Wednesday, December 20, 2006

James is not amused...

Mood: anxious
Drinking: coffee again
Listening to: Ginger Snaps Theme

I flutter.
I don't know what James thinks what I did.
I was here all through the night.
When they called me for the first time, I just sent him a message to his mobile telling him I'm here and that I'll be home later.
Well, I was. I came home around 1 am - Jim was sound asleep.
He looked so cute and cuddly, I didn't want to disturb him so I just laid down beside him and fell asleep.
Until my beeper woke me up again at about 2:30 am and I had to leave for PPTH once more.
I left a note at the kitchen table telling him not to be worried and I had to leave for hospital once again.
He now told me I should have phoned him and asked why I wasn't at home when he looked for me around 4 am in the morning. He says there is no short message and no note...I can't explain that to myself 'cause I know I sent the text and left the note.
Now he's pissed off and says no more to me than what is absolutely necessary.

I think I'll visit him at his office now.
I flutter,
I feel cuddly and
I love and
I need him.

And I'm sure we'll find my note when we come home this evening.
Gawd...I can't tell you what I feel like right now...
Maybe Jim understands when I just say Pleeeeeeeeeeeeze!


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

You want me to Be nice?

Fine ... first tell me where this lipstick on your collar is from. Looks like the same Stacy is wearing today.

December 20, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

You are kidding, aren't you?
You know she caught me under that damn mistletoe!

December 20, 2006  
Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

You didn't mention Stacy ...

Is there a reason for it? And she looked so pleased today.

December 20, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Edward J. Marks said...

Eh House you don't seem to be in a...good situation. *sighs* Oh and I may call you up tomorrow, or I may call Wil to check up on you guys. This will be some intresting phone call.

December 20, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Call me if you like.

And of course I told you. You just forgot about it.
Give me Trapanal if you don't believe me and ask me whatever you want.

December 21, 2006  

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