Thursday, December 07, 2006

Much better now

Mood: relieved
Listening to: the noise of my 'puter
Drinking: coffee (what else?)

Today sucks!
Work is dull, annoying and unspectacular.
I was moody, feeling crappy and concerned, but now it's much better.

I really didn't know James was here.
I left the appartment comparatively early and started with clinic duty. Afterwards there was another seminar I had to attend and I learned (or was supposed to learn) how I avoid being sued. God, this was more than annoying!

Well, I was studying a scan and lost in my thoughts when I suddenly was embraced from behind.
"I'm sorry, dear", James mumbled and snuggled his cheek to mine. My heart bounced and I closed my eyes for a short while. "Why are you here?", I asked quietly.
He kissed my cheek and turned me around. "I thought this could be distracting. It's back to normal now. I'm so sorry, I behaved so hard-bitten...."
I just looked into his eyes and caressed his cheek. "You were addled and hurt...I can understand that..."
"It was dumb pushing you away. I don't even know why I did this 'cause I needed you so much", he whispered. "I still need you..." With these words he held me close and I embraced him holding him to my heart.
"I'm here", I said and he kissed me softly.
"I love you, Greg", he whispered and kissed me again. There was a knock at the door I ignored and it goes without saying we ended up on the sofa - kissing, cuddling, hugging and just looking at each other. I was totally unaware of our surroundings and didn't even utter the faintest protest when James opened my shirt and began to kiss my chest. Afterwards it came to my mind where we were - but one got us. So what? (And I hope no one heard us as well.)
My pounding heart calmed down and we held each other closely. James looked into my eyes and smiled tenderly. "I'm looking forward to the evening."
"I wish it was already evening", I whispered and he kissed my forehead.
"Mhm...and I think we should dress now...", James replied with a grin.
"Oh my God!", I exclaimed. "We are in my office! The door isn't even locked!"
James chuckled to himself. "But the curtains are closed!"
I snickered. "I don't think we checked before..."
Jim shook his head. "Nope!"
We both laughed and hurried to dress.

Well, you see, today doesn't suck anymore...
And there's no need to be worried because of Saturday.
Oh, and I still have to ask Jim if I have to gear up for something special.
I'm off now, we're going home.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

I am really sorry for letting you sleep on the sofa. I promise this will not happen tonight.

December 07, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

It was much better in bed again...

December 08, 2006  

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