Friday, January 12, 2007

A new case - and caught in the act II

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In fact, this now should just be called Caught in the act as I already told you about the new case yesterday.
Well, what happened after visiting Starbucks can be read at Jim's blog and he told you he was called to the hospital again. Such a pity, I was in an extremely cuddly mood and didn't want him to leave at all. "I'll be back soon", he said but we doctors can never specify what being back soon really means in the end.
So I lazily dozed in bed for a while, then had a shower and emptied a small bag of roast chicken flavor crisps.

Two hours later I decided to go back to PPTH, too. Not in order to study files, of course, but to pick James up if he was ready. When I made my way to his office everybody looked at me in surprise. I'm sure they all thought "Geez! It's late and Dr. House is still here?" No one noticed we disappeared for a while - we really chose the perfect day for it.
As always I entered without knocking and James looked up from his paperwork. Recognizing who came in he beamed at me."Greg, darling, what are you doing here? Did they call you, too?"
I smiled and sat down at his counselling couch outstretching my legs. "Nope", I said and yawned. "I just wanted to see if you're finished here and pick you up."
James arose from his chair and poured a cup of coffee. "Aw, that's sweet of you, dear", he said and approached me. "You really deserve this coffee now."
I patted the place next to me. "Will you join me or are you too busy now?"
James waved that aside. "Nah...this can wait until tomorrow." I took his hand and he sat down beside me putting his arm around my shoulder.
"You're cute with your mug..."
I raised an eyebrow. "No?"
I sipped my coffee and wondered what was so cute sitting on the sofa with a mug in my hands but Jim sometimes doesn't realize why I think he's cute, too.
James leaned back and his hand on my shoulder caressed me slightly. I sighed and put the mug on the table. There it was, that cuddly mood again. I turned to him and kissed his temple snuggling to him and he made me lay back.
"Mmmmrrrrrrmmmmmm", I purred and held him close hugging him like an idiot which caused him to smile.
"You'd better stop this", he whispered and kissed my nosetip with sparkles in his eyes.
"Better stop what?", I asked.
"That mmmmrrrrrmmmm-sound", Jim replied and muffled any further questions with his kiss which only made me go "Hrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmm" again. Sometimes I have the impression we can't sit next to each other and just talk...And I like it that way.
I moaned silently and as our lips parted I could do nothing but stare into his eyes and say "Pleeeeeeeze." And he knows what I want when I say that.

His facial expression was a mixture of joy and hesitating. "Greg...", he softly spoke to me, "we are at my office...on my counselling couch..."
I swallowed. "Ah, Jim, hun, don't stick at trifles! Imagine a Do not disturb-sign on your door. No one even knows we're here..."
I put one hand in his neck and wanted to pull him down to me again, but he still resisted. "Hun...", I moaned, raised my head and tried to find his mouth but he raised his head slightly, too. This was torture, I was sure.
"Pleeeeeeze", I begged again and gazed into his eyes. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly and I could tell his arousal from his eyes. One of his hand began to unbutton my shirt and it seemed as if he wasn't quite aware of that fact.
"Don't look at me this way", he said hoarsely but I could not change the way I looked now. So I just whispered his name follwed by another "Pleeeeeeze" and let my hands slip underneath his jumper.
Jim bent down and kissed my neck while I removed his jumper. "Menace", he whispered and let my shirt fall to the ground. I arched my back as he kissed my chest and soon we were completely undressed on his couch.
None of us thought of locking the door but who would come in anyway if their knock isn't answered?
He was on his way to really take me to heaven when we heared a gasp and our names yelled out.
It was horrible!
James looked up, I turned my head and with shock and disbelief we stared at Cuddy who looked down at us. Thankfully Jim covered us with a blanket after we got undressed but we must have been a sight for the gods, a really arresting picture.
"C...Cuddy....", Jim stammered at our still staring boss.
There was no way to explain this and no way of denying what had happened here. I wondered for how long she might have watched us until she yelled out our names.
"You...GOD! This is a HOSPITAL!", Cuddy cried out and I startled underneath Jim. I couldn't help it and began to giggle.
"This is not funny, House!", Cuddy barked which made me even giggle more.
"You should not enter offices when no one answers to your knock", I chuckled.
She rolled her eyes, raised her hands and slammed a file on Jim's desk.
Still shaking her head she hissed "I can't believe it!" and rushed out of the office.
That was when I burst out with laughter.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Yes, you burst out with laughter and I did blush to crimson as I am doing it right now!


January 12, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

I can't help it.
It was somehow funny...

January 12, 2007  
Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

It was embarassing and it still is.

January 12, 2007  

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