Monday, December 11, 2006


Yes, it's true.
We'll have to attend that congress there and it takes place at (guess?!) Baltimore Hospital and a certain Dr. Edward James Marks will have the honor to show us around this evening.
Yeah, this evening! Baltimore is just about 150 miles away and we'll go there by James' car. I hate long drives, but think with enough Vicodin I'll survive it somehow. We'll stay at Hyatt Regency Baltimore - the manager phoned me today and was so sorry that due to the congress he could only offer one room for both Dr. Wilson and me. Oh what a pity! I couldn't help to snicker and told him we were not upset at all about that fact. He was glad and promised us a few extras for the room such as champagne and other nice little things.
"'s something I still have to tell you", he hemmed and hawed.
"Yeeees?", I asked with an amused grin.
"Erm....there is only a kingsize bed in that room..."
"Aaaaaah! But don't worry! This is perfect!", I exclaimed and grinned broadly.
"Perfect? Really?"
"Yes", I said and hung up. I didn't want to miss the champagne this evening, you know? He'd certainly withdraw this offer when I'd tell him we're married.

Cameron did not run amok today but her mood was unbearable. She accused me for everything and I'm sure she's just pissed because I found out the combination to her locker was based on my name.
Chase and Foreman sneaked around and didn't dare to come near her. It was a bit...difficult today.

Well...and then there was the lube someone pinned at the bulletin board at the lobby. There was a short notice For Dr. Robert Chase and Dr. Eric Foreman. I almost snickered my ass off when I saw it - this really made my day.
I don't know why everyone accused me to have done that. It wasn't me! Really!
But the funniest thing today was Chase, secretly taking that lube from the board...

Gawd, I'm sorry, I'd love to tell you more but I have to hurry. The day was longer than expected and now I have to pack my things. We'll be off to Baltimore in half an hour.
But there's one thing I'm totally pissed about! Cuddy left a note for us. James will have to lecture on oncology and even I have to give a speech on infectious diseases. What a nice surprise. This means suit and tie!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just took it off, because I didn't want that everybody sees it!
And it wasn't SECRETLY, it was ANGRILY!

December 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to wear a suit and tie *snikers* and will the others be there as well? Oh boy. I'll call you when you get to your hotel Dr. Greg to give you directions to the hospital.

December 12, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Your call somehow disturbed us.
The others?
No, it's just Jim and me.

Chase, it was secretly. And I saw you swaying it in front of Foreman.

December 12, 2006  

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