Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I can't deal with stupid people

Mood: tired as hell
Weather: cloudy, 54°F
Listening to: Tear - The Smashing Pumpkins
Eating: nothing, breakfast will be served in 30 minutes
Drinking: nothing, but long for coffee

No, I can't really deal with stupid people.
I hate it when I insult them and they're just laughing 'cause they just don't get the hang of it.
I'm not nice and I don't want them to think I'd like them.
No - I can't deal with stupid people.
But there are so many of them around.
So many nerds with a doctoral level.

Okay...let's drop this. I'm sure you savvied what I mean.
The drive to Baltimore seemed to take ages and I was bored, tired, wanted to cuddle James and couldn't and my leg kept at hurting. That drive cost me 4 Vicodin and James a whole bundle of nerves - I'm so sorry.
10 minutes after departure:
Are we there yet?
No... Side glance.
30 minutes later:
Are we there yet?
5 minutes later:
Are we there yet?
12 minutes later:
Are we there yet?
7 minutes later:
Are we there yet?
GOD! Greg, get your PSP and shut up!!!
14 minutes later:
Snuggled my head to his shoulder and just looked out of the front shield. This earned me a kiss on my temple.
Shortly before arrival:
Are we there yet?
*A deep sigh* Soon, hun. Soon.

No, that wasn't mean. It was distracting.

Finally we arrived at our hotel and the car was parked and our luggage taken out.
When we checked in the manager approached us.
"Is that Dr. House and Dr. Wilson?", he asked.
"It is", I answered a bit bored.
He shook our hands and I thought I'd never get mine back.
"I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! We got you a bottle of champagne and of course the bar at your room's for free."
I glared at him and it was really hard to hide the beam that wanted to come upon my face. "That's at least one thing..."
James smiled at him. "Don't worry. It's a congress, it's bound to be crowded everywhere."
He was relieved James was so nice and handed us the key to guide us personally to our room.

As soon as the door closed I allowed the beam to appear on my face.
"Champagne! The bar!"
I examined the bar. "James, there's Malt in it!" I clapped my hands like a small child.
James smiled at me. "Freak!"
I stuck out my tongue and began to unpack.
The room was really nice and comfortable and the king size bed looked inviting.
James unpacked, too and I changed into a comfortable grey turtleneck and black jeans with a black sportscoat.
I was just about to check the bar again when James embraced me from behind and pecked my cheek. "Hrrrmmmm....you feel so good. You smell so good", he whispered and I felt a twitch in my stomach.
I turned around in his embrace and we kissed softly.
This evening was going to be very nice.
I thought!
The phone in our room rang and disturbed us.

I sighed. "So much to that..."
James fondled my hair and gave me a tender look whilst I picked up the phone.
"One big pizza with sweetcorn, artichokes...", I began.
"Is that Dr. House?", an unfamilar voice asked me.
"Yes. It is. Who disturbs?"
"Uh, it's me, Dr. Marks..."
He told me the direction to Baltimore Hospital and we had to leave.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Well, we had the same idea ...

So I will perhaps write later about what happened then.

December 12, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Sorry about that.
And sorry about the cheering...

December 12, 2006  
Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

You are my little personal menace you know...

December 12, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

And you're my tease, so we're even, hun.

December 12, 2006  

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