Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Much ado about everything

Mood: close to beating Chase up (again)
Listening to: Atom Bomb - Fluke

Nervously I sneaked out of my office and felt like ascending the scaffold.
Jim's comment made it more than clear he was hopping mad.
But I still failed to see I was wrong. Well, maybe I wasn't right...But as I said - what would you have thought?

Hesitantly I knocked at his office door.
"Come in!" I heard him gnarl and swallowed before I entered the room.
I approached his desk and looked at my feet - I just didn't dare to meet his eyes.
"YOU MULISH BLOCKHEAD!!!" Jim yelled at me and I winced. I took a few steps back still not looking at him.
"Oh no...you'll stay here!", he said in a dangerously low voice and I heard him stand up. Again I swallowed and thought of something to say.
A few seconds later I saw his shiny black leather shoes appear before my sneakers and thumped my cane to the ground a few times.
"I'm sorry", I mumbled, "but what would you have thought in my place?"
"I would have thought that my husband loves me and really wanted to spend his lunchbreak with me", he softly said.
Before I could lift my eyes he took my face into his hands and kissed me feverishly, hustling me to the sofa. I stumbled backwards and was pushed into the cushions.
"I love you, Greg", he mumbled between two passionate kisses and I really didn't know what happened to me.
My desire for him washed away every reasonable thought I had in mind and I embraced him holding him close to me.
After a quarter of an hour of passionate kissing I managed to look into his face.
"Jim!", I gasped. "What the heck happened to you?"
He looked deranged and his chin was slightly swollen. I touched it lightly and he snuggled his cheek into my hand. This sight and the feel of his soft skin made my heart pound against my ribs and I had to swallow hard.
He looked into my eyes and sighed. "It's nothing..."
I sat up. "Nothing? It doesn't look like nothing. It looks as if someone hit your chin!"
He grinned ferociously. "But first I hit his stomach!"
"You had an affray?!"
Jim nodded grimly. "Chase...we collided in the hallway and I dragged him into my office. How dares he to touch you?! And to talk to you like he did?!"
I stared at him. "You hit him in his stomach and he hit your chin?"
James told me in brief what happened and I felt the anger rise in me.
"He'd better make his will!", I muttered betwen my teeth and arose.
Jim tried to hold me back. "Where are you going?"
I bent my head. "Hmmm...teaching Down Under hairwonder a little lesson..."
And off I was.

I limped down the hallway and headed for Chase's office. There he was, brooding over some tests I told them to do.
He startled as I came in without knocking. "House...er...I...."
I smashed my cane to his desk and his mug made a hop. "You little wombat! You dirty little bastard!"
He stood up, his back to the wall and stared at me.
"House...I'm sorry! I shouldn't have done that!"
I slid behind his desk and faced him. "What shouldn't you have done?", I asked silently.
He swallowed. "T..t..t..t...touch you...and say these things..."
This really reminded me of this Rocky Horror Picture Show song....know what I mean?
"I knew it was to much when you climbed out of your window...", he continued.
"But I'm not talking about that!", I told him.
All color vanished from his face. "God...", he whispered. "Wilson?"
"Of course I'm talking of Dr. Wilson!", I yelled and hit his shins with my cane.
He yowled and bent over to hold them. This was my chance to hit his neck with the side of my hand and I only heard a suffocated "Ouch!"
He looked up at me and I slapped his face.
I took a deep breath. "Okay...now we are even, I think. Wonderful day for a new start, eh?"
With these words I left his office and had to hold myself back not to run again into him and slam him down.

Slowly I went back to James' office and shook my head. What a day.... Beating up colleagues....


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

I hope we will be okay again...

November 29, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Oh, is that really you?
Good morning!

You mean Chase and you?
Or me and you?

November 29, 2006  

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