Sunday, December 31, 2006

Rosh Hashana James would probably say.
Or just
Happy New Year!!!

My revenge was successful as you might have read at James' blog. This meant that Cuddy phoned me early in the morning to ask me if I've been here yesterday.
Of course I negated but I'm almost sure she didn't believe me. Nevertheless she already wished me a Happy New Year and fun this evening.

Well...we'll see. James talked me into celebrating this evening with Foreman and Chase. Heck knows why the dickens they asked him. Chase promised to bring some crappy horror movies and Foreman phoned me five minutes ago to tell me he'll bring a Chase survival kit which means heaps of food.
I already bought a box of pencils and will hand it to him if he asks for munchies...

I was a bit annoyed James had to go to hospital to finish some oh so important bumf as I planned a nice start into the morning. But - alas - he arose, had a cup of coffee and off he was. So I snuggled his pillow instead and fell asleep again not to wake up until 1 pm. (Apart from being disturbed by Cuddy's phone call.)

So I prepared most for the evening, cleaned the flat (yes, I really did) and read my new copy of Calvin and Hobbes. And I feel like a lovesick teenager 'cause I miss Jim so much.
I'm glad he will be here soon. I'll just have a bath now and I think he's there when I'm ready.
I still don't know if I'm looking forward to the evening as I wanted to be alone with Jim but he convinced me in a very special and satisfying way to agree.

Okay, maybe it'll be nice.
Don't tell it anybody - but I like Foreman and Chase.As long as we don't have to watch faggy movies like the Buffy Musical, Maurice (yes! Chase wanted to see that today!) or The Secret Garden...

Post Scriptum: I am shocked! Stacy owns a blog now. You can find the URL at the sidebar.
Post Scriptum II: Cuddy phoned again. Next week there's Reye's syndrome waiting for me if she described the sypmtoms right.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

You were looking so cute my dear sleeping on the sofa at 1 am having a short nap ... and Chase was also way looking funny with the wooden pick in his mouth.

Pity you missed Edward ... Edward didnt recognize that Foreman fell asleep in the bathtube. Geez, he was so drunk.

I don't know how I managed to bring him to the sofa later ... but you were way too cute, hun' - and well what happend after we got into the bedroom - thanks for the perfect start into the new year.

I love you!

January 01, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Oh, I missed Ed?
Was he there?

I love you, James! Thank you for the perfect start inti 2007!

January 02, 2007  

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