Friday, April 13, 2007

Oh Lord, won't you buy me...

...a bunch of patience?
I can't believe it.
I am annoyed!
Dr. Mason and Dr. Johnson are at Cuddy's office right now.
Complaining about me!
They told Foreman and Chase they'd tell Cuddy I scared them so much they were unable to do their work.
Simply impossible!
But there's no use in getting angry, hm?
Let's think about something pleasant.

James and me had four days off and took a flight to Canada.
Yes, Canada - we spent Easter at his father's fishing hut there.
An SUV was waiting for us at the airport and we drove up to the hut. Oh, and yes, my well-thought plan of not asking 'Are we there yet?' even once payed off. Jim was puzzled and shot me more than two slightly worried side glances.
"Are you in pain?", he asked softly and patted my knee.
"No?", I answered and frowned. In addition to my answer I shook my Vicodin.
Now it was Jim's turn to furrow his brow.
I smiled at him. "But what?"
"You are...quiet."
"Am I?"
James sighed. "Well....not really quiet. are not trying to annoy me."
I grinned. "I thought thinking about what's wrong with me could annoy you even more than the perpetual question 'are we there yet?'..."
Another deep sigh. "Sometimes you are a closed book to me..."
I rested my head on his shoulder and gave him a small kiss on his neck. "Most of the time an open book, hm?"
James kissed my head and nodded.

As we passed a supermarket I raised my head.
"Do we have to go shopping today?"
"Nope, babes. Mr. Brunswick will deliver everything we need to the cottage."
I stretched, nodded and leaned back in the passenger seat.
Another sigh made me turn my head. "Hm?"
James looked at me fondly and just smiled. "You..."
I raised an eyebrow. "I?"
"You are just...sweet!"
I could not avert blushing and beamed at him. "I'm not!", I insisted nonetheless.
"Yes, you are...No backtalk!"
"No lip!", Jim interrupted me and grinned.
I grinned back. "Okay. I am."
I switched on the radio while Jim seemed to be contented and concentrated on the street again.
Keane sang Somewhere only we know and meanwhile we were in the middle of the woods and almost there.
When I was humming to the song Jim suddenly stopped the car and gestured to the meadow left from the road.
I sat up and stared at him. "Huh?!"
"Out!", he repeated with emphasis.

James unstrapped, got out, walked around the car, opened my door, unstrapped me and dragged me out.
I was puzzled, stumbled outside and still stared at him. "Wha..what have I done?"
"You are way too cute", he whispered into my ear. "And therefor I want to cuddle you over there right now!"
With these words he softly pushed me across the street and we had a short walk through the wood and sat down on the meadow.
I shook my head. "You really scared me, you know that?"
Jim sniggered and put his arm around me. "I am really able to scare you?"
"Yes", I nodded and shrugged. "I thought I made you angry somehow and you would make me walk up there."
"Aw...babes...", Jim sighed and kissed me fondly embracing me and holding me close.
I felt like melting away in his arms and really appreciated it when he deepened the kiss. Soon I forgot my surroundings and he turned me into a sighing and love dazed bundle which lay in his arms and could do nothing else but return his kisses.

Both our breathing became heavy and the resolution to cuddle me here faded away. This was beginning to become much more than just cuddling - we both knew that.
But since we were in the middle of nowhere and couldn't see the street anymore we both did not care. Jim broke the kiss for a second to catch breath and whisper "I love you" while he got rid of my jacket and started to unbutton my shirt.
I moaned an "I love you, too" under my breath, slipped my hands underneath his jumper and took it off.
This meant we had to interrupt our kissing - but not for long.

I have no clue how we got completely undressed, but we got it quickly and I only noticed it when James bent over me and was carefully parting my legs with his knee. His hands caressed my hips, his eyes were dilated and my heart began to race when I felt his hot breath on my neck.
"Mmmmh...Jim....", I managed to moan before he sealed my lips with another kiss, a very passionate one. My body promptly responded and in return I felt something hard at my hip.
The said part of Jim's body did not remain there for long though. With an awfully slow stroke he made us become one and me gasp, groan and grunt with pleasure.
The following hour or aeon he took me high up into the sky and I was all fluffy and dizzy in my head when we lay on the grass afterwards and he covered my chest with soft kisses.
"We should go back to the car now", he murmured, looked up and smiled at me.
"Uhu...", was the only thing I could answer as I watched him gathering our clothes.
I dressed half in a trance and as soon as I slipped into my sportscoat again James grabbed my collar and drew me close.
"You've been a bit...loud, buttercup", he grinned and kissed me.

As if on cue someone stepped out of the wood and stared at us.
"Oh noooo...", I thought. It was that old fart, the local tattletale.
James took a step back and nodded to him.
"Dr. Wilson", the old fart said and nodded back. "I thought I heard someone cry...Is everything okay with you?"
I suppressed a giggle and turned away for some seconds.
"Um...yes...we are both okay. And..well...we did not hear anything", James answered.
Old fart narrowed his eyes and watched me combing some leaves out of my hair.
"Aren't you Dr. Wilson's colleague who was here with him this winter?"
I smirked and nodded. "Yes. I am. But I fear I do not know you, oh omniscient gossipmonger!"
Old fart ignored that and continued to talk. "Did you just kiss him, Dr. Wilson?!"
Jim shrugged. "Mhm. I did."
The eyes of the old man widened. He would have much to tell this evening in the village bar. Or in a few minutes in the village store...
I turned to him again and put on my sweetest smile ever.
"And if you do not report us to the police, I will tell you we just had sex here."


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Dear, I am stunned you know! I am stunned that you have written such an embarassing fact again!

But well - this is just you, hm?

So I will be a bit upset - but you know how to bring me down again, huh?


April 14, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

I think it's part of my (peculiar) charm. And you always tell me I am like God made me, hm?

A bit upset...hmmm...
Yes, I know how to calm you down.


April 16, 2007  

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