Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Saturday with butthead and company

I am so glad this is over.
I never look forward to Mondays, but this time Monday meant family-is-leaving-day.
Don't get me wrong - I do not hate them or something, of course not. (Well...but always had some problems with my father.)
But it's quite exhausting having your parents, mother- and stepfather-in-law, brother- and sister-in-law and your nephew around for a whole weekend.
Some of you might say 'Welcome to my world' now, but I am just not used to it.

A white lie spared us the Friday evening with our family. We told them we had to work late and spent a wonderful and cuddly evening at home watching scary movies and ordering pizza.
Saturday started early though. As Jim told you he spoilt part of our Friday by telling me we would go shopping with his mother. I refused to talk to him for about an hour and afterwards complained quite a while until he made up for it.

9 in the morning it was and the hellos were quite wearing. I managed to stay at the house with my father, Nathan, butthead and Sean as you could already read at Jim's blog.
I bet he had 'fun' going to the mall with a bunch of women. He did not want to talk about it... The most embarassing incident for him maybe was that his mother bought him a tie there. It looks like a very belated Bar Mitzvah present and is just hideous! Purple with a more than ugly pattern - a strange kid of paisley.
He only showed me in the evening with an embarassed little grin on his lips.
"Nice", I said when I laid eyes on that unspeakable thing.
"Yeah...I perfectly know what you are thinking. And you're right."
"I suppose it was a surprise then. Like driving home and hearing your mother say 'Jimmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy....look what I bought for you!' and have her rubbing that thing into your face."
He just nodded and stared at the tie in his hand. "Pretty much so."
"Why didn't you show me when you came back?"
"Greg", he sighed, "I was taking care of you."
"Oh...um..yeah, I remember."

Yes. He was taking care of me. How could I forget about that considering the severe headache I still had?
I already told you I stayed at the house with the other men. After playing Mafia with Sean I could no longer avoid talking and reluctantly settled on the couch to have morning coffee with my father, Nathan and butthead.
That conversation did not last very long for me though.
I poured myself a cup of coffee and found me staring into a tiny puddle of coffee on the ground of my mug.
Nathan pointed at the coffee machine. "There's some more, Greg."
I nodded, arose and wondered what butthead was heading for. He tried to stuff some luggage away in a wardrobe and needed a ladder to reach the top.
In the meantime, I made my way into the kitchen.
Butthead took the ladder from behind the kitchen door, swung around and I could only yell HO! before he accidentally hit my head really hard with it.
I immediately passed out and the next thing I remember was lying on a bed, Jim holding my hand and placing ice on my head.

Noon and afternoon passed in a hazy blur and with a damn headache on that bed.
When I arose it was early evening and the family decided to watch Eragon.
"Buah, no!", I thought but there was no way to get out of it. Everyone was ever so happy I was on my feet again and Jim insisted I had to stay with them.
Fine. So we watched Eragon. And had several pints of Guinness which earned us one of the spare rooms in the house.
When we went to bed I remembered a quote, stood in front of Jim, leaned on the wall and raised my eyebrows with a leer.

"I am Greg. And you are my rider."
"I suppose you feel better, darling."


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