Tuesday, January 02, 2007

At work again and an unwelcome surprise

Mood: tired and already cranky
Weather: clear and around 45°F
Drinking: coffee
Eating: cereals with milk
Listening to: Here comes the rain again - The Eurythmics

Early morning at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.
I'm grumpy and just want my second cup of coffee in the morning.
But what happened?
I entered my office hectically followed by an oh so good-humored Granger. D'oh!

"Gooooooooood mooooooooooooooooorning, Dr. House!!! And a Happy New Year to you!", she exclaimed and I wasn't quick enough to escape, so she hugged me with oomph.
"Ugh", I just launched out until she freed me. "Yes...um...Happy New Year Miss Granger..."
I rearranged my sportscoat, slammed my backpack to the floor and sat down at my desk.
That was when I spotted the plant pot with trefoil.
I stared and pointed at it.
"What on earth is that?!"
Granger smiled at me. "Clover!"
"I'm not a bit dim. I know that it's clover. But why is it here?", I grunted.
She beamed. "To wish you a Happy New Year. It shall bring you luck."
"U-hu", I nodded. "But there's something wrong with it. Look at the leaves. They're folded."
Granger bent down and examined the trefoil. She carefully caressed it and smiled again. "No, there's nothing wrong with it. It's still asleep."
"Asleep, huh?" I asked with a quirk of my eyebrow.
Granger nodded. "Yes. Asleep. It's still dark outside but now you made light in your office so I'm sure it'll soon wake up and unfold it's leaves. And now I'll bring you your coffee."
She hurried out of the office to return with my red mug filled with black coffee and sugar. I took the mug and nodded a Thank You. Was she on drugs? So cheerful in the morning? After the week off she had? It almost seemed as if she missed us.

I sipped my coffee and flipped through the file Cuddy promised to await me but couldn't read anything 'cause I heard a yell from the 'doctor next door'.
I startled and looked up, then hobbled as fast as I could into Jim's office.
"Hun?", I asked opening the door. "Everything okay with you? Did you hurt yourself?"
He stared at me, shook his head, jumped up and grabbed my arm.
"What..., I began and was hauled out of the office.
"We have to talk to Cuddy!", he said between his teeth.
I was just hurled through the hallway and tried not to stumble with a more than puzzled expression on my face until we reached Cuddy's office.
He entered without knocking and trailed me behind him.
"CUDDY!", he yelled and she startled in addition to her surprise about our demeanor.
"Happy New Year Dr. House and Dr. Wilson!", she said calmly.
"Happy????", he cursed. "Happy??? How can a year be happy that starts like that???"
I looked puzzled from one to another and he pointed at me.
"See? And you didn't even bother to inform Greg about it!"
I opened my mouth to say something but was hushed by his index finger on my lips. "Sh, hun...I'm sure everything will be alright."
"If you are talking about Dr. Allenby", Cuddy began, "really everything is alright!"
"Allenby???", I exclaimed and stared at her. "What?"
Jim put his arm around my shoulder. "Yes...Allenby. He resumes work at 9 am today. Cuddy told me so by e-mail..." He glared at her and I looked blank.
Cuddy closed her eyes for a few seconds. "I can hand you a detailed account. He is said to be completely cured! And everyone deserves a second chance. He's a good doctor, you know that."
"He nearly raped Greg! He tried to kill me! He tried to kill Chase and he abducted Greg! And now you want us to work with him again???"
I still wasn't able to utter anything and just looked from one to another.
"He is completely cured!", Cuddy insisted. "And if there is the slightest suspicion he's up to it again he will be fired."
Jim made a fist and closed his eyes. "I don't think this will work", he said and hurled me out of the office again.
Trying to keep in step with him I stumbled behind him. "Could you stop this?", I asked.
He stopped short. "Huh?"
"You are hauling me all along the corridor", I complained. "Remember I'm crippled?"
Jim blushed slightly. "Sorry, dear", he mumbled and followed me into my office. "I'm just in such a rage. This is unbelievable!"
We sat down on my couch and stared into thin air a few minutes. Jim then held me close and kissed my forehead. "Please...don't wait too long if you think he behaves odd. Tell it at once, hun."
I nodded and snuggled to him. "Mhmmm...I'll do...want to stay a while and close the blinds?"
With gladness I saw he already grinned again. "I'd love to but have a patient now. I'll hark back to this later..."
I smiled at him. "Please do so!"
He left with a soft kiss and I tried to get it into my head that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was back. After a while I shrugged and thought of killing him slowly with an unverifiable poison if he ever dared touching me again.

I arose and returned to my desk. Sitting down I noticed the clover now was awake and smiled without wanting to. "Good morning", I thought and opened the file again.
The patient was a young man of 28 with hepatomegaly and ascites. He suffered from heavy vomiting and lethargy so that I thought of the rare Reye's syndrome. Hyperactive reflexes seemed to indicate stage two and I called Chase, Cameron and Foreman to my office and asked them to bring coffee.
No ten minutes later they arrived and Foreman poured the coffee.
I already scribbled on the whiteboard.
"Any ideas?", I asked and looked at them expectantly. "Reye-Johnson syndrome? Differential diagnosis please!"
"Hmmm...", Chase frowned, "headache, vomiting, confusion and drowsiness could be caused by a viral encephalitis..."
I nodded. "But no stiff neck so far."
"What about a drug overdose?", Cameron asked.
"Nope...", I answered shortly. "Head injury can also be precluded."
"Renal failure?", Foreman asked.
I looked through the file and shrugged. "No sign of IgA nephritis, glomerulonephritis, chronic pyelonephritis and urinary retention so far."
A collective sigh later everyone looked at the whiteboard again.
"Fine then!", I finally said. "Check if he has an upper respiratory tract infection or chicken pox!"
They left and I thought about the case.

Three cups of coffee later it was obvious it wasn't Reye-Johnson. We visited the patient and learned that he also suffered from severe upper abdominal pain and jaundice.
"Look for elevated liver enzymes", I told Chase as we left him. "Cameron, you check creatinine, urea, electrolytes, LDH. Foreman - CT and MRI."
Off they were and I'm now waiting for the results.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

I am still pissed about that what Cuddy did.

God, I will have to see him soon!

January 02, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Let's just ignore him...
Best way to handle this I think.
If he needs help he can communicate with us through Danby.

January 02, 2007  
Blogger Dr Robert Chase said...

Allenby is back?
Gawd, that can't be true!!!!
*holding his throat*

January 02, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Yes, we are ever so happy, hm?
Shouldn't we decorate his office with "Welcome back"-balloons?

January 03, 2007  

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