Thursday, February 22, 2007

Back from LA

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We are back.
It's much colder here than in LA and it's clinic duty for me again.
Jim is moving around very carefully and Foreman seems to be plotting.
I should expect something, too, 'cause Furby was my idea...

Foreman was so pissed off at first.
He walked down from the stage with thin lips and narrowed eyes.
"House!", he hissed, "you promised!"
I looked up at him innocently. "I didn't do anything at all. This wasn't me - cross my heart!"
"Mhmmm", Foreman said and looked around the hall. "Strange that I can't spot anyone else then I could suspect of something like that!"
"Um..." I shifted on my chair uncomfortably. "The evildoer already left the hall..."
"The rats are leaving the sinking ship, huh?"
He sat down and leaned over to me. "And where did the 'evildoer' go then?"
I shrugged. "To the other congress taking place here, I suppose."
"Hah!", he exclaimed. "Now I know you are married to the delinquent!"
"Mnm...", I just answered and pretended to be absorbed in the next speech.
"Oh, I can imagine that! I have it right before my eyes! You sitting in your hotel room and pouting 'cause you had to promise not to do anything embarassing. Then James suddenly grinning and telling you he didn't promise anything at all!"
I kept my eyes on the next lecturer and did not reply.

Foreman picked at Furby's ear and watched the creature sitting on his knee now with closed eyes.
"Pfrrrrrrrrt...", he suddenly giggled and covered his mouth with his hand.
I gave him a side glance.
"Chrrrrmmmmmmm", he suppressed a crazy laughter again.
Suddenly he jumped up, left the hall and laughed his ass off outside.
I raised an eyebrow, then shrugged and took the advantage to leave, too, and join him in the lobby.
Foreman wiped tears off his face when I came out.
He was still chuckling. "You...", he began. "What have I done to deserve a boss like you?!"
I raised my shoulders. "Maybe you tortured little kittens when you were a child."
Foreman shook his head. "Nope. And Wilson sometimes isn't any better! You really have a bad influence on him."
He was still trying to catch breath.
"I think he was that way before we met", I insisted but Foreman just shook his head again.
"Wilson's so nice! And you tempt him to do such evil things..."
I grinned. "If you think so...."
Furby opened it's eyes again and moaned "Eriiiiiiiic".
Foreman stared at it and the corners of his mouth twitched.
"I'll bring that...thing up to my room now."

I nodded and turned around to go back into the lecture hall again, but the doors opened and the others swarmed out for an one-hour-break.
So I was heading for the restaurant and could already sniff the coffee when I heard "Greeeeeeeeg?" behind me.
It was that well known voice which always caused shivers of pleasure run down my spine and I turned around and smiled at James who waved and approached me.
He was followed by a bunch of female doctors who pretended to walk into the same direction by accident.
He put his arm around my shoulder and beamed at me.
"Was he pissed off?"
I pouted. "Of course he was. And you left me alone with him. He thought it was me..."
"Yupp", he grinned. "That's why I left!"
"You are mean..."
"Ah, c'mon...I'm sure he figured out by now it was me."
"Mhm...he did. But we still don't know who threw the bra."
The women were still around trying to catch his attention but he dragged me to the elevators.
"Having a break, too?", he smiled at me and I nodded.
"Yipp, one hour."
"I've only 45 minutes...but why not have a drink in our room?"
"Why not? Sounds good to me."

Disappointed the following flock watched us disappear into the elevator and I suppressed the urge to wave at them when the doors closed. James did not seem to notice anything and caressed my back on the way up to our room. I leaned against him and was looking forward to 45 minutes with him now.
We entered our room and I startled when Jim slammed the door. I turned to him and saw him lock it. Before I could ask anything he pushed me to the bed and I stumbled onto it.
"Hey!", I exclaimed and he bent over me switching on the hi-fi unit with one hand and then throwing away the remote control. Korn sang Coming undone while he looked deep into my eyes.
"God, babes...", he murmured. "You know you occupied my thoughts the whole time?"
I forgot to breathe and stared back into his eyes whilst he was removing my sportscoat and loosening his tie. "You should breathe again", he grinned and kissed me full of passion.
"Mmmmmmm", was the only thing I could reply feeling his hands everywhere.
"I never liked that shirt", he mumbled and tore it off. The buttons sprung around and he pulled his own shirt over his head unbuckling my belt one second later.
We got undressed in a split second I had the impression and became one so quick I just could gasp. "Jim!"
"Shhh", he said and began to move and bit my neck.
My fingers dug into his back and he turned me into that helpless lump again.

When I came back to here and now he almost immediately jumped up and dressed again. I wasn't able to speak and just stared at him with dilated eyes.
"Sorry, hun...I have to break is over."
With these words he was out of the room and left me there gazing at the ceiling trying to realize where I was. Somewhat dazed I finally got up and gathered my clothes. The shirt was totally destroyed and I fetched a new one feeling like walking on wobbly clouds.
Ever tried walking over a bouncing castle? Then you know how I felt.
Slowly I dressed again, took the key and left our room. I was still not really back in this world and sat down on my chair slightly insecure.
"Hey, House!", Foreman said and flung himself into the seat next to me.
I slowly turned my head and nodded.
He examined me. "God, House! You are high! I can't believe you used the break to swallow drugs!"
"I did not...", I began, but he cut me off with a wave of his hand.
"What have I done to deserve a boss like you?", he asked me again and shook his head. "Tell that someone else!"
I sighed and tried to concentrate on the lecture but could only think of James.

A broad smile appeared upon my face and I was looking forward to the evening.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Holy moly, Greg!

Yes ...drugs - so I do feel as well sometimes when you ... you ... aw, you know.

February 22, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Um...I don't know why he thought that...

February 22, 2007  

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