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Oh, I was pissed off by those photos James showed on his blog.
Really pissed off.
But I already told you that.

James for one did not intend to be mean. Well, not really mean. He was a bit surprised by the way I reacted and now it started to be fun.
The first hour or so I was really still pissed off.
But when he came to my office to apologize and I found all his comments I began to smirk.
"Let's see how far he will go", I thought and already anticipated a wonderful dinner, roses, music, single malt and other fine things.

"Greg...I'm sorry. I did not know that you would mope...."
I glared at him and did not answer.
He stood there and looked like a drowned rat. "Greg..."
I turned to the file on my desk again and flipped through it.
With an annoyed sigh I scribbled some notes down.
The next thing I heard was my door silently closing.
Now I leaned back in my chair and grinned broadly. One part of me felt bad though 'cause Jim was obviously worried and sorry. But the greater part liked to tease him.

I snuck out early and took a cab home. Once arrived at our appartment I immediately percolated some coffee, turned on the TV, flung myself to the couch and thought about the evening. He would try to make amends, for sure. But what would he do?
Several pleasant pictures crossed my inner eye - I sipped my coffee and then decided to have a short nap.
To my surprise now Jim was late. He came home around 8 pm and I was already starving. It was my own fault, I know. I expected him to cook something really nice and thus was waiting for him.
I heard him rummaging in the hallway and tried to look totally oblivious of his arrival. He entered the sitting room with a bunch of red roses - my heart made a small jump, but I fixed my glance at the TV screen and did not say anything at all.
"Hey, darling...", he began and approached me.
I shot him a quick and annoyed glance just to turn away again.
"Hun, I..."
A sigh later he went into the kitchen and watered the roses.
In the meantime I arose and limped into the bedroom. "There's no dinner for you", I gnarled and looked at him over my shoulder.
He looked uncomfortable. "Oh, I...I....I already had dinner."
Heck, no! I was really starving!
I raised an eyebrow. "Oh, really..."
He blushed slightly. " were gone and...and...a patient invited me to that restaurant..."
"A patient!" Now I was annoyed again. And there was that famliar sting in my stomach I hated so much. Yes. I am jealous as hell.
" wanted to thank me..."
"Nice", I nodded and slammed the door.
It immediately opened again and James peeked in. "Greg, there was nothing..."
"Out of here", I said very silently and grabbed my book.
"But I..."
James stared at me, gulped and withdrew his head to close the door.

I sighed and my thoughts went astray. The sting in my stomach was most unenjoyable and I gnawed my lower lip.
"Come on...he was just invited for dinner. Nothing more...don't be silly", I told myself.
Meanwhile I heard Jim rummaging in the sitting room. He obviously took a bottle of whisky out of the drawer and poured himself a glass.
That pouring sound could be heard again and again.
"Someone will suffer from a terrible hangover tomorrow", I thought and tried to concentrate on my book.
"Greg? Babes?", I heard him ask at the door a few minutes later.
"Leave me alone", I grunted.
The door opened a bit again.
"Greg...bunnybum...I'm sorry....I did not mean to piss you off..."
I decided not to answer and pretended to be absorbed in the pages of my book - Sarum by Edward Rutherford.
He dared to enter the room with three little steps.
"Hunny? I...I...just thought those pictures were really look cute on them..."
With a snort I nodded to the door.
Jim sighed and left our bedroom silently closing the door again.

Some seconds later I heard him yell from the living room.
"Oh...nice", I thought and yelled back. "ASSHOLE!"
"Dammit! I did not mean you, Greg!"
"Yeah, for suuuuuure!"
This was so kindergarten, I know. And when I thought of him laying on the couch by candlelight it was really hard for me to resist. On the one hand I just wanted to join him, cuddle, kiss and have a good time. On the other hand I had fun causing him a sore conscience.
I know that was mean.
Sometimes I can't help it.
And I was still expecting something very pleasant as an excuse.
Jim fell silent again and I decided to place the book on my nightstand, curl up in bed and have a nap.

Half an hour later Jim tiptoed into the bedroom.
I sat up. "What are you doing here?"
"Um..." I saw him blush even in the darkness. "Going to bed?"
"No way", I gnarled and shook my head. I threw his yammies at him and told him to sleep on the couch.
"Gregory!" He was dumbfounded.
I just flashed at him and he slowly stepped backwards out of the room.
"I overdid", I thought and immediately regretted it. But I could not give in now.
"Let's see how far he will go", I thought again. "Maybe some takeout food, a day off, a massage..."

Well, he didn't do anything at all. And I felt all guilty because I could sense he was feeling horrible. So I turned in bed and could not sleep. But join him in the living room and tell him it was a bad joke? No way. He'd be hopping mad.
I sighed and turned and sighed and turned.

It was around 3 in the morning when I heard the door open again.
I secretly opened one eye and saw James, one hand holding a candle, the other a rose. He placed the candle on his nightstand and then knelt at my side of the bed.
"Greg...", he whispered.
I pretended to awake. "Mmmmh?"
He put the rose on my pillow and softly kissed my forehead. "I'm sorry", he whispered again and I felt awfully weak all over sudden. So I just looked into his eyes and was quite unable to move.
His lips kissed down my cheek and found mine. "Greg...", he moaned silently and I could do nothing else than return his kiss and wrap my arms around him.
It appeared to me as if we had been seperated for years and I realized just how much I missed him those few hours. So I clung to him like drowning and listened to all the sweet names he gave me, enjoyed his touches and returned them gladly.
We got undressed almost by magic 'cause I could not remember unbuttoning his shirt or anything.
"You're so beautiful...", he said in a hoarse voice and looked into my eyes. "I'm so sorry, Greg..."
I gulped. "I'm good...I'm not angry..."
Those eyes drew me closer and I had a feeling like melting into his arms. Now this was surely a pleasant excuse...
He covered my face with kisses, kissed along my jaw, my neck and suddenly the two of us were one. I gasped, clung to his sides and the night had just begun.

Well...and I ask you: Who could resist him?


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Oh Greg ... I mean ... you ...

By the way, that pic was made some years ago though ... you remember that hotel room?

Resisting ... hmm - we might try that, okay? ;)

May 19, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Oh yes, I do remember that hotel room.
Why should we try resisiting?

May 19, 2007  

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