Saturday, December 30, 2006


Not Mel Gibson.

I told them I would wait until it's almost forgotten - but of course I didn't.
Just now they thought themselves safe - besides that they'll come over to our place at New Year's Eve. So they won't expect me to do them any harm.

Soooooo wrong, my "dears"!
Never ever mess with Gregory House MD!
It's messing with GOD!!!

(Erm...James just told me I had too much Vicodin today....)

Okay....I'll tell you what I did.
I was off duty today, so were James, Chase and Foreman.
I told James I wanted to have my revenge now and went to hospital, well knowing Chase was on duty tomorrow in the forenoon and Foreman had a neurologist's meeting.

On my way to hospital I bought a box of needles, a sewing kit and a 'fart cushion' that makes noises like a fart when you sit down on it.

Arriving at my office I grabbed the scissor and made my way to Chase's office.
I looked around if no one saw me enter and closed the door.
Then I took the scissor and carefully undid the seam of his leather chair until I was able to open the seating surface. I ripped off a piece of its' sponge the size of the seating surface, put the needles into it and then put it on the chair again.
It was a bit difficult to close it again, but I managed it as I can always do what I really want to do.
Afterwards I sewed it and was just a bit sad I wasn't there tomorrow morning to hear him sit down.

Highly satisfied I left his office and hobbled down the aisle until I reached the meeting room where Foreman had his little conference tomorrow.
There it was, his seat, easily to identify by his nameplate.
I treated his chair the same way as Chase's, but put no needles in it.
Foreman got the 'fart-cushion'.
It will be so embarassing when he sits down in front of all those neurologists!

YEAH! My day is great!


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Well, I HEARD Chase when he sat down on the chair ... let me say it seemed to be no comfyyyyyyyyyy chair at all.

Geez, I think I'll better come home now. I finished my paper work for today and I am off to see you now, buttercup.

December 31, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Oh pleeeeeeze come home now, hun!
I miss you!

December 31, 2006  

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