Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sneaking out for coffee...

Mood: like the cat that got the cream
Weather: rain, 46°F
Drinking: coffee

It kept at being boring and when Dr. Gibbs gave a speech on pediatrics, Jim and me sneaked out.
Well...this was kinda difficult 'cause we didn't want to be seen, so we were lucky I insisted on seats in the back row. We hid behind the others already sitting and weaseled out of the lecture hall. As soon as the door closed I had to snicker and we sneaked off to the pediatrics common room to help ourselves with the coffee there.
James kept complaining about Dr. Murdock and the way he seemed to stare at me all of the time.
But honestly I still didn't notice that so far. Everytime I look up he looks straight ahead.

I sipped my coffee and smiled at James. "So what? He's not hitting on me, he's just glancing. And I told him we're married and you're the real thing for me...."
James grunted slightly pissed. "Knowing that someone's married and accepting it is a whole new ballgame..."
I put my mug aside. "Aw hun...but why does that annoy you? Let him accept it or not, I love you and his glances won't change that."
He looked up at me and smiled. His eyes sparkled and the very look at him made me dizzy.
Whooosh, I thought when he approached me and took me into his arms.
"They won't come back for an hour now, right?", he whispered into my ear and sent shivers down my spine.
"Um...", I said, " think you're right."
James' lips slid along my neck and I swallowed and closed my eyes. "M...maybe we should lock the door..."
"There is no key", he whispered. "But don't worry, you know everyone's at lecture hall."
The moment he kissed me I didn't worry about anything at all 'cause all reason was washed away and it wasn't difficult for him to gently push me to the sofa.
I stumbled a bit when we arrived there and soon we both lay on it. James bent over me and demanded with a hoarse voice "And now, husband, you'll have to fulfill your connubialities!"
Gaaaaaaawd, I just thought and couldn't do anything else than swallow and nodd.

There we were, at Baltimore Hospital, at the pediatrics common room snogging madly and fumbling at our clothes. I can almost hear Foreman gasping "They're totally crazy!"
James contented himself with opening our shirts and pulling our trousers down so we might have had the chance to jump up and rearrange our clothes if someone was approaching.
His one hand caressed my bare chest and made me tremble, the other covered my mouth from time to time to suppress a too load moan. The passionate way he kissed me almost drove me mad and I just could utter a silent cry when our bodies became one. My hands slipped under his open shirt and clutched to his back and I desperately tried not to be too loud.
"Aaaaaaw", I moaned and was silenced with a kiss. "Psh", he said and moved awfully slow.
"Mnmmmmmmm", was all I managed to answer to that and in the end let out a suffocated cry.

James lay panting on my chest and I fondled his hair when we heard the applause. I giggled. "Yes, I think this is for you!"
James snorted and grinned at me. "Maybe we should dress properly now, darling..."
He was already looking neat as a pin again when I still lay on the sofa only having my trousers closed but my shirt still open and my hair slightly deranged.
The door opened and Dr. Marks came in.
"Uh, hello", he said and smiled at James. When he saw me on the sofa an "Oh!" slipped out of his mouth and he looked from one to another.
"He was not feeling well", James grinned with an uttermost innocent expression on his face. "We sneaked out and he rested a bit on the sofa and we had a cup of coffee."
"Could I please get another?", I asked with my weakest voice and Marks looked at me concerned while James thoughtfully poured another cup of coffee for me.
"Is everything okay with you, Dr.House?", he asked and I nodded.
"Of was just my leg and I felt a bit sick..."
"You need anything?"
I smirked. "I really got everything I needed."
He nodded and smiled and got himself a coffee. "So it's your turn after lunch?"
I rolled my eyes. "Unfortunately yes. At 3 pm."
"Fine, I'll be there", he grinned and left the room with the mug.

James looked at me and raised an eyebrow. I grinned at him and soon we were snorting with laughter.
Well, of course we knew he's gay and living with his beloved - but it wouldn't be wise to admit we just had sex on a sofa in "his" hospital, hm?


Anonymous James House ... Wilson said...

You know there are persons reading this.

I must look like we have nothing else to do.

Do I have to mention that I am smiling?

And your lecture was great! Goooooooo Greg, go! YEEHAAA

December 13, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Thanks for cheering....
Oh, I think only my staff will read this... I wrong?

December 13, 2006  
Anonymous Mr. Cheer-Man James Wilson said...

Cheering is always a pleasure for me ...

Only the staff - hmm... I don't think so. Perhaps some obsessive sneakers or so - I sometimes ask myself where they all get their information from.

Weirdos! All of them!

December 13, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Now I'm afraid....
But hey, let them read.
I don't think it offends anyone.
BTW you really like to think of funny names for yourself, hm?
God...I can't stop grinning.

December 13, 2006  
Anonymous Call me Mr. Romantic said...

Yeah, as long as I cant use my proper name again - it is more than funny to think about funny names.

And it is distracting. Stop giggling, that bumfluff in front of you is looking.

December 13, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

I think he keeps looking whatever I do?

December 13, 2006  
Anonymous James Wilson said...

Yes and soon he will have no chance to look at you ...

December 13, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Yes! Soon it will be over here for today!

December 13, 2006  

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