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Danby's birthday - Part II or Foreman's dark secrets

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I'm annoyed.
"Tell me some news" you say?
Well, I am and I have a damn good reason for it.
Cuddy imposed clinic duty on me once again.
Not the usual three hours, no.
8 - verbal eight - hours today!
The whole fucking day!
I don't know what I did to her and why the world hates me so much.

The day already started rotten. Okay, when I got up I was in a good mood - I don't know why. I just was good-humored, fetched new clothes, had a shower and when I was ready I heard James knocking on the bathroom door.
"Breakfast is ready, Greg!"
Awfully cheerful I shouted back. "Moooooooooorning, hun!"
I came out fully dressed and surrounded by the silly smell of strawberry shampoo and sat down at the breakfast table.
"Mmmmmh, breakfast sounds good to me! I could eat like a horse!"
James giggled and turned the pages of his newspaper. "So you want some pellets?", he asked.
"Pellets?", I replied. " I'd prefer some scrambled egg on toast or...your pancakes. But all I can see are pellets! These are cereals... Want me to eat healthy?"
I looked down on the cereals with disgust. "And don't look so decent behind your newspaper", I added then.
James looked up and grinned. "Aw, c'mon cereals are good for you!"
"They're not even candied", I griped and tried them. "Ukk! Tastes like cardboard!
Now...where's the real breakfast?"
James grinned, arose and opened the oven. "Scrambled eggs with bacon for you, Sir!", he bowed and I gasped with relief.
"I knew you couldn't be so cruel", I smiled and sniffed. "Hmmm...this smells gorgeous..." I glanced at the cereals again. "Are these cereals? Or is it really cardboard?"
James put the eggs on the table with his most innocent facial expression. "What do you think?" The corners of his mouth twitched and he started laughing.
I stared at him with disbelief. I then examined the 'cereals' closer. "This..." First I was lost for words and pouted. "This is so mean! You made me eat cardboard! You'll never talk me into eating healthy food if you scare me with such things..."
James sat down again and just snickered. "Sorry, but I just couldn't resist."
My mouth was slightly opened and I stared at him. "How long have you been awake tearing cardboard into cereal-size pieces, hm?"
He pretended to think about my question. "Stood up at 5 am, couldn't sleep any more. Someone played silk worm again", he winked at me. "So I prepared the breakfast."
"Plenty of time for preparing 'cereals'...and sorry for the silk worm", I mumbled and started to eat the eggs which were delicious. It's amazing how good he cooks. He can turn even scrambled eggs into a feast, believe me.
So I was conciliated with the rotten start into this day again and my good mood came back just to vanish when I turned up here.

But I don't want to bore you with all the things that tend to annoy me.
Do I hear someone breathing out with great relief?
Do I?
No, I'm not pissed off.
I'm just annoyed.
But you already knew that.

Right, I still have to tell my readers about the remains of the evening with Danby, his friends and relatives.
It was the Irish Pub on the main street we were heading to after having dinner and a cigar. Chase was not feeling too good and he already left our 'small' party, much to the despair of Foreman who was encouraged to stay with us.
We sat down on a round biiiiig table and I was the first to order a pint of Guinness. James contented himself with Cider and Foreman dared a half pint of Guinness.
I just leaned back and enjoyed James caressing my back for a while and had no intention to join the common babbling until James stopped petting me and got absorbed in some conversation. I sighed and odered a Snakebite and Foreman and me considered to order some pasta. (Yeah, after the us cormorants!)
We were talking to each other and happily munching our meals when I noticed Foreman's behavior slightly changed and he seemed to feel a bit uncomfortable.
I looked up and searched the pub for anyone we knew and didn't want to see but couldn't spot a single loony.
"Is everything okay, Foreman?", I asked nosily.
He shrugged and seemed to try to hide underneath the table.
"Okay...I suppose this was a 'no'", I smirked. "Will you show me who you are trying to avoid?"
Foreman leaned over to me and whispered "Do you remember I told you about that gardener who backbit I...we..."
"Ah!", I grinned and raised an eyebrow. "The one who said he went down on you!"
Foreman's cheeks darkened and I suppose this was a blush. "Psh! You are...unbelievable sometimes! Why not stand up and yell it through the pub?!", he hissed.
I shrugged and arose what made him grab my arm and pull me down to my chair again. "This was a rhetorical question, House!!!"
"Aw...I see... I would have done so if you wanted me to..."
Foreman nodded fiercly. "I believe you!"
I picked my pasta and gave Foreman a sideglance. "So...he's here?"
Foreman seemed to wish for Alice's shrinking juice and slowly nodded again. "Yes...over there. And he already saw me."
I looked 'over there' with a cursory glance and spotted a handsome man in his early thirties with blonde hair wearing a green jumper. He was talking to a darkhaired guy I recognized as PPTH's chief gardener. He was not too absorbed in his conversation and looked over to Foreman time and again.
With a cheeky look I smirked and waved to him what made him raise his eyebrows, smile and wave back to me.
"HOUSE!!!!!, Foreman hissed again and I'm sure if I wasn't his boss he'd smacked me.
"What?", I turned to him with an innocent look. "I just tried to be nice. I recognized him."
"You what? C'mon! You don't give a shit to the gardeners!"
"So you think I'm snobbish, hm?"
"No, I think you're a pain in the ass!", he angrily whispered to me and suddenly grinned. "But hey...he turned his attention to you now obviously."
I looked up from my meal and promptly met his eyes. "Fuck!", I mumbled and looked down the very same second.
Foreman snickered and took a hearty morsel of his pasta, apparently in a better mood now.
I peeped up again and he was still looking at me. "Noooooo", I moaned and pretended to be totally absorbed in my meal.
When Foreman looked up the next time he went pale if this is possible with him. "Oh...crap! He comes over to us!"
I closed my eyes for a second.
He reached our table and smiled down to us. "Hey, Eric", he then greeted Foreman.
"Hey, Darryl", Foreman replied with a not so happy smile.
"Long time no see", Darryl continued with a somewhat sad expression in his eyes.
Foreman shrugged and chose to say nothing at all.
Darryl then turned to me. " are Dr. Chase?"
I almost spat the piece of tenderloin back on my plate and coughed. "No!", I exclaimed and looked up to him. "I'm Dr. House."
"Oh, I'm sorry. Nice to meet you, Dr. House!" He offered me his hand which I ignored.
"Um...hello",I answered. "What on earth made you think I was Chase?"
He shrugged a bit. "Well...Chase is Foreman's new....boyfriend and you two sat there and talked to each I thought..."
"I am talking to many people", I gnarled.
"I'm sorry again. You just seemed to get along well..." He then turned to Foreman again. "Why did you do that to me, Eric?"
Foreman was obviously wishing for relocating powers. "Do what?"
"Run away! After we kissed and I told you I love you!"
I perked up my ears and grinned. So this was no rumor at all but the truth!
"You got scared!"
"And now you're with Dr. Robert Chase and not scared at all!"
"This is something different...."
"Is it?"
Foreman nodded helplessly and Darryl bobbed up. He took a deep breath and turned to me. "I'm glad you are not Dr. Chase!"
I grinned. "So am I! But why you?"
He eyed me from head to toe. "You are sexy!"
I pretended not to feel awkward. "Um...thanks..."
"Is he taken?", Darryl turned to Foreman and I wondered why he did not ask me.
"Yes. He is!", James suddenly caught the speaker's eye.
Now it was darryl's turn to blush. "Sorry. What a pity. then...have a nice evening."
We all three nodded and he went back to the darkhaired guy he was talking to before.
Two heads turned to Foreman again.
"So you broke his little heart, eh?", I smiled at him as sweet as sugar.
Forman watched his fingers for a while. "I...this was a year ago or so. I always thought he was flirting with me. I just talked to him and we ended up kissing on the backseat of his car. He told me he loved me and I ran away."
"Interesting", I nodded. "Why?"
"I didn't want people to think I'm gay!"
I couldn't help laughing. "Foreman! You are with Chase now!"
"This is something different! And please don't tell him! He'll kill me, I know that."
"Kill you? This was long before you and him..."
"Yes, but...just don't tell him, okay?"
I promised.

Okay...actually I didn't tell him, right?
I just wrote about it in my blog.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Sometimes you can be sooo mean!

January 31, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Eric Foreman said...

Thank you... -.-

January 31, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

I'm not mean.
Not at all.

De nada, Foreman.

January 31, 2007  

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