Friday, December 29, 2006

Presents and cheering again

Isn't that nice? Jim was so thoughtful to take a photograph of me lecturing today.
Just because I was so happy to make a speech today!
Canada was so wonderful and we just came back on Wednesday and yesterday evening I was already pissed off again. And it was James' fault! Why did he have to tell Cuddy I was a good lecturer? He even suggested I should speak at that congress.
He knows I hate being in public and I hate it to face so many people. I just knew there was something on his mind again. He's known as the ever so nice and caring Dr. Wilson but he can be so ill-minded!

The day started crappy and I was cranky the moment I woke up. James was really sweet and made his world famous pancakes to cheer me up but I remained grumpy and monosyllabic.
We drove to hospital and at my office there was already that friend of Dr. Marks, Ced, waiting. Why do they always hang around in my office? When I'm away, even the ducklings meet there!
"Hey, morning!", he grinned and looked as if he was high.
I just nodded, slammed my backpack to the ground and left the room again to get me some coffee. Ginger greeted me at the percolator and handed me my red mug with black coffee and sugar. I grunted and turned around, but she didn't seem to mind.
"I'm looking forward to your lecture", she said and smiled at me. "I'll be there!"
I glared at her a few seconds and went back to my office without a word.
Pity those who were in my way, they got better aquainted to my cane than they ever wanted to.
Ced was still sitting on the visitors' chair and smiled a bit dimwitted.
"What a pity you didn't hear Ed sing last night!", he beamed and I just gave him a bored glance.
"Really! He sang I feel pretty from Westside Story!"
I couldn't help the snort escaping my mouth. "I thought it was something by Duran Duran? He said so in his blog."
" was I feel pretty!"
I nodded and looked through the files on my desk. "Is there anything you want here?"
He shook his head. "No, I just wanted to say hello to you."
"Okay", I said. "You did so...Why don't you just leave now?"
Ced looked at me a bit surprised and arose from the chair. "Uh..okay...By then, cutie!"
I threw my 8ball at him but unfortunately missed his head.

The rest of the day was more than boring and I couldn't even spend my lunchbreak with James 'cause he had lunch with Debbie from the reception.
Her mother has cancer and she's always after Jim to ask him this and that. And I'm almost sure she fancies him!
That made me even more pissed off. So I had lunch with Chase and Foreman - Cameron's eyes followed us when we left and I think I heard a curse slipping out of her mouth.
When I came back a present was waiting for me on my desk. It was wrapped in pink paper with Snoppy and red glittery hearts on it and looked incredibly girlish.
The very moment I saw it I knew it was from James. I imagined him giggling his ass off wrapping the gift.

I was just beginning to unwrap it when he entered my office without knocking and locked the door. "Hey, darling!", he smiled and pointed at the gift.
"Didn't I choose just the right paper for you? I have a keen sense for your taste, eh?"
I looked up at him and tried to be grumpy but couldn't. He stood there before me with sparkling eyes and that incredible smile and made me smile, too.
"Yes, Mr. Wilson, very nice....", I grinned.
"I knew you'd like it, Dennis!", he nodded and sat down on the couch.
I continued unwrapping and was surprised to find perfume in it. It was Chanel's Egoiste and Calvin Klein's Eternity. I love them both but I think I prefer Eternity.
James drew the blinds and my thank you was a bit extended.
He kissed me fondly before he left. "Your lecture will be great, I know that!"
I just sighed and nodded. I didn't prepare anything and I didn't have the time to prepare something.

Shortly before 4 pm I went to the lecture hall and ran into Cuddy. (Okay, okay...I limped into Cuddy, right!)
"House! Where's your suit?!"
I looked down at me. "I'm dressed as usual. I didn't bring a suit."
She rolled her eyes towards heaven and shook her head. "God, House! You'll represent the PPTH today!"
I squeezed past her and pointed at her cleavage. "That will represent the PPTH. I think that's enough!"
She stood there speechless and then just followed me to the lecture hall.
I noticed many familiar faces from the last congress when I went up to the stage and saw James sitting in the first row smiling at me.
Cuddy introduced me and I began my speech.
Dr. Marks sat next to Ced a few rows behind James and was scribbling down notes as many others did, too. Ced blew a kiss to me and I chose to ignore him from now on.
Believe it or not - I was able to talk without intermezzos for about 15 minutes.
But suddenly an odd sound filled the room. James honked a stupid horn and clapped his hands.
"Yeah, Greggo!!! You rule!"
After some seconds of awkward silence roaring laughter filled the room and I went pink and hated me for this. James raised his thumbs and nodded encouragingly - I couldn't help sticking out my tongue at him and saw Cuddy burying her face in her hands.
The laughter ebbed away and I continued as if nothing ever happened. Dr. Marks looked like wetting his pants and there were many amused but interested faces.
10 minutes later after a very important sentence James honked the horn again and swung his well-known rattle.
"AWESOME! Goooooooo, Greggo, goooooo!!!"
Others were joining him and soon the hall was filled with "You rule!" and "Go, Greggo!"
God, I felt awful!
I stood still and stared at the audience when red Snoopy boxers flew to the stage and James raised a sign reading "You rule! Please have wild sex with me!"
Cuddy nearly fainted and I could just shake my head with disbelief, but the audience seemed to like that incident and the hall was roaring with laughter again. least my speech was memorable...
I took a deep breath and continued what silenced them.
The last 20 minutes passed without intermezzos again and when I finished there was frenetic applause and a teddy hit my head.
Tease!, I thought and pointed at James with my cane.
"You! Now! At my office!", I spoke into the microphone and left the stage taking the teddy and the boxers with as much dignity as I could gather.

Our discussion was very interesting and he promised me to make up for it this evening.
Well, I'm really looking forward to this.

After work we went shopping for New Year's Eve already and Chase asked if he could join us.
It was strange but fun and I enjoyed annoying him at the mall. Especially when I spotted Australian wine called Yellow Tail. God, I laughed my ass off. He was really not amused.
When we passed by the toys I stopped at the toy bikes and grabbed his arm.
"Will you buy me one? Pleeeeze?", I asked puppy-eyed.
You can't imagine his glance.
Gosh, I really had fun.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Well the teddy's name is funny ...

I think Bertie the rabbit and he will be having fun sitting on the sofa.

December 30, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

I bet they'll have!

December 30, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Edward J. Marks said...

I did not sing West Side Story!!! Ahh that stupid bastard!!!

December 30, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Well...I don't know. He told me so.

December 30, 2006  

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