Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The registrar again

Mood: still nervous but awfully happy
Weather: sunny, 36 °F (brrrrrr, still cold!)
Listening to: honey-toast quacking about the evening (he's so sweeeeeeeeet!)
Drinking: Soda

We're back!
We met Mr. Brown again at 3 pm and he handed us the marriage license.
Gawd, I still can't believe it!
And he wished us all the luck in the world - was really nice.

Afterwards we had a short ramble through the streets and came back a few minutes before it started to rain cats and dogs.
I stood at the window and looked outside watching the running and hiding passers-by and some runners being soaked. James embraced me from the behind and murmured "Reminds me of our first meeting..."
I leaned to his chest. "Mhmmm...it was raining heavily..."
"And I made stupid remarks on the weather", he sighed.
Covering his hands with mine I replied "I didn't think they were stupid. You were cute and I just had no clue what to tell you...so I chose being...sarcastic..."
James kissed my cheek and pulled me closer. We both closed our eyes for a while and just enjoyed each other. He always smells so good. It's Fahrenheit and something else, even better, what has to be just...him.
Slowly he turned me around and kissed me softly. It felt as if the ground beneath my feet disappeared and I sank into his arms. It's odd how weak you can feel and how good at the same time.
My heart's still pounding....Gosh!
I opened my eyes again and looked into his. Those brown and amber depths hypnotized me and I could do nothing else than gaze into them. Do I sound kitschy? I don't mind.
I always feel so secure, safe and at the same time lost when I look into his eyes.

I still can't believe what will happen so soon, what we'll be so soon.

Weather is nice again and the sky shows colors from deep blue to orange, yellow, gray and red and radiates somehow. We now will change (God! And I'm on tenterhooks what he will look like!) and in about half an hour Sam arrives to pick us up.

I'm nervous and happy and glad and dazed and over the moon and contented and all on edge and and and....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is soooo wonderful!
You MUST be awfully happy!
I wish I could be with you two.

November 21, 2006  
Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

...and I just wanted to say: I love you!

November 21, 2006  
Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Oh thank you so much - Bertie (I guess) ...

Perhaps we can meet sometime and have a Black Sheep or two or three... or so!

Gawd, you are right we are awfully happy!

November 21, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

I love you, hun

November 21, 2006  

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