when I saw goose pimples spread all over his back.
Three quarters of an hour later I stopped to amass him and rubbed my hands.
"Geesh, that was long...But you'd better hurry now to be decently dressed when the mayor's son turns up here", I winked at him.
"Mhmmmm", he nodded somewhat dazed and put on a black Jeans, t-shirt and a dark brown turtleneck.
I sighed and kissed his cheek. "You look scrumptious..."
He smiled at me and kissed me tenderly. "And you're way too cute in your Irish sweater and corduroys!" For a while I ran the risk to drown in his eyes when we heard the sound of the snow-mobile approaching the cottage.

"There he is", Jim grinned. "We're ready just in time."
"You're ready just in time", I smirked, "I wasn't laying on the bed in long underwear..."
James slapped my shoulder and went into the living room.
The engine stopped outside and a few minutes later there was a knock at the door.
"Dr. Wilson? James?"
James opened the door and stepped outside.
"Hello, Finn! How are you?", I heard him say.
"Fine! I already heard you're up here. Pity it's such crappy weather, but you'll be provided with everything you need."
Then there was some rummaging and James entered with a big brown bag filled to the brim with lettuce, tomatoes, tangerines and other things.
I raised an eyebrow and decided my leg was good enough to help him and Finn Brunswick. So I stepped outside and saw a man in a police uniform grabbing some bags from the snowmobile.
"Oh, the local sheriff provides us with food?", I grinned and he turned to me. He was rather handsome and roughly the same age as Jim, therefore they knew each other by their first names, I thought.
He froze in his step and looked at me. "Uh..."
Again I raised an eyebrow. "Um...yes...nice to meet you", I said, limped to the snow-mobile and took the bag with beverages.
Meanwhile Jim was back at the mobile and took two other bags. We both turned to the cottage and Finn Brunswick hurried to follow us.
We put everything into the kitchen and Brunswick found his voice. "Er...I'm sorry", he beamed at me and shook my hand. "I'm Finn Brunswick, the local sheriff."
"Gregory House", I replied and asked myself when he'd stop shaking my hand.
He didn't, so I asked "May I have it back? There are some more bags outside, I suppose."
"Uh? Oh...I'm sorry", he answered with a foolish grin and scratched his head.
In the meantime James came back again, nearly covered with bags.
"Was that all?", I asked him.
He shook his head. "Nope...I suppose Mr. Brunswick thinks we'll be stuck here for the next month."
I giggled and went outside again, followed by Sheriff Brunswick.
"So you're a colleague of James?", he asked.
I nodded and already was on my way back into the cottage, a bag with crisps, chocolate and other nice things in my left hand. They really seem to like James here.
"Inter alia", I replied and smiled at James who passed us to grab the last bags.
"Er...what?", Finn asked with a puzzled expression.
I fought down a giggle and replied "Among other things, yes!"

Back in the kitchen I eyed the heap of things. "Good Lord...are you sure your father didn't think we're ten people up here?"
Brunswick shrugged and smiled. "He always fears someone could run short of inventories."
Jim grinned and fetched his wallet. "Really thoughtful of him."
"He told me the beverages are a gift. He's pleased to see you here again", Finn told James. Why are villagers always so awfully nice? It was like in one of those 50ies TV-series, I thought.
We thanked him and James asked "As it seems decades I wasn't here, what about a whisky at the fireplace, Finn? Or do you have to take your own driving license if you're under the influence of whisky on your snow-mobile?"
Finn grinned and shrugged. "No, I don't think so. Whisky sounds good." He took off his jackett and cap and sat down on the sofa where we joined him with a bottle of Glenfiddich and three glasses.
"Jethro Flanders told us you're up here", he began and grinned broadly.
"The local tattletale, I suppose?", I asked.
Finn nodded and beamed at me again (and I noticed Jim slightly frown). "Don't ask me how he gains all his knowledge, but he also told my father that soon afterwards another guest arrived with a car that reminded him of the mafia."
I snorted. "Mafia, eh?", and whistled the tune of The Godfather. "Well, who knows...but I'm just a doctor..."
"So, you're an oncologist? James is the head of oncology at your hospital, right?"
"Right", James nodded. "But Greg is head of the department of diagnostic medicine."
Finn nodded and seemed impressed.
He told James the latest gossip and who died and so on, always turning to me and smiling foolishly. James looked at me over his shoulder and I just shrugged. This guy was obviously odd.
"And is your talemonger also informed about when we're going to bed here?", I finally asked with an innocent smile. Of course I wanted to know if some old fart is lurking up here and thought of last night.Finn laughed.
"Ah, no! Of course not. He just saw the cars coming up the way to the cottage."
I nodded. "Fine!"
James yawned insistently. "God..I'm it really that late?" he feigned.
I looked at my watch. "God, your right, it's almost 9pm."
With an excusing smile I turned to Finn. "This must sound odd, but we're awake since half past four this morning, discussing cases, you know..."
He nodded and was all smiles. "Yes, it's late then. Well, doctors and cops are always on duty, I know...Well, if you're in need of anything, just tell me", he said, already shaking my hand again.
"Oh, I'm sure if I'm in need of something James will take care of it", I grinned and arose.
James stood up, too, and we guided him to the door.
" that you mention it...Is there a doctor at the village? I'm running short of my pills..."
He nodded. "Just scribble down what you need."
I handed him a memo with just Vicodin on it and he promised to phone us when he came to bring them.
Another foolish smile and scratching his head later he sat on his snow-mobile, waved and off he was.

James shook his head and I turned to him.
"He's odd, right?"
I shrugged. "But he behaved odd."
James smiled at me and we went inside again.
I lay down on the sofa and looked at him with big, round hug-me-eyes. "I'm in need of hugging", I said. "Will you take care of me?"
James lay beside me, took me into his arms and softly kissed my forehead.
"But of course..."


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

"Will you take care of me?"

Was it okay the way I took care?

December 01, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...


December 01, 2006  
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