Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Drudging again

Mood: irritated
Weather: clear, 40 °F
Eating: tangerines
Drinking: coffee of course
Listening to: I write sins not tragedies - Panic! at the Disco

I like that song!
One thing that brightens up that annoying morning.
Wednesdays suck!

Okay...I know I always choose the day we have right now to suck. But this Wednesday really sucks.
It started oh so pleasant somewhen around 5.30 am when James chose to wake me up in his own special way. He's in a good mood despite the fact Allenby's here again and prepared scrambled eggs with bacon for breakfast while I was trying to get back to here and now under the shower.
Dressed and trying to look as fresh as a dewdrop I sat down at the table and poured coffee for us which was amply rewarded by James with a kiss on my head.
"You are so cute in the mornings!"
I don't know why he always says that.
He says that regardless of the fact if I'm grumpy, tired, wrinkled with sleep or humming a tune.

I never feel cute in the mornings.
I never feel cute at all.
And you know why?
I am not cute, that's all.

James looked as neat as a pin and was humming Bones serving the eggs.
"You are so good-humored in the mornings. And cute! And spick and span."
He sipped his coffee and smiled at me. "Of course I am good-humored. I'm with you!"
I blushed and just beamed at him. Now I was definitely cheerful.
We left at half past seven. Isn't it atrocious how early he always wants to be at work?

When we arrived and signed in Debbie's beam was almost unbearable. You can tell me what you want - she has a crush on him. And she is not the only one. This should not bother me, I know. doesn't. No. Really. It doesn't bother me.
A new case was already waiting for me and later I'm in hell, id est clinic duty.
As I entered my office I was greeted by a biiiiig Starbucks Caramel Latte and a Reuben sandwich without pickles. Was that Granger doing a good deed again? How odd.
The clover was still asleep and I had no objections to curl up in bed again.
I forced myself to look through the file.
My new patient is a baby of 6 months. The little girl shows sypmtoms such as irritability, inexplicable crying, fevers, limb stiffness, seizures, feeding difficulties and vomiting. I don't know why this case wasn't passed to pediatrics.
But it's better than clinic duty and maybe it will be interesting. Who knows?

More about it later.
And root for me!
I don't want to meet Allenby!


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

So was is Ginger who bought you the coffee and the sandwich?

Why should she do such thing?

January 03, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

I think so.
She gave me the clover as well.

January 03, 2007  

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