Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The middle of the week

...and I got Starbucks coffee every single morning since Monday.
Quite comfortable, I have to admit.
This is today, early morning in my office and still dark outside:

I have no clue how the liberal donor and (not really) nameless sponsor knows when I'll be here in the mornings, but it's always hot and fresh when I come in.
Foreman took the photograph this morning and was already laughing his ass off again. Jim hates it and always frowns and wrinkles his nose when he gets to know there was a cup of coffee waiting for me again.
Well...and I just think it's agreeable as long as the contributor can't be seen around.
The coffee is always accompanied by a little gift though and the words 'Caution, I'm hot' are underlined...
Chocolates, CDs, croissants...Today it was heartshaped nougat with the lyrics of Can't take my eyes off you. I traded the sweets for a prescription and decided not to tell James they were little nougat hearts. He'll know soon enough and I hope he won't be pissy. It's not my fault.

Speaking of James and hearts...he's soooo sweet...
We've been to the mall during lunch break and bought a new phone. And he was totally enthusiastic over these....'fairy lights' and bought them for the bedroom:

Well, it takes a bit getting used to...
And I hope he won't read that now, 'cause I bought something else, too, just to mock him slightly. He awoke last night, was thirsty, got up and ran against a dresser waking me up with his cursing and yelling.
So...I got him a little night light. With Snoopy, of course. I can't stop grinning when I think of it. As soon as he's asleep I'll attach it to the wall socket next to his side of the bed:

Lunchbreak...yes, lunchbreak. There was another incident brightening up my day. Dr. F. creeped around my office the whole day, waving to me, grinning, beaming and so on. It was such a ridiculous sight you just can't imagine it.
At lunchtime he tried to enter my office, did not knock because he noticed I saw him through the glass door and hit it with his head instead of opening it.
That sound!
That face!
"Ouch!", he exclaimed and I was about to shoot the coffee I just sipped out of my nose.
"Can I help you?", I just asked dryly.
He managed to come in with a silent curse and blushed deeply. "I...I..."
I sighed. "Sudden aphasia again?"
" I was on my way to have lunch at the Italian restaurant around the corner...and...I wondered if you would like to come with me. My treat."
I sat back in my chair and rubbed my eyes. "Is it lunchtime yet? Your treat sound tempting, but I'm about to leave to the mall now."
"Oh, oh", he said hastily, "I could invite you to the mall, too!"
I shook my head. "No. See? There's Dr. Wilson", I said pointing at him approaching my office. "He's picking me up and we both will leave to the mall now."
With these words I grabbed my backpack and arose to limp to the door.
Dr. F. looked fairly disappointed and replied a friendly "Hello, Dr. Wilson" to Jim's icy nod.

On our way to the car Jim was still slightly pissy.
"What did he want again?"
I grinned. "Inviting me for lunch."
James snorted. "Ah, ever so nice! Doesn't he know we're married?"
I shrugged. "Dunno. He did not ask me."
"Does he know you're with me?"
"C'mon, James, no need to be pissy. He'll find out soon enough. And until that day he can provide me with early morning coffee as long as he does not lurk at my office."
James opened the car and grinned. "That's so you...Sometimes you are really mean..."
I sat down and leered at him. "And you love me for that."
"Inter alia", he smiled and kissed me before he started the engine.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Show me the Snoopy light ...common ... of course I read it before going to bed!

You should have known it, dear!

Show me that light when you'll be at home.

April 25, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

So...did you like it?

April 26, 2007  
Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Yes ... I liked the way you gave it to me.

April 26, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

I bet you don't want me to write about it...

April 26, 2007  
Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

you can do whatever you want ... but I will write about Easter sunday as think about if you want to write about yesterday evening or about your sunday version!

April 26, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Now I'm scared...

April 26, 2007  

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