Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dinner with the Brunswicks - Part I

James had several nice offers and I accepted every single one.
So after a few hours I lazily stretched underneath him, fondled his hair and snuggled my cheek to his.
"When are we supposed to show up for dinner?", I mumbled fighting down a yawn.
James caressed my chest and kissed me softly. " about 7 pm, I think...Yes...7 pm..."
I turned my head and looked out of the window. "Well...we should check the's already dark outside."
"Oh...", James fumbled at the nightstand for his watch. He frowned and put it aside. "6 pm. Time to shower and dress."
I stuck out my lower lip. "Mnm...I'd like to see another offer first..."
James smiled at me and shook his head. "When we're back...although I'd love to show you what I have in mind when I look at you now..."

He escaped my arms and slid out of bed. A few minutes later I heard the shower accompanied by the sound of my mobile receiving a text. I grabbed it and checked who wrote. It was Finn again.
I hope you like Italian food. My father's addicted to it so it'll be a rather Italian evening. ~Finn
Italian food...nice...Of course I liked it and so I replied:
If it wasn't for pizza and other fine Italian foods, there would be no happiness.
Afterwards I wanted to join James under the shower, but lickety-split received another text.
Hey! That's from 'Fallen'! My favorite quote is 'Cops are the chosen people'!
Yes...I thought so.
I shook my head and stepped into the bathroom. As Jim was still under the shower I joined him there.
"Greg...don't tempt me...", he said.
"I just wanted to shower", I replied with an innocent smile and big eyes. He handed me the shampoo and I told him "It's going to be an Italian evening."
"How do you know that?"
"Your friend Finn sent me a text."
James grinned a bit strange. "Oh, I should have guessed that..."
Suddenly he drew me close. "So what about a bit of French kissing before that Italian Evening?"
I only nodded. "U-huuuu...."

We managed to be in time and James truly looked gorgeous. It was Mary who opened the door and she hugged us both. i was a bit bewildered by that and just grunted instead of saying hello which brought a broad smile on her face.
"I know you're cute - so stop pretendin something else...", she grinned.
She guided us into the living room and a wonderful smell spoke of great food. James took his first step into the room and was greated with a big hello.
"Jaaaames!" a huge guy reminding me of Paul Teutul exclaimed. "It's good to see you again!"
With these words he patted his shoulder and I feared he'd stomp him into the ground. Brunswick's wife hugged him and Finn patted his shoulder, too.
Then they addressed to me and I fought down the wish to step a few steps back. I didn't want to be hugged or stomped into the ground. But there was no reason to be afraid, they only shook my hand and greeted my nicely.
"So, you're James' colleague and best friend", "Paul Teutul" aka Mr. Brunswick addressed me. I nodded. "Inter alia...", and smiled. "My name is Gregory House."
"Yes, my son told me", Mr. Brunswick grinned. "Inter what?"
I opened my mouth to answer but Finn already said "Among other things, Dad."
"Ah!",he said. "You live and learn", he smiled and Mary winked at me.

There was chit-chatting and small talk and we sat own at the table.
The starter was a wonderful avocado salad and Mrs. Brunswick served a really good red wine from their cellar.
I was at one with the world having Jim at my side secretly caressing my knee and smiled at him. Finn sat vis-a`-vis and puzzled me with odd glances, but I didn't care. He is odd, I said so before, no matter if James denies that.
When we finished the salad Mary and Mrs. Brunswick disappeared into the kitchen, Mr. Brunswick took James outside to show him some alterations he did at his house and I was left alone with the local sheriff.
"Fancy a cigar?", he grinned and offered one out of his father's humidor.
"Cojiba", I said with a pleased smile. "Yes, thank you!"
We went out to the balcony and Finn babbled about all the world and his brother. He kept beaming at me and I watched his odd behavior rather silent.
I only had to endure this for five minutes 'cause James joined us with another cigar.
Finn whispered something to him and he grinned.
"Greg, darling, Finn thinks you're fetching!"
I smiled. "Oh, does he?"
James nodded and Finn looked blank. "You're very good friends, aren't you?"
"Inter alia", Jim imitated me and put his arm around my waist. "He's my husband."


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

I know Greg will delete it - God I am laughing my ass off. Penis growth adverts ... geesh this is just funny!

December 03, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Hehe...really nice...
There are better ways to... know...

December 04, 2006  

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