Sunday, February 18, 2007

California, here I come!

Not Sophie B. Hawkins.
Infact, Foreman and me.
In a narrow sense: California, here I am.
'cause actually I arrived here yesterday in the early evening.

It was a really crappy surprise to hear that Jim had to attend that congress and even lecture there. No way to chicken out of that and the thought of a week without him drove me insane.
Cuddy didn't seem to understand me when I phoned her and complained.
Of course not.
She knew I was invited to a congress there only one day later.
I just discarded the letter without reading it. I thought it was a plea from some doctor from LA for a consultation.
Thank God I did not tear the letter into pieces.

It was Thursday evening and Foreman was here because he was bored to death at home and missed Chase, I think. We both talked to Jim via MSN and he told me about the diagnostician's congress taking place there and wondered why I wasn't invited, too.
That was when I remembered that letter and dug it out of the dustbin again.
Okay...the ticket was a bit rumpled...but hey, I didn't know it was in it, right?

The sight of that letter drew a "SHIT!" from Foreman's lips.
"Huh?", I asked and raised an eyebrow.
He gestured to the letter. "That looks slightly familar...I discarded it, too.."
I grinned and read the letter included. "Yes...I think so...It says here you are lecturing on Monday...."
"I'm WHAT?!"
"Lecturing...on Monday", I chuckled and thought of all the things I could throw on the stage and yell.
Foreman arose from the chair. "Okay!", he raised his hands. "NO cheering and no plushies! No boxers or similar things!"
"Mnm", I pouted but my brain formed a new idea. Was a Furby a plushy? No. Not really. And if that Furby cheered when it flew to the stage it was nothing prohibited by Foreman.
"Happy days are here again", I sang and wrote to Jim that I'd arrive Friday evening.

The other day Foreman picked me up and we drove to the airport. I was grinning with anticipation when I thought of the Furby I bought the evening before and which was now stuffed deep into my bagpack.
"What are you thinking of?", asked Foreman. "I don't like that grin..."
"Aw!", I furrowed my brow. "That hurts!I am just looking forward to seeing James again!"
Well...that was no lie, I definitely was. My stomach turned and felt like filled with butterflies when I thought of meeting him. And besides that I was happy to have someone to torture during the long flight and distract me from my hurting leg that way. 7 hours and 30 minutes flight. This was almost inhuman! And a 30 minutes drive to the airport. I hate traveling.
Okay, actually I'd like it. With two good legs I'd love to travel.

I was still smiling when we checked in and embarked the plain.
Foreman contented himself with the seat on the aisle so I could look out of the window and watch the town getting smaller. For a while I looked at the clouds which resembled cotton candy, then leaned back in my seat and sighed. I missed Jim like hell. It did not feel like 'just' almost two days, it felt like two months or even two years. My stomach played rodeo when I thought of seeing him again within approximately 8 hours and I stretched out my leg and popped a pill.
Foreman was reading Time Magazine and I took the new Calvin and Hobbes out of my bagpack.
By doing so I lulled Foreman into a false sense of security. Okay...he gave me some distrustful side glances but leaned back after a quarter of an hour and read quite relaxed.
Half an hour later I lowered my comic and looked at him inquiringly.
"Are we there yet?"
He looked at me and frowned. "'s still about 7 hours until we're there..."
I sighed, shrugged and kept on reading.
45 minutes later I fought with the earphones an hit Foreman in his ribs with a very pointed elbow.
"Ouch!", he gasped and I smiled at him apologizingly. "Sorry...I want to watch the movie now..."
Snakes on a plane was not the best choice to watch during a flight, so I stuffed the earphones back to where I got them from and hit Foreman again.
"HEY!", he exclaimed slightly piqued at me.
"Sorryyyyyy", I apologized again puppy eyed.
Bored I thumped my cane to the ground time and again and concealed my smile when I noticed the annoyed glances Foreman shot to me.
I sighed deeply and turned to him. "Are we there yet?"
"House...", he began but then stopped and just shook his head.
With another sigh I leaned back and rubbed my thigh.
"Does it hurt?", he then asked and seemed concerned.
"It seldomly stops hurting. What a dumb question!"
My not-so-polite answer made Foreman snort and turn to Time Magazine again. I didn't care and dryswallowed two more Vicodin.
"You should not do that", he just remarked and I made a face at him.
Now that the pain was bearable I continued to annoy him with shifting in my seat, asking if we were there and stating I had to pee..
Only the food silenced me for half an hour, but afterwards I began again.
"Hallelujah!", he exclaimed and rolled his eyes towards heaven when the plain was in its final descent.
I just chuckled and looked out of the window.

My punishment was having to wait for Foreman's bag, I think, but half an hour later we sat in the taxi which brought us to the hotel. When we arrived I hurried out and left Foreman to pay the cab driver. My eyes rushed through the lobby but I couldn't spot Jim.
"Thanks for letting me pay!", Foreman gnarled and handed me my bagpack I left in the cab.
I nodded absentminded, "My pleasure...", and took my bag.
Where was he?
I made my way through the lobby and hit some people with my cane by accident.
"HEY! Can't you pay attention?", someone yelled followed by a "Oh...I'm sorry..", when he spotted my cane.

And then I met his eyes.
There he was, beaming and approching me.
My heart made a jump and I was heading for him.
Foreman was forgotten and I did not notice all the celebrity fans waiting for someone in the lobby. My eyes were fixed on him and then he was right in front of me.
"Hey", he whispered.
"Hey", I whispered back, unsure how to behave in the middle of that crowded lobby.
"Oh...". Jim sighed, grabbed my collar and drew me closer. "Come here, babes", he whispered.
(Yes, he calls me babes from time to time...)
I could not resist, grabbed his neck and kissed him passionately in front of all those people. My soul seemed to burst out of my chest and my heart hopped high and made my eyes slop over slightly.
When we parted we were both slightly panting and got back to here and now by a silent cough.
"Hey, Foreman!", Jim greeted him and they shook hands.
"Hello, Dr. Wilson!", Foreman said a bit awkward.
"Fine, enough of that polite stuff. I need a shower pretty soon and I am actually starving!", I muttered and shifted a bit.
"Good then. Check-in and we will go up and both of you can refresh then. Dinner at 8:15 pm though - booked a table in the Lobby Bistro and Lounge here", was Jim's reply and I beamed at him.
"You are my man!"
He grinned back to me. "Yes, I am".

When I checked in I think I broke the heart of the pretty young woman at the reception.
"You are going to share a room with Dr. Wilson, Dr. House?", she asked and smiled at me.
I nodded. "Yes, I am."
She looked into the book in front of her. "But you don't need to. We still have vacancies in spite of the congresses taking place here."
I smiled as sweet as chocolate. "But I want to share a room with my husband..."
She went pale. "Dr. Wilson?!" Her eyes flew to James.
I nodded again. "Yes, Dr. James Wilson."
"Oh...." she stammered. "I...I see....of course you do..."
Blushing she subscribed me there and nodded with a forced smile.

Foreman got a room the other floor and we made our way to our rooms.
My welcome was very warm and special and utterly enjoyable.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Utterly enjoyable ...well, right!

February 18, 2007  
Blogger Nyaar said...

hey, is nice to hear that you followed James to LA :3 It seems that you have a hard time with the news... :3

And... It's vicodine what I'm seeing on my mouse? Oh gawds... you're unnicany *giggles* Why does Wilson have Snoopy?? He should have a stripped tie... *more giggles*

February 19, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

James has such cute yammies...with snoopy on the pocket of his shirt...
That's why.

February 19, 2007  
Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

I love Snoopy that is all.

Gawd, ties ... everyone plays pranks because of the ties I am wearing.

February 20, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

They are sexy...

February 25, 2007  

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