Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The first evening at Baltimore

I told you Dr. Marks disturbed us just when the evening began to become pleasant, didn't I? So I just had to challenge him when we met. And I was sooooo disappointed. He was dumbfounded and took me all serious. No witty or cutting remarks, just dull glances and blank stares.
And what really sucks: I can't comment on his blog today. There's something wrong with the beta version I think. Both Jim and me can't leave comments there, but so what.
I realized he was tired as hell and decided to give him another chance today. I wonder if he noticed by now I snatched his Nintendo DS from his labcoat pocket...
James was staring at it when I swayed it before his eyes after we went out of the hospital.
"You stole his Nintendo???"
I grinned. "Ah, no...I just borrowed it..."
James shook his head. "Greg...you...I should have known that. You have some kind of X-Ray-eyes when it comes to things like these."
I examined the Nintendo and giggled. "Our little fag plays Prince of Persia!"
Jim snorted and grinned. "You play that, too...."
I shrugged. "It's funny nonetheless..."
"But we won't use that dinner for two now he offered us!", Jim insisted. "I'm sure he just gave it to me to make up for the things you accused him of...We'll hand it back to him tomorrow!"
I stuck out my lower lip and pouted, but Jim was mercyless.

We arrived at the hotel and some monster-cleavage-diva known as Dr. Judy Bench tried to engross James as soon as we came through the entrance door. I already noticed she had an eye on him when we checked in. She babbled and smiled at him and fluttered her eyelashes on him. As always when a woman flirts with him, he turns to Prince Charming and is all nice and friendly. So he just nodded and smiled when she invited him to the bar for this evening.
We stepped into our room and he pinned me to the wall. "YES!", he exclaimed. "Alone!"
Before he could kiss me with the passion I spotted in his eyes I interrupted him and put my index finger on his lips. "Yeah...but not for long, Prince Charming. You've got a date at half past eight..."
He stepped back a bit and looked blank. "Huh? I have what?"
I grinned. "You better be careful when women are flirting with you. She invited you to the bar and you just smiled an nodded..."
"Heck!", he said and rubbed his neck. "Did I?"
I nodded and hinted a kiss. "Mhmmmm..."
The wistful look in his eyes told me everything and I didn't feel any better, but I chose to tease him a bit.
He went to the bathroom, took a short shower and changed his clothes. I avoided joining him because I perfectly knew where this would lead, so I just rearranged my hair and refreshed my new attainment - Penhaligon's LP No:9. (LP stands for Love Potion...--> )
I also bought this Douro from Penhaligon's but didn't test it yet. It's described with bloomy words as a strong citrus blend blended with bergamot and sandalwood. "A surprisingly mellow warmth."
Well...I'm on tenterhooks how James will like it when I use it tonight.
He seems to really like that LP:9-thingy...

"God...Greg! Is that you?", he exclaimed when we were on our way to the elevator. (I promised him to accompany him to the bar and take a seat a few chairs away from him.)
I just smiled. "Uhu...like it?"
He swallowed. "I'd like to show you right now how much I like it..."
Before the elevator doors opened I shortly snuggled towards him, then we stepped out. James looked around. "So..where's the bar?"
I sniffed and smelled Guinness. "Down there", I pointed with my cane.
James looked at me with disbelief. "You smelled that?"
I looked blank. "You didn't?"
Yes...I'm sometimes worried when it gets to my mind I really smell bars (and pills)...
He just shook his head. "Now..how does she look like?"
"Hellooooooohoooooo", she already yelled across the lobby.
As I promised, I took a seat two chairs away from him and was slightly disappointed that there were only bar chairs. It's rather difficult for me 'cause usually you support yourself with your feet on them. With one leg almost totally useless and no support in my back it was more a pain than a pleasure to stay at that bar.
That pain deepened when a certain darkhaired doctor from California patted my back. "Good evening! Nice to meet you again!"
"I don't know yet if it's nice to meet you", I replied well remembering Jim's somehow jealous words this guy had a crush on me.
That idiot just laughed and there were many women who couldn't decide if they stared at James or him. "Hah, you're in a good mood!", he said.
Am I?, I thought and he offered me a drink.
Do I look somehow gay?, I now thought but of course accepted the drink. It was for free and it was alcohol.
"Guinness would be nice", I answered and he beamed at me.
"Pint or half pint?"
"Pint of course!", I answered and rolled my eyes.
Meanwhile monster-cleavage-diva tried once again to totally engross James and I noticed her hand on his knee. He shifted uncomfortably and moved so that her hand slipped from his leg.
California guy took his chance and serenaded me touching my arm every now and then. I always shook it off but he didn't seem to notice.
He was a certain Dr. Murdock, nephrologist at Santa Monica. He smiled and offered me his hand. "I'm Brad!", he beamed.
I ignored the hand and replied "I'm Dr.House."
He laughed again. "I really like your humor!", he said and put his arm around my shoulders. Jim noticed that of course and frowned. I stiffened and was slightly pissed he just dared to touch me and come so close. "Could you..", I began and he withdrew his arm.
Judy began to offer James to go up to her room with him and he gave me a Help me please-look.
"Would you excuse me for a second?", I said and approached them.
"James, there you are", I said and smiled at him.
"Greg!", he exclaimed with relief.
He introduced me to Judy and she wanted to know if I worked at PPTH, too. Meanwhile Brad joined us and put his hand on my arm again which I just shrugged off. I nodded.
"So you're an oncologist, too?"
"Nope...I'm the head of the Diagnostic Department", I replied and did not hide I was bored to death.
"Really? Wow, I applied for a job there some years ago!"
I examined her and narrowed my eyes. "Yes! Now I remember you. You've been that much too blonde hooker in that red dress!"
Do I have to mention she soon left us? No?
Brad laughed his ass of and wanted to take me to another bar where they offered Murphy's.
And do I have to tell you I prefered to go upstairs with Jim instead? No?
It was a very pleasant night and this morning I was more than tired, but it was worth it.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

I like the sentence "Brad may I introduce you? That is Dr. James Evan Wilson ... my husband!"

Gawd his face!

That was great!

December 12, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Yes, but it didn't stop him from pawing me today.

December 12, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't post in my blog...and...YOU~! YOU TOOK MY DS! *sobs*

December 12, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

I'll hand it back to you today.

December 13, 2006  

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