Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Back at my office

Mood: nervous
Drinking: yet another black coffee with sweetener (still no one replaced the sugar)
Eating: nothing - just gnawing my lower lip

Whoooooohooooo, I'm nervous.
Gaaawd, Jim's pissed.
I think he's hopping mad and I'm the cause of this (once again).

But be honest - what would you have thought?
Maybe he just should try to walk a while in my shoes.

You wouldn't imagine how fast I limped back here. People gave me odd side glances because I was in such a hurry.
Well, I must have been a sight for the gods...packed with laptop, files and my bag limping at a fast pace with my coat blowing behind me.

I just threw everything on my sofa here and am still trying to catch breath. I'm supposed to show up at his office now...
I'll better go.


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