Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

The day began pestilent.
All alone.
With dire pain in my leg.
With a puzzled mind.

I awoke in almost the same position I fell asleep yesterday and was rubbing the sleep out of my eyes mumbling Jim's name.
No response.
His side of our bed was already fairly cold and I assumed he'd gotten up early to read his newspaper and prepare breakfast. But there was none of the familiar sounds from the kitchen, no smell of coffee and no beautiful voice humming a tune.
I sat up.
I crawled out of bed with an effort and stumbled three times trying to reach my cane. "Fiiiiiine, crappy days are here again!", I thought and popped two pills. Then I limped into the kitchen and searched for a note.
So I decided to have a shower and do all that morning stuff and took my Honda to hospital which was not the wisest decision I made in my life. Feeling even more crappy and grumpy I started clinic duty.

The ridiculous Valentine's Day decoration made me even crankier and I shoved a few patients, doctors and nurses out of my way making heavy use of my cane.
"Yes. It's House. Yelling, swearing and complaining....the usual sounds accompanying your entrance to the clinic!", Cuddy sighed and rolled her eyes.
I just grunted something not really nice and made my way to exam room 5 where an obese patient was already awaiting me.
"My arm hurts", he whined instead of saying 'Good morning'. "It's my heart! I know it!", he then gasped and pointed at his chest.
I sat down in front of him and gave him a bored look. "It's your watch."
I nodded to his hand. "Your hand is almost blue. And your arm looks odd. You are too fat for your watch, therefore your arm hurts."

Believe me...the other patients weren't any better. One of them threw up and ruined my sneakers, one spat snot on my shirt and when I was done with the first three hourse I had to completely change my clothes.

Well...and then the most unpleasant part of the day began. You can read about it at Jim's blog. I'm so glad this is over...

We really prolonged our lunchbreak at the Italian restaurant and sneaked out early to celebrate that special day I hated all these years and suddenly loved. That celebration was prolonged, too, because we both felt so relieved and cuddly and everything.
James was having a shower and I stood at the wardrobe trying to choose something for the evening at the seafood restaurant when Jim's cell went off.
"Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim?", I called into the bathroom.
"Your cell!"
"Answer the call, hun!"

The person who called could just have heard the 'click' when I answered the phone. I couldn't say anything 'cause a voice roared into my ear.
"You are MAD!!!! How could you be so dumb??? Where was your brain, huh? I can't believe it!!!"
"", I managed to answer.
"Oh....Greg, it's you, darling!", the voice said with a warm smile implied.
"Yes, it's me, dear...I was so annoyed when I read about Jim's behavior...."
She read Jim's blog???
"Greg, dear, I hope he didn't upset you that much. I should spank him for that. He was acting like a stupid little boy."
"Um...actually I would have thought the same, I suppose...."
She did not listen to that and just got off her chest what she actually wanted to tell James and then said goodbye and almost immediately hung up.
I think she had some pills or something....

I told Jim about it who just stared at me with disbelief, took my too-manyeth Vicodin and off we are now.
A wonderful dinner is waiting for us.

A Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Still can't believe she is reading the blogs!

February 15, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Yes...this is somehow disturbing...

February 16, 2007  

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