Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas dinner with the Brunswicks - Part II

Haaaaah, James joined me in to hot bath and my mood is mile high.

But I stopped at the dinner, didn't I?
I was still giggling and snorting when we arrived at the mayor's house.
"Greeeeg - take a brace!", James said but smiled at me.
"Okaaaay", I said and tried hard. Finally I was able to pull myself up and we stepped out of the car.
When we approached the door James put his arm around my shoulders which made me feel bodacious. "I hope Finn will open the door", he whispered into my ear. "So he'll see again you belong to me!"
I grinned. "I have no objections to show them all the entire evening to whom I belong...."
James smiled at me fondly. "Well...why not? You're my husband, so I can kiss and cuddle you whenever I want!"
"Yes! And don't forget your voucher!", I smirked.
"How could I?", he sighed and placed a kiss on my cheek.
This was the moment Mary opened the door.
"Aaaaaw!", she exclaimed. "Sooooo sweet!" Then she hugged us both with one big hug. "Merry Christmas, Jim and Greg!"
Jim returned the hug and I just stood still. "Merry Christmas, Mary!", he said.
"Um...yes...Merry Christmas", I added.
"Was that too affectionate for you?", Mary winked at me and I just grunted.
James nudged my side and grinned. "Grumpy old man, hm?"
I stuck out my tongue at him and grinned. "Sorry. I'll try to behave..."
We entered the hallway and Mary took our coats.
"Sorry", I mumbled when I passed her by and followed Jim into the sitting room.
She just giggled and nodded. "He really has a handle on you..."
Yes, he has, I thought but prefered not to answer.

Finn hurried into the living room and waved to us. "I thought I heard the door bell. There you are. Whoohoo, you two look magnificent!" Then he took the few steps to us and beamed a "Merry Christmas!". "Merry Christmas, Finn", James said and was hugged by him. When he tried to hug me I offered him my hand. "Merry Christmas, Finn", I grinned.
I didn't think he'd ignore my hand - but he did and hugged me for ages. James frowned and I was released when Mr. Brunswick approached us and patted Jim's shoulder. "JIM! So good to see you again! Merry Christmas!"
I was horrorstricken when he nudged my shoulder and nearly pinned me to the wall by doing so. His pat on my shoulder almost nailed me into the ground and I leaned hard on my cane when I finally found the voice to reply and told him "Merry Christmas!"
"You made a wise decision, Jim!", Mr. Brunswick roared. "At first it was a bit strange to me, but your husband's a fetching guy and when I see you two together here...well...you seem to belong."
"Indeed you do", Mrs. Brunswick said, hugged us both and wished us a Merry Christmas. I felt a bit awkward but this vanished when James put his arm around my shoulders once again. Yes, I belong to him. And those were his friends so there was no reason to feel uncomfortable just because they showed they liked me.

Mrs. Brunswick handed everyone a glass of Sherry and we said Cheers! I could already smell that they had Single Malt but thought it would not be wise to tell James. He's always a bit irritated when he notices I smell pills and certain beverages. Then there was another gorgeous smell - the smell of great food.
Mrs. Brunswick guided us to the table and Finn's eyes followed me with a wistful look. Yes, he's nice and I think I really like him but I wasn't contented he sat down vis-à-vis to me. His glances annoy me after a while and I took Jim's hand when he sat down next to me.
James smiled and squeezed my hand slightly. "I love you", he formed with his lips and there it was again - my foolish and love dazed smile. He looked into my eyes, I leaned a bit forward and hoped he wouldn't resist.
Well, he didn't. The others were just sitting down when he bent forward and kissed me fondly. I sighed when we parted and felt everyone's eyes on us. "Right!", Mr. Brunswick said and poured the wine. Then he raised his glass and said "To our newly wed couple!"
We both blushed - but hey - they were right. We are relatively newly wed, although sometimes it seems to me as if I was with him much longer - just because we know each other for such a long time. And if I'm honest to myself I have to admit I love him for such a long time now.
"To our newly wed couple!", the others replied and everyone raised their glasses. I blushed, I'm not really good at such things.
Finn's chin rested on his hands and he looked at me with a weird expression. Then he turned to James and sighed. "You're so lucky! I'm happy for you."
James raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Yes, I am."

The dinner was wonderful and mustard-spices salmon filets were the entree. Mr. Brunswick drowned us in blue chips red wine and in the background the inevitable Christmas music was playing. But yes, I started to like this evening. I liked the Brunswicks and I was with my beloved husband. What more do I want?
Between entree and main course (Turkey! What else?) James and me stepped out of the balcony with a cigar and a glass of wine.
"You are so loveable", Jim sighed. "And they really enjoy your company and your conversation."
"Well", I grinned. "That's new to me. I'm not used to being liked. I'm sure it's because I'm here with you. You take out the best of me..."
I drew him close and rested my chin on his shoulder.
"Greg...you are loveable. But most of the time you are ever so busy hiding this from other people than me."
"No one except you needs to know me to the bone", I said and kissed his neck. James shivered slightly and in the background we heard All I want for Christmas is you.
"So true", Jim said and took my glass and my cigar away. Then he suddenly pinned me to the wall and kissed me full of passion.
I returned the kiss and felt the heat rise in me. "Hrrrrmmmmmmm", I purred and held him close. "James....", was everything I was able to whisper.
Jim's hands slid underneath my turtleneck jersey and under my shirt and I sighed when he touched my skin. I was about to forget my surroundings and pull him down with me when we heard someone clearing his throat.
It was Finn. "Hey there, you two...", he began and we stopped snogging but still held each other close. My heart was racing and I despereately wanted to be alone with him.
"Hey, Finn", Jim grinned and I just nodded.
We talked a while outside and Mary joined us, too, but we remained as we were - holding each other close. (And Jim's hands still underneath my jumper slightly caressing my skin and giving me heebie-jeebies.)
Mr. Brunswick stepped out to announce that the turkey was ready and we all came in again.

It was delicious! And the dessert, too. It was my favorite fudge cake!
The conversation was funny, nice and pleasant and there were loads of alcohol which caused us all to giggle and be silly. It was a long evening and we sat there talking until 3 am, giggling, laughing and having fun. I was surprised how easy that was for me and that they really seem to like me.

At about 3 am the others went to their rooms and James and me stayed at a guestroom with a sleeper. Mrs. Brunswick already prepared it and it was cosy and cuddly. We all had one over the eight and I was giggling when I fought with my pajama and tried to put it on.
Suddenly James embraced me from behind and slightly bit my neck. I sighed deeply and he whispered into my ear "No need to put them on...."
Of course I noticed he was naked and all over sudden I felt sober but...erm....well. You know what.
He softly guided me to the sleeper, we laid down and he removed my boxers with one smooth movement. He was on his way to turn me into that helpless bundle of passion again and I was already panting under his touches. I moaned when his warm body slid onto mine and for a while nothing else could be heared than the rustling of the sheets, kissing and hard breathing. I sighed deeply when he kissed my chest and licked my nipples. He looked up.
"And now I'd like to convert my voucher. I want to use my property!"
We looked into each other's eyes for quite a while and it felt like drowning in those amber depths. "Anytime you want", I whispered. "It said so on your voucher..."
"I want you so much", he whispered hoarsely and lifted my hips a bit.
I swallowed and was already burning. Why didn't he just take me? Why was he waiting and just looking at me? This was like torture and I could not bear this any longer.
"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze!", I said and gazed at him with widened pupils.
"Please what?", he smiled tenderly.
"Take me...", I moaned silently and as if he just had waited for this plea he made our bodies become one.
I moaned out loud and clutched my fingers to his shoulders. "Shhhhhh...", he said. "Maybe they'll hear us..."
I nodded with closed eyes but to be honest I didn't give a shit to that. I felt miles away, our bodies slowly moving together, his hands and lips touching my skin and making me melt into the blankets.
"I love you", he whispered close to my ear and sucked my earlobe.
"Aaaaaw", I launched out and tensed my muscles which made him scream with passion.
"YES!", he exclaimed and suddenly he himself didn't sem to care if anyone heard us.
He moved deep and slow and almost drove me mad.
"Quicker, pleeeeeeze", I was pleading and he fulfilled my wish with pleasure. He made me sigh, scream, moan and squirm and I just could not get enough of him.
I don't know how often we started the whole thing again and again and again and always shortly afterwards I moved again and said "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!"
"God, Greg!", Jim panted. "Are you some kind of aphrodisiac?"
My reply was grabbing his sweet little ass and whatever he wanted to say was swallowed by his moan.
It must have been around 6 am when suddenly there was a WHAMMMMMM!! and I noticed I was deeper to the ground than before. But it was around 7 am, when we laid there entangled in each other and trying to catch breath and Jim said "No! We ruined the sleeper! It totally broke down!"
I forced myself to stop snuggling to him and looked around.
"Rats! You're right!"

It was really funny how we tried to explain what happened when whe had a very late breakfast with the Brunswick family...


Blogger Dr. Edward J. Marks said...

OMG! You flippin broke the the sleeper!!! Hahahahaha! I remembered that happened once with me and Fayt but it was bunk bed XD

and...heebie-jeebies? Oh Dear Lord!

December 27, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Erm...that wasn't that funny.
We had to think of something really god and plausible to tell them!

December 27, 2006  
Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Well the night was funny ...

December 27, 2006  

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