Thursday, January 04, 2007

Snotty noses, mumps and gastro-enteritis

Really exciting!
That's clinic duty.
Bores me to death.
And the patients annoy me.
I hate people.
They all lie and most of them try to pretend an illness just to get a few days off.

Sick children with their oh so scared parents were my business to be dealt with and I told every mom and dad that their child was going to die.
I couldn't tell them when.

There was this 8-year-old sitting in front of me on the table sniffing his snot back when Chase came in to borrow a pencil.
(Maybe he was hungry?)
I saw the boy was going to sneeze and backed out of the way. So the whole bogey hit Chase's labcoat and dangled from his collar.
"Guck!", I said. "This looks almost alive!"
"Shorry", the boy apologized to Chase and I fought down a mean chuckle.
Chase looked down at his collar with a nauseated expression on his face and was speechless.
I pointed at the yellow matter. "Better get out of here. See? It tries to creep down your collar. I don't want such monsters in this treatment room."
Slowly he looked up at me. Without a word he nodded and left the room.
That was my highlight of the day.

The rest was boredom at it's best. Except the fact that teenager who almost slit open my whole arm was here for a late excuse.


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