Monday, July 30, 2007

Tuesday night

Tuesday night made up for all the crap since Saturday evening - really.
Jim already told you about the horrible day we had.
It was more than crappy.
That's what it will be called now. The-day-that-must-not-be-spoken-of.

I was more than glad when James broke our silence - by accident or not, I was glad. What followed was the worst brawl we ever had and I suppose our abominable mood had much to do with the lack of sex in the last weeks. Since we've been together, we had no such time and are really not used to this.
Well, yes, we had cuddling and kissing....but always when it started to become ... more, Jim pulled away and reminded me of my wounds. I know that he was right - sure. But it was so frustrating and I bit the pillow more than once while Jim had several cold showers.
So I was glad he broke the silence that special Tuesday. That day when I received a letter from Dr. Featherstonhaugh. A letter that made me smile from one ear to the other.
But I should tell you about this later.

We've been to that wonderful restaurant Tuesday evening and at first I got really scared because I thought the appointment he cancelled there had been a date.
Yes, sometimes I am silly like that and I know that I am jealous.
How different was the way back compared to the way to the restaurant! James was slightly tipsy, but that was not the only difference. The self-imposed ice was broken and we leaned there to each other and held our hands not caring what the cab driver would think or not.
I could not wait to arrive at our appartment and James seemed to feel the same. His hand wandered up my neck, caressed it and then pulled me close into a long, slow and tender kiss that completely swept me from my feet. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmh", I just moaned an wrapped both arms around him. The kiss seemed endless and the cab driver had to clear his throat several times.
Some hemming. "Sirs!"
We slowly pulled away from each other, watched the other one's lips slightly dizzy-headed and then looked at the hackie.
" are at home..."
"Oh...", we both said. Jim nodded slowly and paid him while I already got out of the car and awaited him at the door. I heard the cabby wish us a nice evening and watched James approaching me as the cab left. Unable to move I just looked at him. My knees felt like jelly and all I wanted was another kiss and dissolving into his arms to experience some more wonderful things I missed for a long time.
He stopped a few inches away from me and pulled me into another kiss which almost made me keel over. It took a while until I realized that the source of the distant, deep-throated purring was me.
When I opened my eyes again I looked into darkened and dilated brown ones.
"I think....I...I....I think we better go in now", James stammered and squeezed past me to unlock the door.

We both entered our appartment and managed not to pounce on each other immediately in the hallway.
I took a deep breath, watered the roses and lit some candles in the bedroom (yes, I had something in mind) while Jim rummaged in the kitchen until I heard the popp of the champagne bottle.
"Baaaaaabes?", he called. "Where aaare you?"
I smiled. "Heeeere!"
I stuffed away my sportscoat and turned around when I heard Jim step in.
"Oh...", he said and looked around. He then offered me a glass of champagne. "Darling..."
I thanked him and took it out of his hand. We both shivered a bit when our fingers touched for some seconds and had to grin.
"Phew...whow...", Jim smiled and I just took another deep breath. After clicking glasses and taking a first sip we both sat down on our bed. Jim did not appear that tipsy now and we both began "I am glad..."
We looked at each other and laughed lightly. "You first", Jim gestured.
I sighed. "I just wanted to tell you that I am glad this silence is over. And I am sorry for being that stubborn."
James smiled at me. "I wanted to tell you exactly the same."
He took my glass and put it on his nightstand together with his own. "It seems as if I had to wait for that forever", he then whispered (which really made me gulp), took me by my collar and looked deeply into my eyes.

I could not stand this any longer, pushed him back into the mattress and began to cover his face with kisses before I found his lips, parted them with my tongue and kissed him deeply and with quickly growing passion. My hands found their way underneath his shirt and before I was aware I took it off I already realized that Jim had removed mine. His bare chest looked more than inviting, the skin so soft and the candlelight wrapped him into a warm glow.
I sighed, bent down and kissed my way down from his throat to his belly.
Jim uttered a deep moan and arched slightly which made me swallow hard (and hardened other parts of me even more...). He grabbed my hair and drew me back up to him. The bulge in my trousers met his and we both gasped, moaned and clung to each other.
I heard Jim breathing heavily into my ear and I knew that I surely sounded the same.
" God...", James stammered and lifted my head by the chin to look into my eyes again.
"So beautiful...", he whispered and the warm and wanting look in his eyes made me shiver once more. He then sighed deeply, rubbed his forehead and cursed under his breath. "Dammit!"
I was puzzled and raised an eyebrow. "Hum?"
Jim wrung his hands. "Dammit!!!", he repeated. "Your know that it would not be wise to..."
"Shhhh", I smiled and put my finger on his lips. "I got a letter today..."
Now it was Jim's turn to look puzzled. "A letter? So.....what?"
My smile turned into a broad mixture of a grin and a leer. "A letter from Dr. Featherstonhaugh telling me I can do whatever I want to now. Whatever I want to..."
James stared at me for some seconds, then blinked and growled a deep-throated "Ooooooooooh YESSSSSS!" to grab my shoulders and throw me on my back.
"Whoooooh!", I was just able to rejoice before he ripped off the last of our clothes, parted my legs and made us become one with one hard and deep movement.
My eyes popped wide open, we both gasped and stared at each other. Shaking like leaves we clung to the other one's shoulders and Jim bent down to kiss me deep and tenderly. "God...I missed you...", he said in a trembling voice - I could just nod slowly. He kissed me once again - more demanding now and I was already about to scream when he started to move.
"This.Won't.Last.For.Long", Jim stammered and I perfectly knew what he meant.
And he was right.
We both came after four or five strokes still wanting more.
"I told you....", Jim began.
"U-huuuuuh", I moaned, embraced him with my legs and started to move again.
Jim growled, moaned and bent down to kiss and bite my neck. I was moaning his name and caressed his sides feeling love-dazed and wanting him so much I almost feared to go mad.
He made me sigh deeply, moved slow and tender and made several shivers run down my spine. My sighs turned into moans and the moans into screams, the screams into a final yell of lust.
Just to begin once again with making me sigh.

This lasted for hours - and it did not just feel like hours, no. It was beginning to dawn when we snuggled to each other finally and fell asleep.
"I love you, my wonderful husband", was the last thing Jim said to me that night. My answer was snuggling even closer and sighing deeply.

That night washed away all the unpleasant thoughts and fears and all the crap we went through the last weeks. It was more than wonderful. But I guess you already noticed that.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Thanks for the warning sign - this was necessary ... but I have to tell you here as well that this might bring you more readers, darling - warnings most of the time do attract people to read such stuff ... your blog will be flooded!

Haha ... but hey - after that video nothing can shock us, right ;) ?!

August 31, 2007  

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