Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Calming down

Whoosh, what a day...
We both calmed down by now.
And guess what?
Chase came in and brought us Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks.
We didn't say anything and glared at him, but when he left we started to grin.
The grin transformed into a giggle and the giggle turned into roaring laughter.
"We're such idiots!", James laughed. He brushed away some tears and tried to get earnest again. "Gosh, I still can't believe what he did to you and by now I don't even want to know if he meant what he said."
I shrugged and giggled into my Macchiato. "If he's beaten up by Cameron tomorrow he was serious..."
James snorted and we enjoyed our coffee.
Afterwards he showed me two photos he found on his hard drive. We both do not know how old they are and it's just me.

I'm sure I'm trying to be cute here. I surely wanted to get something from Jim.

By the way - we all three agreed not to tell anything to Cuddy.
That reminds me....we wanted to ask her if she's one of our witnesses at the Jewish ceremony at December 9. Hmmm...she still doesn't know we're already married, the bumf hasn't reached her by now.


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