Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Strange way to apologize

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Strange, Monday was okay. Normally the week starts rotten, but it was really okay and Jim and me laughed our asses off because of Chase.
Foreman wasn't in the mood for laughing and I had to comfort him after we overheard the conversation between Chase and Jim.
It was a genuine stroke of genius when Jim decided to put depilatory cream into Chase's shower gel. Who thought he could be that mean? I'm still giggling when I think of it. I hope I don't have a bad influence on him...
Bloody hell! is still ringing in my ears and makes me laugh everytime I think of it. Isn't he sweet? He adamantly defends me.
Well, I'd do the very same.

I got a new case today - the guy is 38 and suffers from recurring urinary tract infections, hematuria (maybe due to the infections) and high blood pressure.
I already got something on my mind, but we'll have to check some other things before testing gets started. I want to know if he has aneurysms in his brain, somewhat abnormal heart valves and maybe diverticulosis. Would make things much easier.
Foreman and Cameron are checking this right now and I have not the slightest clue what Chase is doing.

He tried to offer an excuse to me yesterday, but failed to do so. Today he first avoided me and when I saw him I couldn't fight down the giggle which wanted to escape my mouth - it was too funny to think of the shower he had yesterday evening.

I was having a coffee and reading the file I mentioned above, when there was a hesitant knock at my door. I had the blends closed, so I didn't know who was outside - but of course I had a clue. Trying to put on an earnest expression I said "Come in!"
Chase entered my office and approached my desk. I didn't look up and pretended to be absorbed in the file.
I looked up. "Hm?"
He clenched his hands and looked out of my window. "I...er...."
I sighed impatiently. "You what?"
Chase put his right hand in his neck and watched the ceiling. "I wanted to apologize..."
"Interesting...I thought you totally forgot about what you told me..."
He stepped behind me, opened the window and took a deep breath of cold November air.
I didn't turn to him and kept at reading the file.
After a while I heard that he closed the window again. He was still behind me and began to speak.
"Look...I....I didn't know what I said. I just wanted to annoy you..."
"Well done", I replied dryly and didn't want him to get off lightly.
He sighed and I wished he'd walk around the desk again. But he stood there and didn't seem to move.
I turned over another side and marked a few words when he suddenly began to amass my shoulders.
I grinned. "Well....if that's your apology I'll surely find some more misdeeds you have to make up for..." The truth was I felt quite uncomfortable, but thought that was silly.
"I'm really sorry", he continued. "I don't know how to make up for this..."
I pointed at my shoulderblade with my thumb. "Try it there."
So he carried on with kneading my shoulders and his thumbs pressed my shoulderblades.
I continued reading the file and sipped my coffee.
First I didn't notice the slight change and felt safe asking him for a Reuben sandwich. "Mhmmmm", he said, "of course. But afterwards."
I nodded. "Just go on..."
Then I noticed what had changed. This was no massage anymore. Sure enough he was caressing my shoulders and my neck.
"Okay!", I said. "The show is over. Stop this now."
His fingers ran through my hair. "I'm just trying to make up for the things I said."
I shook my head to get rid of his fingers there. "Strange way...The catch is that this is almost the same. Why don't you just go and look for Foreman or Cameron?"
He bent down and embraced me from behind. I stiffened and was unable to move as he drew me closer to his chest.
"Maybe I lied to Dr. Wilson", he whispered into my ear.
"Maybe you're a scumbag!", I replied and tried to get rid of his arms, but he only held me closer.
I raised hackles with disbelief and disgust as he kissed my neck and just hissed "Stop it!!!"
"I can't", he told me still close to my ear. "This smell is way too good..."
I closed my eyes and swallowed. This was mean. If he was pissed because of his shower gel he just could shout and yell, but not this.
"Maybe I meant every word I said...Maybe I still want these things...And maybe I locked the door 'cause I immediately want to start with some of these things..."
This was too much. It reminded me of Allenby and I just wanted to get out of here. I hit him with all my might with my elbow in his ribs or chest, I don't know.
He coughed and I quickly turned and escaped out of my window.

I climbed over the small wall and now was on Jim's balcony. Unfortunately he was not in his office, but his balcony door was open. I stepped inside and dropped to the sofa. There I took a few deep breaths, shortly hugged a cushion 'cause it smelled a bit of him and then went to the laboratory.
Foreman and Cameron were just finished with their tests and I wordlessly grabbed their results and hobbled away.
They both just shook their heads and shrugged.

When I came back, James was in his office and I asked him to talk the results over. He promised to be with me in a quarter of an hour and wanted to bring Danby with him.

Well, my office wasn't locked anymore and Chase was gone. So I tried to sit down in my leatherchair as calm as I could and looked over the results. Jim and Danby will be here in five minutes.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

And bad Jimmy was reading your blog before coming to your office!

This ... I ... what was Foreman yelling yesterday? Aw, yes:


November 28, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

I should have thought of this...
Damn...why couldn't I wait a few minutes?

November 28, 2006  

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