Friday, December 01, 2006

Visitor in the morning

Mood: WTF?!
Weather: still snow everywhere, but not snowing anymore
Drinking: coffee I secretly "pimped" with scotch. Yay! Pimp my coffee!
Listening to: the radio - they're playing X-mas music already...It's Wham! now

I feel a bit...well...I'm in a pissy mood somehow. Yes! I am!
I should be glad, 'cause I took my last Vicodin this morning and already have a new bottle at hand. But I'm not. Definitely not!

But I should start with yesterday evening, 'cause that's where I stopped, isn't it?
James really took care of me and we had a wonderful hour filled with cuddling, snogging and hugging and I felt all dazed with love.
We just decided to percolate another coffee when the phone rang.
As James was occupied with the coffee, I answered the phone.
"Hello? Wilson and House?"
"Dr. House....Gregory, it's me, Finn!"
He hesitated and then spoke again. "Well, I already told the doctor and you'll get your pills tomorrow..."
"Fine! Thanks!"
"'re welcome. Would you please tell me your mobile number? So I can phone you when you'll get the Vicodin..."
I told him my number and when I hung up I thought that this now was really odd. He had the number of the cottage and we wouldn't leave the house.

I went back to the sofa and James approached with two mugs of steaming coffee.
"Who was that?"
"The sheriff", I grinned.
"Finn? What did he want?"
"My mobile number."
James raised his eyebrows. "Why?"
I shrugged. "He wanted to phone me when I'll get the Vicodin, he said."
He frowned. "Hm...right...okay."
"He is odd!"
James shook his head. "Normally not. And I know him for quite a long while."
He told me about his stays here and that in his youth he was here quite often.
And he told me about a drunk evening up here with Finn and his sister Mary...
And that he and this Mary slept together here that evening - she was his first woman he told me.
Well...this wasn't quite what I wanted to hear yesterday evening and my cuddly mood slightly vanished but I told myself not to be silly. He was only 18 or 19 then and I didn't even know him. It shouldn't affect me, right?
So I put on my flannel-yammies and my cuddling-mood soon returned and we had an awfully nice evening. This was only disturbed by some texts Finn sent to my mobile.
What did he want? He just told me I should tell him if I needed something and that there's a nice pub in the village (James told me that Finn's brother Patrick owns it) and that tonight there was live music.
Chase, too, sent a message and I think he must have been drunk. He told me he was watching Swamp Thing and attached a picture of a milkshake...

This morning I woke up early, rubbed my eyes and turned my head to look outside the window. It wasn't snowing anymore, but the world still glittered and glistened and was all white.
James was sound asleep, laying on his side, turned to me and breathing softly. My heart jumped at this sight and I carefully covered him as his blanket had slipped to the side.
I arose, showered and put on brown cord slacks and an Irish wool pullover in beige. As it wasn't snowing anymore I decided to help James a bit and clear some more of the snow. So I took my scarf, my black cord coat, gloves and my beige camel boots and went outside. It was cold as hell and it didn't work quite as good as I thought. Once more I cursed my useless leg and after three-quarters of an hour I gave up.
That was when James opened the window.
"What the heck are you doing, Greg?"
I sighed. "I tried to clear the snow..."
He shook his head. "Come's ready!"

And it was not only coffee - he also prepared french toast.
We had just finished our breakfast when we heard a SUV approaching. James raised his eyebrows. "The roads must be free by now...I'm sure this is your Vicodin...", and he hurried to change.
The SUV stopped at the cottage and a pretty, darkhaired woman hopped out. She approached the door and knocked. Who the fuck was that now?
I opened the door and raised an eyebrow. "Morn..."
She smiled at me and offered me her hand. "Good morning! You must be Gregory House?"
I shook her hand and nodded. "Erm...yes...Let me guess...Jethro Flanders told you!"
She laughed. "No, it was Finn, my brother!"
"Maaaaary!", I heard James from behind. "Hey! Come in!"
She beamed over my shoulder to James and I stepped aside to let her in.
Mary, a-ha....
"Why didn't you offer a cup of coffee to her?", James asked me.
"You know my manners are as bad as my bedside manners...She's a big girl and she's familiar with this cottage. I'm sure she can help herself!", I grunted.
I sat down at the kitchen table again and poured a coffee just for myself.
James shook his head but Mary already was on her way to the coffee-percolator, grabbed a mug out of the cupboard and helped herself.
She stopped at the table and handed me a bottle of Vicodin.
"This is for you", she smiled. "I'm the local doctor here."
I looked up to her and nodded.

She sat down on the sofa next to James and they started to talk about what happened to them in the meantime and I noticed she was flirting with him. Well, he didn't flirt back...but if you know James you know how he behaves when a woman flirts with him. He's all charming and this is only encouraging them. She touched his shoulder and his hand way too often.
After some gossip she turned to me - James was standing behind me pouring another coffee into my mug after he got some more for himself and Mary.
"So you're Jim's colleague at hospital. And if I remember everything he ever told me about you his best friend", she smiled.
I nodded. "And his..."
James secretly nudged my shoulder before I could continue. "...menace!", he finished my sentence.
I stared at him and watched him return to the sofa. "His menace...right", I muttered between my teeth. She smiled again and I could hear perfectly well what she whispered to James. (I always hear what I'm not supposed to hear.)
"He wouldn't like me to say that...but he's cute!"
James grinned and whispered back. "Cute, yes. Most would call him grumpy. I thought I was the only one who sees that..."
"As a matter of fact there are at least three persons in this village who see that", she giggled and I decided to leave them alone.
"I'll have a you don't have to whisper", I muttered, took my coat and my scarf again and off I was.

The moment I stepped into the deeper snow I knew it was a dumb idea, but I gritted my teeth and walked on. To my own surprise I even reached the lake.
When I hobbled back my leg hurt like hell and the car was still there.
I knocked and James opened the door. "Your menace is back", I hissed and squeezed past him.
"Ah, there you are again", Mary smiled at me. "I was just telling James that our father invites you two for dinner this evening. He's so glad Jim's around again and didn't want to miss the chance to talk to him. Finn and I will be there, too."
"Nice", I just said and disappeared into the bathroom in order to have a hot shower.

Afterwards I put on my clothes again, took the laptop and now I'm sitting in the bedroom writing this post.
Mary's still there, still flirting and my new mood now is still pissed, but also God, give me patience... I'm really hurt he didn't want me to tell I'm his husband.
And just to add something fluffy here, I'll show you a hokey pic so that you can imagine how it looks like here.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

I told her - you need to be more patient some times.

December 01, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

I know...
But what would you have thought?

December 01, 2006  
Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Perhaps the same ... You are right.

And don't say now: As always!

December 01, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

As most of the time..

December 02, 2006  

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