Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rainy day


Indefatigable raindrops keep smacking against my window. The whole day is rainy and uncomfortable , my head is aching and my leg hurts direly. Presumably today I took the double ration of my Vicodin - I have no eye for this today.

Despiote all this I am not in a bad mood, 'cause we have a reason to paaaaarty. This fat, abhorrent son of a bitch Edward Vogler now is history for Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Call me the 50-Million-Dollar-Man! Dr. Cuddy keeps calling me the 100-Million-Dollar-Man, but I opine to share this title with Wilson.

It didn't start well yesterday. The supervisory board voted against me, with only one exception which was Wilson. At least he wasn't intimidated by this fat, smug dumpling. His vote wasn't taken and soon he ,too, got fired. It was our luck that Cuddy could not deal with that any longer.

I hardly could have coped with James losing his job because of me. Verisimilar I'll never forget his face as he said the only things that mattered in his life were his job and our friendship. I didn't know where to look at.

Well, most of you will know Vogler withdrew his money and took his leave. I'm ever so sad, abysmally sad... (Not in the least!)
I think he was more interested in buying a bunch of doctors than helping a hospital. And I, I wasn't cuddly enough and was to be abandoned at the next guardrail.

Yesterday evening, Wilson, Foreman, Chase and me celebrated this event. Cuddy just briefly drowned a glass of sparkling wine and gave the party pooper. I'm not quite sure why Chase took part of this celebration. He has no clue what I am concocting for him, now he cannot spy for Mr. Ed anymore. Open ill-will would be too flat. I think I'll just bore him to death. No interesting work anymore for!

This evening there's a little party at oncology I am invited to. Of course the guys are happy to keep their head of department.

To celebrate the new, old labor situation I put on my red shirt, which seems to siut me so well. When I entered my office at 9:00 AM, there was a steaming mug of Starbucks Breakfast Blend on my desk, aside a turkey sandwich. "How moving", I thought and dialed Wilson's direct access.
"Thank you, Daddy!"
"Was that not from you?"
"The coffee and the sandwich."
"As far as I can remember, we both arrived with your car today", he amusedly retorted.
"Tut. Right."
"Enjoy your meal anyway! I have a slight idea who did this to you..."
"Yes, I suppose Cuddy regretted being that bitchy yesterday..."
"If you think so..."
I shrugged and hung up.

When I was on my way to Wilson's office a few hours later, a hell broke loose on the hallway. Loud music resounded at the hall and 5 nurses and female doctors spied into an office, where Allenby danced to the sounds of that song from Blade whilst he was scribbeling diagnostic findings on a whiteboard. I stopped breifly and asked if nobody had to do better than watching this complete idiot. Deeply blushing, Allenbys ardent worshippers escaped just in that moment when Wilson's door flew open and he hastened to Allenby's office. He grinned at me briefly, then teared up Allenby's door and yelled: "This is the oncology, not a discotheque!!!"
Allenby winced and put the music out just when I couldn't help another "Complete idiot!" coming from my mouth. Of course this earned me a glance from Wilson. Allenby didn't say anything, but looked sheepish.
I turned to Wilson's office and sat down on his visitors chair.
"He's humming 'Tonight' the whole day", Wilson grinned as he entered and closed the door.
"I wonder why..." I retorted underwhelmed.
"So do I, now that he had the chance to not only admire you from afar."
"Why didn't he choose Chase?", I asked with a malignant grin on my lips. "He'd suit him so good! And he's the right age for him. I mean, doesn't he think? He's half my age!"
"Don't exaggerate... Louis is 27. But you're right with Chase", he shrugged with a broad smile. "But you can't always choose whom to fall in love with."
I stared at him. "Recently you solely told me he was 'going for me'."
"Weeeeell, that was a few days ago. Since he savored you last evening the poor chap just runs around with a dramy stare."
"If he makes mistakes because of that, throw him out!"
Wilson leaned back and grinned diabolically . "I bet he imagines every single minute of the day how it feels when this sarcastic curmudgeon melts away in his arms..your faces getting near each other and..."
Quickly I disrupted him. "You really have a disgusting, perverted and ill fancifulness! But nevertheless I beg you to look at this series radiogram and advance your opinion."
"Okay, just give me 10 minutes."
I nodded and left his office.

Some 15 minutes later I heard not one, but two persons enter, as I studied the said series radiogram. "I thought why not bring Allenby with me!", Wilson grinned.
Cantankerously I turned and gave them a short nod. Then I advanced my opinion and stepped back to let them have a closer look. "Um, Allenby, would you please excuse us?" I said then.
Allenby turned to me with a questioning expression on his face. "Yes...of course...."
I grabbed Wilsn's arm and hauled him out of the room.
"It's total overkill to bring him here!!!"
James lifted his hands and averted. "Weeeeeell, after all I almost lost my job because of you... No, rubbish. I'm not to blame for this. He begged to come with me and had the really good argument it helps him with his project."
I gasped. "Fine, so I'm able to get away with torturing him a bit."
Wilson lifted his eyebrows. "When don't you?"
We re-entered and I stepped closely behind Allenby. "So? Any idea?"
I had to deny myself from grinning when I saw him shiver and raising hackles. I'm absolutely used to people raisng hackles because of me, but for other reasons.
As he turned to me, I hurried to step back and then tear up his theories. Wilson couldn't accuse me of being mean... Eventually this all served his education. I almost pitied him as he blushed even more and did not know where to look. And it nearly impressed me how he put up new theories again and again and one hit the nail on the head. Maybe he is no complete idiot at all.

James appreciatory patted his shoulder and released him from the room. Then he turned to me.
"This was truly somewhat mean of you...."
I played indignation and raised a brow. "Mean? Me? I just let him wind!"
"I didn't mean that. I saw perfectly well how you stepped behind him and asked for his ideas sooo close to his ear."
"So what?!"
"This poor chap almost fainted!"
"Well", I retorted, "that's just my effect."
Then I stepped closely behind him and whispered to his ear "So, James? About to swoon, too?"


Anonymous Adeline said...

Ob Vogler den Wink mit dem Ebola-Virus versteht? Ich denke wohl kaum *hehe*.

Das war ja wirklich gemein den armen Allenby so zu "reizen" - aber durchaus erheiternd *gnihi*.

Ich wünsche noch einen schönen Tag!

September 06, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Es ist für mich schwer nachvollziehbar, was meine Mitmenschen alles als "gemein" empfinden.

September 06, 2006  
Anonymous Claudi said...

Ich will die Pest in Plüschvariante sehen °___° Gibt es auch Cholera oder Demenz? Alzheimer würde mir auch ganz gut stehen...

Ach ja, der Dr. Allenby...
Was ist eigentlich mit Cameron? Kommt sie wieder? Irgendwie ist es doch ziemlich langweilig ohne sie, oder?

Übrigens, der virtuelle Champagner hat nach Vogler's Abflug (ist das ironisch? Oder vielleicht etwas zu gehässig wegen seiner Körpermasse?) einfach ausgezeichnet gemundet. Allerdings sollte man es damit nicht übertreiben, wenn man wie ich noch arbeiten muss :)

September 06, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Werte claudi, es gibt sie in Plüschform!
Und ja, ich werde sie heute nach der Arbeit zeigen.
Ob Allison wiederkommt? Wenn es nach mir geht schon. Sie weiß immer wo der Zucker ist.
Ich werde sie aufsuchen und sehen, ob ich sie überreden kann, wieder mit mir zusammen zu arbeiten.

Es freut mich, dass der Champagner auch in der virtuellen Variante gemundet hat und stelle mir grade Vogler beim Fliegen vor. Der Tag ist bereits jetzt gerettet!

September 07, 2006  
Anonymous Adeline said...

Nur die Landung von Vogler möchte ich nicht gerne sehen ... obwohl es ne interessante Arbeit sein könnte für die Patologie *hehe*

September 07, 2006  
Blogger Claudi said...

Ich denke eher, dass es eine Herausforderung für den Schreiner der Bestattungsfirma ist, einen so... kolossalen Sarg zu hobeln! °__°
Es sei denn, sein überdimensionales Körpergewicht schafft es, ihm das Leben zu retten, dann hätten wir vielleicht bald einen Grund, alle Fallschirmspringer wie Schweine zu mästen... ;) (Nich ernst gemeint... glaub ich!)

Hm, ja, also ich vermisse Allison :) Und wenn sie wieder da ist, wird sich auch der Zucker wiederfinden, hehe ;)

Und ganz besonders freue ich mich auf die Pest in Plüschform! Endlich eine tödliche Seuche aus dem Mittelalter in flauschiger Form; herrlich!

September 07, 2006  
Anonymous Claudi said...

Also, das da oben war ich, sorry °°''

September 07, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Wozu Entschuldigungen?
So habe ich wenigstens Ihren neuen Ort im Netz bewundern können.

September 07, 2006  
Blogger Claudi said...

Tja, manche Dinge haben doch einen Sinn^^

Mein neuer Ort... ach ja. Ich hab noch ne lange Liste meiner Websites XD

September 07, 2006  

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