Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dinner with Ed and Fayt

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We'll be driving home in a few minutes and I can't wait to arrive.
I'm all cuddly and just want to fling myself on the sofa or curl up in bed joined by James.
I'll try my best not to annoy him on the way home...Let's see if I 'll stay the course.

Well, yesterday evening it was dinner with Dr. Marks and his better half at Bertha's in 734 S Broadway. We've been half an hour too late because I couldn't resist James. I just go mad when he stretches the way he did yesterday. He told you in his blog he accidentally brushed over my chest with his hip, didn't he? It was not his hip!
To say it with Robert Frost - Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back...
And guess what? James wasn't even pissed about being late. He seemed to really enjoy our delay. The only thing he did was asking me to dress up a bit 'cause Dr. Marks told us so.
So I put on black trousers, my black turtleneck, a black sportscoat and when we went off, I slipped into my black cord coat.
James of course couldn't help tieing - as nearly always.

We took a cab to the restaurant and during the drive James had his arm around my shoulder which really made me happy and proud.
"You look simply gorgeous", he whispered into my ear and I smiled. You can't imagine how good he looked.
When we arrived at the restaurant Dr. Marks and hisé already were sitting at the bar having a drink.
Marks waved to us when he spotted us at the entrance and we approached them. "Dr. House, Dr. Wilson...ehm ...Jim may I introduce you to my one and only, Fayt."
Both men were handsome and it seems as if Fayt is a bit older than Marks.
Jim nodded and smiled at Fayt. "Hello you can call me James, if you want to." They shook hands and I just said "Well and you can call me Greg."
"I am sorry for being late but we had to discuss something out", James apologized and I couldn't hide my broad grin at that lie.
"Yes we got a call from the PPTH and had to tell the youngsters how to solve a problem", I added and rolled my eyes.
"Oh, they can't solve their problems on their own?" Fayt replied and raised an eyebrow. "Ninnies" he snorted and I snickered. "Ninny-hammers!"

We just wanted to order a drink as well when the waitress guided us to our table. Marks, Edward, recommended crabs - they both did. So we decided to take them. Along the meal James and me ordered barrique and the other men seemed surprised we shared the same decanter. I just grinned, we said Cheers and it was impossible not to notice how nervous Edward was. The pocket of his sportscoat was slightly bulged and by the size and form I already knew what he was hiding there.
"Kst", I nudged Jim. "Look...", I whispered. James looked as I nodded to the bulge and grinned. I couldn't resist whistling the Wedding March and Edward blinked at me. "Pardon?"
"Ah", I smiled...."That just came to my mind." I looked at him as innocent as possible and he nodded after a short while.
Fayt asked us about PPTH and soon we were involved in a conversation, but I didn't forget Ed had that ring in his pocket and was on tenterhooks if we would be able to watch his proposal. From time to time they touched each others hand, snuggled shortly or beamed at each other.
Well...Jim and me beamed at one another, too, but that wasn't that revealing. And besides that when you're out with others you don't necessarily say "Heeeeeey, so great, we're a twosome, too!" So we just behaved quite normal but took our hands from time to time.
Fayt was too absorbed in the conversation to notice and Edward was too nervous to see anything else than what he had in mind for later this evening.
The first time Fayt examined us was when we talked about my speech, James put his arm around my shoulder and I nestled to him. He looked at Edward but said nothing. I still giggled when I thought of that rabbit thumping at my forehead.

The crabs, by the way, were excellent and I was a bit disappointed when I finished my meal. "Aaaaw", I sighed and James smiled at me tenderly. "What about a dessert?", he asked me. I looked up at him and saw the sparkles in his eyes which made my heart pound. "Eeerrrrr...if I order one now, will I get another one at the hotel?"
Jim took my hand. "Of course, with pleasure, darling!"
I smiled happily and ordered a hot chocolate and fudge cake with vanilla ice. James grinned and shook his head.
"Darling?", Fayt asked. "You're really close friends."
At that moment a guy with roses came around the tables in order to sell them to couples. Of course he omitted our table but Jim arose and approached him. I looked over my shoulder and stared. Would he really...?
He would.
He came back all smiles and went down on one knee handing me the rose. The whole restaurant was glancing at us - or at least I had the impression - when I took the rose with a slightly trembling hand and Jim said "For nothing this wide universe I call, Save thou, my rose; in it thou art my all." I was hypnotized by the deep brown depths of his eyes and let out a prolonged sigh. He arose, sat down beside me, took me into his arms and we kissed softly, no matter who looked at us. My heart seemed to slop over again and I wished desperatly to be at home with him.
"I love you", he whispered as our lips parted and the people around cheered and clapped their hands. I blushed deeply but kissed him again nevertheless. "I love you" I replied the moment my cake arrived. The waitress smiled at us and nodded.
Dizzy as I was I had to shake my head slightly and was then aware of Edward and Fayt staring at us.
"You", Edward began, " two are...."
"This is obvious now, honey!", Fayt said and grinned.
"I never thought about that! first I thought...could they? But then...there was a one in a billion chance I thought..."
"Yes", I smiled. "James is a real first prize."
I started to eat my cake and offered to share it with James who gladly accepted. My pleasured little noises almost drove him mad and I'm sure they reminded him of completely different things but cake.
Fayt spotted our rings. "Good Lord! Can this be true? Are you married?"
"Yes", James nodded. "We were married at Boston."
"Ah, hence you knew!", Edward exclaimed and I smirked.
" didn't ask why I knew, did you?"

Sorry, I'm off now. But I think I'll continue this. Or Edward or James will do so...dunno. Just let me tell you we got a bottle of champagne.


Anonymous James Wilson said...

I dont know if I will have the time - want to write my excuse down and tomorrow is Chanukkah ...

December 14, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Edward J. Marks said...

I'll finish it off ^^ I know what to day *blushes*

December 14, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...


Mr. Ed, I'm going to read this now.

December 15, 2006  

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