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No, I am not dead.
Of course not - I wrote the last entry, didn't I?
Jim told me though I almost died and had to be brought back...Well, I suppose that was the moment I suddenly found myself standing behind him in the sitting room.
What do they say in this song? The journey home is never too long - the heart arrives before the train. Seems to be true.

In the meantime I almost died again. This time of boredom and annoyance.
Do you still remember Dr.F? Tenacious M? Yes? Do you? He's not dead, either. No, I just chose not to write about him. When I lay in my sickbed he pestered me every single rotten day with his visits - horrible!
Foreman thought this was awfully funny...The grin did not leave his face and I wished I could wipe it off with a wire scratch brush. "So nice. I never expected any other doctor to be so interested in your wellbeing..."
I used to just glare at him and he left with that annoying grin still on his face.
You might have read in Jim's blog that I was quite a crucible for the nurses and doctors and they all were relieved and applauded when I left the PPTH.

Um...and he wrote about that little...incident with those posters, I assume. It was my last day there and I thought I could not bear it any longer. I desperately wanted to leave and maybe you know how long such hours until tomorrow can be when you really, really, really look forward to something. Foreman told me I was like a child waiting for Christmas Day, just much more annoying.
I tried to distract myself with Calvin & Hobbes and some Gary Larson comics - to no avail. I then went to visit Coma Guy and watched Napoleon Dynamite there. That was when my sick mind formed this idea...
So I snuck into Cuddy's office after she left the building and made a bunch of posters there. Afterwards I peeked out and checked if the hallway was safe, tiptoed back to my room and started to plaster the walls with "Vote for Wilson" posters. Believe me, I laughed my ass off while doing so...I really cried tears of silent laughter.
James was only slightly pissed off because of that and took me out of there nevertheless. I didn't even torture him with are-we-there-yets on our way to Point Pleasant 'cause I fell asleep immediately in the car. I only awoke because of a soft touch on my shoulder.
"Greg?", a tender voice asked me.
I slowly opened my eyes. "Mmmmmm?"
"We are there", Jim smiled and kissed my temple.
"Oh..." I stretched and rubbed my eyes and was not aware of the fact Jim already brought our stuff into the house. So the trunk was empty when I went around the car to fetch my bag.
Jim shortly embraced me from behind and kissed my neck. "Everything's in the house - except the most important thing of all....My husband."
I looked over my shoulder and beamed at him. Sometimes I still can't believe it. How can I be so lucky?
Jim took my hand and we went inside. "I prepared everything for you this week. I hope you'll feel well here, my love."
"Of course I will", I replied. "I'm out of the PPTH, far away from annoying doctors and half-assed nurses, in our house and with you!"
I was so determined to spend a nice evening with him but slept until the next morning instead of having a short nap.
Yes, I slept quite a lot the first days and had no time to become bored or a nag or a bored nag. Jim even thought of bringing my laptop there, a bunch of books and some issues of Calvin & Hobbes.

When I began to feel better and we started to have some short walks at the beach the sick minded ideas returned. One evening when James was already asleep I surfed the internet for gay sex stores.
No, not for me!
Jim and me were invited to a party by Chase and I was sure to meet Foreman there, too. Of course! So I ordered some weird stuff in his name and had it delivered to Chase's appartment - COD. I was damn sure Chase would pay when he saw it was Foreman's order. And hallelujah, he did!

We went to his party and everyone was all smiles and awfully nice, something that was really new to me. Isn't it a strange convention to be nice to people you actually hate just because they almost died? I'd never do that...
Foreman greeted me with a more forced smile.
"House! So nice to see you again!"
Chase joined him and just nodded with an equally forced on smile. "Really nice!", he grunted and I smiled innocently.
Jim frowned and looked from Foreman to Chase to me and back again. "Uh....good evening and thanks for the invitation", he then friendly smiled.
"Oh, it is always a pleasure to have you around", Foreman answered and looked at me then with narrowed eyes.
"Did I miss something?", I asked with big blue puppy eyes.
Foreman's smile now resembled more a snarl. "I don't know?"
Jim began to become upset. "Could you please explain what you mean? Gregory wasn't even in the hospital the last week! I don't know what you are alluding to!" He put his arm around my waist and I was deeply stirred by his protection.
Chase just glared at me but Foreman replied with clenched teeth. "Someone - and I do not look at anyone here - ordered some very weird and strange stuff in my name at a sex store....It was delivered here. COD! And Chase payed for it!"
Jim stiffened a bit first but I was almost sure I heard him chuckle silently after a few seconds. "Really?", he and me asked simultaneously.
"Really!", Foreman grunted.
I smiled my most polite smile. "And was it useful?"
A snort was Chase's answer. "We have no idea how this stuff should be used. We do not even know what it is!"
"I wonder who does such things...", I said and rubbed my chin deep in thoughts.
"Hah!", Foreman just exclaimed and turned away to get himself a drink.
Chase followed him and Jim began to laugh.
"Greg! What have you done?"
I lifted my shoulders. "Nothing?"
He nudged my side. "C'mon, I know this was you...."
"Ouch!", I exclaimed and saw some stars sparkle behind my closed lids.
"Oh....ooooh...Greg...hunny....darling....I'm so sorry..."
I waved that aside. "I'm fine....I'm fine..."
Jim kissed my cheek. "I'm such an idiot..."
"Really, I'm fine..."
We sat down next to the table with the beer, wine and other nice beverages and I griped because Jim did not allow me to drink alcohol. " are still recovering! And think of your pills!"
Pouting was of no use at all and I had to content myself with ginger ale, sodas and coke. And because time flies when you are having fun I decided one hour later I did not want to stay any longer.
"Can we go home, Jim? Please?"
Jim looked at me concerned. "Are you not feeling well, dear?"
"Just a bit tired..."
He nodded and smiled at me. "Sure, darling. let's go home."

Home meant back to Point Pleasant where I immediately changed into my red pjs and dropped to the couch. Jim joined me there and I spread out my arms. "Awww, dear", he sighed and embraced me fondly. We held each other close and I pulled him down with me. Soon we found ourselves kissing each other deeply not wearing our shirts anymore. I was caressing Jim's back and already moaning with anticipation when he suddenly pulled back.
"Greg, we can't do that."
I stared at him. "Pardon?!"
"We can't do that. Your wounds, dear."
"I don't give a shit to my wounds", I mumbled.
"But I do! I care a lot, you know?"
I tried my beaten-puppy-look.
"No, Greg!"
"Stop that...."
"Pleeeeeeeeeze", I begged with my most pleading look.
To no avail. It was horrible.

And it still is! No sex since weeks! Just because of my damned wounds! I am sure I won't be hurt, but Jim insists it is too early although I can see that he really longs know what. Amazing will power....really.
This feels like cold turkey! And I am a grumpy asshole because of that, I have to admit. (Speaking of assholes....I had a get-well-present delivered here...It was a t-shirt reading "Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you're an asshole!" Thank you, Foreman!!)
To distract myself I had something done to his car when he had to bring it to the garage. The turn signal did not work anymore, that was all. Well, I decided to play a little prank on him and...why not pimp his boring and slightly square car a bit?
He did not know about this Pimp my ride when he got the car back and did not find out about it until we drove back to Plainsboro yesterday...
He has to resume work this Monday again, pity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you really think that it is a pity for him?

July 24, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Yes, I thought so...

July 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps he was lucky being no longer around you all the time?

July 25, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Do you really think so?

July 25, 2007  
Anonymous Waaaho said...

I'd like to hang out with you when you get bored.

Those pranks of yours sound endlessly fun.

July 28, 2007  

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