Friday, February 02, 2007

The Fog

Mood: cranky
Weather: foggy
Drinking: coffee
Listening to: Sweet thing- Horse

Rachel, butthead and Sean spend a few days nearby and we went to visit them yesterday evening. They rented a cosy cottage amidst woods out of town, don't ask me why. All the same, they called us and told us they were here inviting us to dinner.
Well, I think butthead only wanted to invite James...but of course they asked us both to come.
Apart from the fact butthead was around and kept at trying to make me feel like an idiot the evening was fairly nice and pleasant. Rachel is a gorgeous cook - not as gorgeous as James, but it seems to run in the family - and prepared a more than delicious three-course meal. The dessert was warm chocolate cake with fudge...oooooohhhh....grrrreat!
Butthead was really annoyed by my pleasured little noises and I overdid basically because I wanted to. I love bugging butthead aka Simon and for what remained of that evening we shot cutting remarks at each other.
James chose to ignore that and just rolled his eyes to the ceiling from time to time or nudged my side.
"Greg!", he would hiss, "stop it!"
And I would always look at him with innocent puppy eyes. "Why, I didn't start this..."
"Yeah, but you don't do anything to stop it!"
"I just don't want to let him think he won", I would shrug and continue.
This went on until late but I think James and Rachel had a nice conversation though in which I took part from time to time (which was apart from the meal my pleasant part of the evening).

We spent the night there and left in the very early morning. Don't ask me why but James made me stand up at 5 am - he had a bunch of bumf he said and he wanted to finish it before we're off to Point Pleasant for the weekend.
I was cranky, as you can easily imagine.
"It's in the middle of the night!", I griped and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.
"It's early morning, dear."
"And no time for you to fool me with cardboard again...", I remembered him of the last time he arose at 5 am.
James grinned and nudged my shoulder. "I made good for it, didn't I?"
I couldn't help grinning broadly. " did..."
I watched him leave the bedroom and agonized over getting out of bed. My leg hurts like hell since yesterday and I secretly swallowed two Vicodin instead of one. Closing my eyes a few minutes I waited for the pain to vanish a bit and then began to pack our things.
Then I joined James in the bathroom and looked at my tired face in the mirror.
"Jim...this is unhuman", I complained again and brushed my teeth.
"Wait until you had your first coffee", he smiled at me and kissed my cheek. "And please shave."
He left the bathroom and I heard him rummaging in the kitchen, obviously percolating coffee.

After showering I felt a bit more like a human being and put on my clothes still a bit cranky. It was fairly difficult this morning to get into my jeans. I hate such days, really, they already piss me off in the early morning. Finally I managed it and forced a grim smile on my face. "There you go", I mumbled to myself and limped into the kitchen where a steaming cup of coffee, toast and James were awaiting me.
"'re so cute in the mornings!", he beamed at me.
I grunted something unintelligible and sat down next to him. The coffee helped to lift my spirits a bit and a third Vicodin served as a little friend, too.
"Would shit hit the fan if we'd show up a bit later at PPTH?", I then asked him.
"Nooooooo", he smiled again and I always wonder how he manages to bear my grumpiness and keep smiling. "But we would have to stay least me. I told you I have a lot to do today. And don't you want to start for Point Pleasant as early as possible this afternoon?"
I looked into my mug and just nodded. I could see my face in there and noticed I didn't shave. I just forgot about it.
Of course I was reminded. "And after breakfast you'll go back to the bathroom. You know why...."
I just rolled my eyes and toddled off as good as gold.

It was a quarter to six when we left and it was awfully foggy outside. You couldn't really see your hand in front of your face.
James drove slowly and concentrated hard and the whole drive reminded me of that weird movie - Dead End. Okay, it's not foggy there but dark and the woods don't seem to end. Add the fog and you have our morning. You could hardly see the street, everything seemed unreal and blurred and the whole morning mirrored my inner feelings.
I knew it was clinic duty again for me today, I was slightly pissed, tired, my leg still hurt so much it was abhorrent and I was just grumpy. So I chose to be silent all the way not to bother James and just listened to the CD James dug out of my collection - something by Ronan Hardiman.
This one was the perfect soundtrack for the fog today:

And it perfectly displayed my mood somehow which only changed when I fell asleep in the car. James gave me sideglances from time to time but really had to concentrate on the street.
Suddenly he stopped, leaned over to me and kissed me deeply.
"God,'re way too cute when you just sit there in silence and look out of the window...."
I didn't object to that 'cause I enjoyed the kiss too much.

With a broad grin I swallowed another Vicodin and planned to make everyone else's day rotten at PPTH and was sure I'd be in a good mood afterwards.


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I like the music, hun'

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