Friday, November 10, 2006

Bonds of friendship - bonds of love...

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During our discussion I felt fit only for a knacker's yard...just like my old black Chevy. But we are fine now. We've checked with each other and I felt really foolish.
We both excused and had a really fine dinner without prejudice I cooked.

I did the dishes while Jim was typing for his blog and afterwards sat down with a glass of Aberlour and started MSN.
Foreman was online and I grinned to James. "Shall I turn on him?"
He grinned. "Wait a minute!" and opened his messenger, too.
"Hello, Foreman!" I wrote and smirked.
"Hello, Dr. House...." was his answer and I started to tease him and pretended to be totally pissed and outraged. When he was about to resign from his job I stopped and we had a very interesting conversation about Foreman and his colleagues. special colleague....
It was surprising how free spoken Foreman was about his feelings. But of course he tried to turn the tables and talk about me, trying to analyze my relationships to Stacy and James.
Well...I told him some truths (and by now I hope he forgot about it - Thank God James didn't read it...) and kept on analyzing him and I think I hit the bull's-eye. I gave him a piece of advice and I hope all will be well.
Chase joined our conversation after some time and then we all chose to watch CSI.
But foremost I arranged to meet Chase at Hemingway's tonight for some Mojitos to thank him. Well...maybe someone will join us and I'll be phoned by...lets say James, who wantsme to come home.

And maybe I won't even have to go at all....But I don't know.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

We will know this evening ...

November 10, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

I wanted to know yesterday evening...

November 10, 2006  

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