Monday, March 05, 2007

Atoning for my sins

Mood: crappy and upset
Weather: dunno...full moon!
Listening to: Holding back the years - Simply Red

Such a crappy weekend!
As if someone yelled 'Repent!!!' out of the clouds and pointed at me.
Okay, okay...I know I overdid with Foreman and Chase.
No need to remind me of that.
But do I deserve what I got that weekend?
The answer is NO!
A very definite 'no'.

It all started this week after that evening with Chase and Foreman.
Cuddy's Spring Festival...doesn't that sound nice?
It sounds like drinks, cigarettes, cigars, torturing fellow doctors...

It actually began with drinks, cigarettes, a Cohiba and torturing Danby.
So far it was the beginning of a perfect evening.
No, I won't write about the disastrous rest of that evening.
Foreman told me he wanted to tell the world.
And his laugh was an evil snigger.
Reminded me of Chucky.
Well...I hope he just does not dare.

James made me forget that embarassing moment and Sunday morning my mood was better again. I woke up and looked at Jim's sleeping figure with a fond smile. He had been very sweet, indeed, trying to make me forget that dreadful evening.
Although he got embarassed, too.
But it was me who made a complete fool of himself by all that begging and...being...fluffy.
Well, I told you he made me forget about it.
So I hopped out of bed, had a shower and decided to prepare breakfast.
I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my hips.
One glance into the bedroom showed me that Jim was still fast asleep and I tiptoed into the kitchen to percolate coffee.
I got the pan out of the cupboard and looked out of the window - the morning newspaper did just arrive.
So I went to fetch it.
And that proved my undoing...
The door swung close behind me, the towel got stuck in it and I was outside.
Outside on the steps.
No towel anymore.
Door closed.

Of course this was embarassing.
At first I did not realize what just happened.
And when I did I went crimson and knocked hysterically at the door.
"Moses!", I thought. "No! Noooooo! NO! FUCK!!!"
No, James did not awake then.
Further hysterical knocking.
"God almighty, pleeeeeeeeeze!"
I rang the bell several times.
No effect on anything or anyone.

So...what to do now?
I tried the window, but it was closed. (Of course.)
"Fuck!", I cussed and knocked at the window.
Jim was still sound asleep.
I took a handful of tiny stones and threw them against the window.
More than once!
Not very successful though.
"Please, God...or Goddess or whatever...if you're up there..."

It was my luck I got up early...not many people were around.
But our elderly neighbor saw me and her eyes nearly popped out.
I still hope she now thinks it was a nightmare or something.
The second one who saw me was the milkman.
He whistled through his teeth and grinned.
"Alluring...but I'd rather be payed with money..."
I decided to answer nothing at all.
Third person was the man who brings the newspaper on his way back.
He stopped and shook his head.
"I didn't think he was so mean...Brawls are no reason to do things like that to your husband..."
"He didn't...", I began, but off he was.

After those little episodes I rang the doorbell frantically and knocked at the door the same time.
It took 10 minutes for James to hear the doorbell and open the door....


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

I am sorry that it took me so long to open the door, Greg.

Really sorry I am ...

March 08, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Oh dear...It was not your fault.

March 11, 2007  

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